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H.W. Franklin (Hiram W. Franklin) was a American circus performer and the founder, proprietor and manager of a circus.

He was a celebrated clown, pad rider, slack-rope artiste and vaulter who first came to Cape Town as a star member of M'Collum's Circus, his popular acts including the The Corde Volante.

In 1862, he founded Franklin's International Circus (also referred to as the Franklin International Circus) in Cape Town in 1862, performing there without break for more than 5 months, and becoming a serious rival for the companies of Sefton Parry and Mrs Tellet in terms of popular support.

Franklin and his circus apparently had a good relationship with Sefton Parry though, the two helping each other with benefit evenings (e.g. those for Mrs Parry on 28 October, 1861; Leon, ), and even - towards the end of the Circus's stay and Parry's 1862 season - joined forces to present a short series of extended programmes, consisting of "Comedy, Ballet, Dancing" (as well as songs and acrobatics) in Cape Town, running from 8-10 and again from 12-14 May, 1862.

Their last appearance was on 19 July, 1862, after which Franklin and his circus left the Cape, to sail for Calcutta in India.


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