Ek, Anna van Wyk

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("I, Anna van Wyk") by Pieter Fourie. An Afrikaans play about the disintegration of a marriage and a woman. A haunting exploration of the Afrikaner psyche. First performed to acclaim at the Kampustoneel Festival by students of the Drama Department of the University of Potchefstroom for CHE in 198*. The first professional production in 1984 featuring Petru Wessels as "Anna", created a furore, among other things for the prominent female nude scene. The play has often been produced since. A singularly successful transgender version of the play by Marthinus Basson in 1999 won Antoinette Kellermann a Fleur du Cap Best Actress Award and Basson a Fleur du Cap Best Contribution to Stage Design Award.

First published by HAUM Literêr in 1986, and reprinted a number of times. .

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