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''[[Fanchon oder das Leyermädel]]'' is German [[Singspiel]] ("ballad opera") by Friedrich Heinrich Himmel (1765–1814)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Heinrich_Himmel]
#REDIRECT [[Fanchon oder das Leyermädel]]
==The original text==
Berlin (1804)
==Translations and adaptations==
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1866: Performed as ''[[Lucretia Borgia]]'' by the [[Le Roy-Duret Company]] in the [[Harrington Street Theatre]], Cape Town, on
== Sources ==
[[D.C. Boonzaier]], 1923. "My playgoing days – 30 years in the history of the Cape Town stage",  in ''SA Review'', 9 March and 24 August 1932. (Reprinted in [[F.C.L. Bosman|Bosman]] 1980: pp. 374-439.)
[[F.C.L. Bosman]]. 1980. ''Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel II, 1856-1912''. Pretoria: [[J.L. van Schaik]]: pp.203-205
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