Good Hope Theatre

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Good Hope Theatre

There seems to be some confusion here, as two venues seem to be indicated by various sources.

The Good Hope Exhibition Hall and Theatre or Good Hope Theatre 1875-1892

As indicated, the Good Hope Exhibition Hall was at times used as a venue for opera and musical presentations and seems to have been referred to variously as the Good Hope Exhibition Hall and Theatre, the Good Hope Theatre, the Good Hope Hall or Goede Hoop Saal.

The Good Hope Theatre late 1800s-1906

Though also referred to as The Good Hope Hall or Goede Hoop Saal, it does not not appear to be the same building, but is possibly a new (or adapted?) structure custom built in the late 1800s and used to a great extent by the Wheeler Company where it experienced great successes with its musical comedies. One of earliest performances was Charley’s Aunt (Thomas) by the Hawtrey Comedy Company under Wheeler Company management.

It was also used by other companies such as Door Yver Bloeit de Kunst (1897) and a Gaiety Company in 1902 (with for instance The Geisha and Kitty Grey).

By 1906 the theatre had however lost its flair and by the end of that year it closed as a professional venue.

Thereafter it was only used by amateur (Dutch/Afrikaans) companies.

For example by Door Yver Bloeit de Kunst in 1910.


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