Hélène Botha

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Hélène Botha (18**-19**) was a seasoned actress.

Also found as Hélèna Botha and Helene Botha


She had learned her craft playing in English for Prof C.G.S. de Villiers at Stellenbosch University, where they did works by writers such as Ibsen (A Doll House) and Pirandello (The Idler).

Moving to Pretoria she worked with Stephanie Faure on Afrikaans plays such as Gustav Preller's In die Wagkamer and Die Spookhuis. As professional she took the role of "Nora" in Paul de Groot's 1928-29 production of Geleende Geld (“Borrowed Money”), a translation of Ibsen’s A Doll House), when the young Alida du Toit (to become famous as Lydia Lindeque) could not go on tour.

She kept a very informative diary of the tour, which was in part published by Danie Botha in Voetligte en applous! (2006)


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Botha, 2006

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