Emma Chambers

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Emma Chambers (1848-1933)[1] was an English mezzo-soprano and theatre company manager.

Not to be confused with the TV and film actress Emma Chambers (1964-2018)[2]


She was born in England, and became well known for her musical and operatic performances at a variety of theatres in London, including the St James's Theatre, , the Alexandra Palace, the Royal Alhambra Theatre, the Adelphi Theatre and the Opera Comique. She went to Australia for the first time 1884 and became very popular there over the years.

She passed away in England in 1933.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Leader of and a performer for the Chambers Theatre Company which visited South Africa, playing in the Vaudeville Theatre, Cape Town from 8 March to 19 April, 1890, with plays such as The Bells of Haslemere (Pettitt) and In the Ranks (Sims).

She made a return visit to open in the Vaudeville Theatre, Cape Town, on 26 December, 1892, with an unforgettable performance of The Ticket-of-Leave Man (Taylor), with a cast consisting of herself, Arthur Gilmore, Robert Brierly, James Dalton, Heinrich Varna, Mr Hawshaw, J.A. Rosier, Melter Ross, Albert Harsh, Mr Gibson, H.W. Sillaw, Sam Willougby, May Edwards, Vivienne Vincent, Mrs Willoughby and Joseph Ashman.




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