Hadrian the Seventh

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Hadrian VII, by British playwright Peter Luke. His play is based on the life and writings of Frederick William Rolfe (alias Baron Corvo) who lived from 1860 to 1913. It is drawn largely from Rolfe's novel Hardian the Seventh and The Quest for Corvo by A.J.A. Symons. Peter Luke's play is published by Andre Deutsch.

Performance history in South Africa

Directed by Robert Mohr for PACT, opening in the Alexander Theatre on 13 February 1969. The cast included Siegfried Mynhardt, Molly Seftel, Frank Douglass, Hugh Rouse, Kerry Jordan, Anthony Wheeler, Peter Larlham, among others. Set designed by Raimond Schoop, costumes designed by Aubrey Cauling.

Presented by CAPAB English drama opening at the Nico Malan Theatre 29 June 1971, Opera House Port Elizabeth 13 July 1971, returning to Cape Town December 1972 - January 1973, directed by Roy Sargeant. Designed by Raymond Schoop, costumes by Penny Simpson, music by Michael Tuffin. Members of the cast were Wilson Dunster as Frederick William Rolfe, Mollie Seftel, Mollie Thompson, Arthur Hall, Bill Jervis, Kerry Jordan, Alan Prior, Pietro Nolte, Michael Drin, Ronald France, Roy Sargeant, John Burch.

Translations and adaptations


Teater SA, 1(4), 1969.

Hadrian VII theatre programme, Nico Malan Theatre, June 1971.

Nico Malan Theatre pamphlet, January 1973.

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