Eerzucht en Behoefte, of De Huwelyksscheiding uit Liefde

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Eerzucht en Behoefte, of De Huwelyksscheiding uit Liefde ("Ambition and Want, or The Divorce through Love") is the title of a Dutch translation of a French tragedy in 3 acts. The origins appear a little uncertain in a number of ways.

According to Groot (2010, p. 56), this Dutch text was most a Dutch translation by Steenbergen van Goor of Honneur et Indigence, ou Le Divorce par Amour by Mathias Weiss and Joseph Patrat, in its turn a French version of either August von Kotzebue's original 1796 tragedy Der Opfer-Tod or of his 1795 comedy Armuth und Edelsinn.

The original text

August von Kotzebue's German play Der Opfertod was first performed in 1796, and published by Johann Baptist Wallishauffer in 1798.

Translations and adaptations

The French version, Honneur et Indigence, ou Le Divorce par Amour, was first performed at the Théâtre de la Cité- Variété in 1803, and published by in Paris by Huet in the same year.

Eerzucht en Behoefte, of De Huwelyksscheiding uit Liefde, Steenbergen van Goor's Dutch translation of the French text, was apparently also performed and published in 1803. Confusingly, F.C.L. Bosman (1928, p.556 ) assigns the translation to H. Kup. However, no such translation can be traced.

Performance history in South Africa

1815: Performed in Cape Town by Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense on 26 September, followed by De Wanhoop van Jocrisse (Dorvigny). According to Bosman, (1928, p.556) Eerzucht en Behoefte was credited to a French version by Patrat (only).


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