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A Government Gazette is an official vehicle for communication that is utilized by governments to record the business and proceedings of the government and to publish public or legal notices.

In general

The practice is pretty much international, though the specific name of the publications may differ (it may also be referred to as an official gazette, official journal, official newspaper or official diary, etc.). Wikipedia's entry on the term Government Gazette describes it as "a periodical publication that records the business and proceedings of a government and has been authorised to publish public or legal notices. It is usually established by statute or official action and publication of notices within it, whether by the government or a private party, is usually considered sufficient to comply with legal requirements for public notice".[1]

In South Africa

The South African Government Gazette (Afrikaans: Staatskoerant) is a gazette published by the South African national government as a tool with which it can bring issues of national importance to the notice of general public. It is a document of public record that contains information of a legal, administrative and general nature. The publication thereof dates back to the first British settlement of the Cape.

See further:

The Government Gazette has on many an occasion been a source of important information on theatrical and media issues. For example, the 19th century Cape versions were useful for F.C.L. Bosman's overview of theatrical events in Cape Town.


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