Ek, Anna van Wyk

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("I, Anna van Wyk") by Pieter Fourie. An Afrikaans play about the disintegration of a marriage and a woman. A haunting exploration of the Afrikaner psyche. First published by HAUM Literêr in 1986, and reprinted a number of times. A second, revised edition by Protea Boekhuis, 2002.

Performance history in South Africa

First performed to acclaim at the Kampustoneel Festival by students of the Drama Department of the University of Potchefstroom for CHE in 198*.

The first professional production in 1984 featuring Petru Wessels as "Anna", created a furore, among other things for the prominent female nude scene.

Presented by TRUK, directed by Dieter Reible starring Petru Wessels and Louw Verwey opening at the Momentum Theatre on 28 August 1985. Other members of the cast were Chris van Niekerk, Kim de Beer, Ilse van Hemert, Eghard van der Hoven, Schalk Schoombie, Percy Pretorius, Frans Kalp, Dot Feldman, Arthur Masekwameng, Whinney-Isaiah Setimo. Designs and lighting by James MacNamara and Dieter Reible.

PACOFS at the André Huguenet Theatre 2-11 October 1986, directed by Pierre van Pletzen assisted by Blaise Koch, with Casper de Vries, André-Jacques van der Merwe, Hannes Muller, Petru Wessels, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Pierre van Pletzen, Michele Burgess, Lulu Strachan, Elzette Maarschalk, Nico Luwes (as Die Stem), Johannes van Wyk, Jakobus Minnie, Blaise Koch, Liz Botes, Gert Campbell, and Michael Davids. Decor design by Johan Badenhorst, lighting design by Laddie Czerepowicz, costume co-ordinator Josey Ferns.

The play has often been produced since. A singularly successful transgender version of the play by Marthinus Basson in 1999 won Antoinette Kellermann a Fleur du Cap Best Actress Award and Basson a Fleur du Cap Best Contribution to Stage Design Award. It was produced collectively by PACOFS, KKNK, PACT, CAPAB and The Playhouse, featuring, besides Kellermann, Dawid Minnaar, Ben Kruger, Jean Marais, Nicola Hanekom, Alyzzander Fourie, Jean Marais, Gabriël Campher and Brian Webber. Lighting by Bryan Mcneilage.

Translations and adaptations


PACOFS Drama 25 Years, 1963-1988

Nico Malan Theatre Centre pamphlet Aug-Nov 1999

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