Finkel en Koljander

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Finkel en Koljander (lit. "fennel and coriander") is an Afrikaans one-act musical comedy by Sita (pseud.).

Also known as Vinkel en Koljander

The original play

Described as "'n Studente-sangblyspel in een bedryf" (lit "a student song-comedy in one act"), it is a piece set in a University context, about the practical jokes and other antics of an identical pair of twins, and was written as a commissioned work for students of the University of Potchefstroom, to be performed by identical twins studying there.

Published as Finkel en Koljander in Die Huisgenoot, 32(1351):56-57. 13 February 1948, credited to Sita (pseudonym). The performance text was publishjed as Vinkel en Koljander by DALRO in 1972 (reprinted 1978 and 1982), now credited to Sita de Kock.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1948(?): The play was performed by the twins and supporting cast and had great success with it when taken on a national tour.


Sita. 1948. Vinkel en Koljander in Die Huisgenoot, 32(1351):56-57. 13 February.

Sita de Kock. 1982. Vinkel en Koljander. Johannesburg: DALRO.

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