Frederick Burgers

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(1907-1967) Afrikaans actor, comedian, singer and pianist. Born Frederick Louis Benjamin Burgers in Johannesburg, he worked for Crown Mines from 1928 till his retirement, ultimately becoming a mine surveyor. However he was nationally famous as an entertainer, notably as a partner to Al Debbo, with whom he made more than 20 films 1946 and 1964, and did numerous stage shows. Hou die Blink Kant Bo

Among his best known films were:

Piet my niggie, ("Piet my cousin", 1964) En die vonke spat, ("And the sparks fly",1961) Oupa en die plaasnooientjie ("Grandfather and the farm girl", 1960) Piet se tante ("Piet's Aunt", Afrikaans version of Charley's Aunt, 1959) Fratse in die vloot ("Pranks in the navy", 1958) Dis lekker om te lewe ("It is wonderful to live", 1957) Matieland, (1955) ’n Plan is ’n boerdery (A plan is a farm", 1954) Altyd in my drome ("Always in my dreams", 1952) Alles sal regkom ("Everthing will turn out right", 1951) Hier’s ons weer ("Here we are again", 1950) Kom saam, vanaand ("Come along tonight", 1949) Die wildsboudjie ("The leg of venison", 1946) Die Skerpioen ("The Scorpion", 1946) Hou die Blink Kant Bo


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