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[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997.
[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997.
Joyce, 1999; Tucker, 1997
[[ESAT Bibliography Jo-Jz|Joyce]], 1999.
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Go to [[South African Theatre/Bibliography]]

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Eve Boswell (1922-1998) [1]. Singer and actress.


She was the daughter of the immigrant Hungarian showman Hugo Keleti.


She performed at the Colosseum in 1950. An international singing star by the 1950s, made many radio and television performances abroad, and had her own BBC television series, and appeared on stage a number of times, notably at the London Palladium for the Royal Variety Show and for two Royal Command performances. The first is a pantomime at The Hippodrome, Birmingham. Aladdin on 19th January 1960 starring Dickie Valentine, Eve Boswell and Norman Evans.


Tucker, 1997.

Joyce, 1999.

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