G.P.J. Trümpelmann

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Published variously as "G.P.J", "J.", "Johannes" or "Hans" Trümpelmann in newspapers.

(1903-1982) German lecturer, amateur theatre practitioner and reviewer, member of arts boards. Born George Paul Johannes Trümpelmann in ** , studied at **. Lectured in German at the University of Natal-Pietermaritzburg (1935), the University of the Orange Free State (1944), the University of Pretoria (1949), the University of Stellenbosch (1954-1968) and the University of the Western Cape (1968-1972). In 1931 founder and head of the first Afrikaans theatrical society in South-West Africa (***). First chairman of the Bloemfonteinse Teatergroep from 1946-1948. In its last year, 1961, he became a member of the management board of NTO and in 1965 a member of the drama committee of CAPAB (1965-1971). In 1967, after the sudden demise of Prof Fred Engelen at Stellenbosch, Prof Trümpelmann, though in the German Department, was also made supervising head of the Drama Department, till the appointment of the new head, Mr Fred le Roux in 19**.??** [ME]


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