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Waagen's Canteen, Stutterheim

Walmer Club

Walmer Dramatic Society

Walter Melville Dramatic Company, London

Wanderers Club, Johannesburg

Warehouse, The - Johannesburg

Waxman's Hebrew Company

Waybury Theatre, The - Johannesburg.

Weekend Post, newspaper

WeekendSpecial Online arts site.

Weekly Mail, newspaper

Wellington Onderwyskollege Toneelgeselskap

Wena Naudé-Van Zyl Geselskap

Wesbank Arts and Culture Group

West Rand Symphony Orchestra

Western Cape Cultural Commission

Western Cape Schools Festival

Westville Theatre Club

What’s On

Wheeler and Smith (theatre managers)

Wheeler Brothers

Wheeler Comedy Company

Wheeler Company

Wheeler Juvenile Opera and Musical Company

Wheeler Theatre Company

Wheeler-Edwardes Combination

Wheeler-Edwardes Gaiety Company

White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage (1996)

White's Road Theatre, Port Elizabeth

Wicht-saal, Cape Town

Wilhelmina, Pretoria

Wilson Barrett and Company (19th century) See Wilson Barrett

Wilson Barrett Company (1938-1954) See Wilson Barrett

Windburg Amateur Dramatic Society

Windhoek Civic Theatre

Windhoek Players

Windhoek Theatre

Windhoekse Afrikaanse Kultuurraad

Windmill Theatre, The - Johannesburg

Windybrow, Johannesburg

Windybrow Arts Festival, Johannesburg

Windybrow Centre for the Arts, Johannesburg

Windybrow Theatre, Johannesburg

Windybrow Theatre Complex, Johannesburg

Wine Society's Barn, Paarl

Winter Evenings Entertainments, Bloemfontein

Wits Box, The - Johannesburg

Wits Downstairs Theatre, Johannesburg

Wits Great Hall, Johannesburg

Wits Theatre, Johannesburg

Wits Theatre Complex, Johannesburg

Wits University Great Hall, Johannesburg See Wits Great Hall

Wits Venues, Johannesburg

Wits School of Dramatic Arts

Wits School of the Arts

Witwatersrand Technical College, Johannesburg

Witzenberg Youth for the Performing Arts (WYPA)

Wolseley Youth for the Performing Arts (WYPA)

Women Unite, Cape Town

Women's Art Club, The - Johannesburg

Woods-Williamson Company, The.

Woord en Daad, magazine

Woord in Beeld

Worcester Dramatic Society

Worcester Kultuurvereniging

Worcester Social and Dramatic Club

Worcester Young Men's Debating Society

Worcesterse Kultuurvereniging

Wordsmith's Theatre Factory, Durbanville

Workshop ’71

World Summit on Arts and Culture

Wynand Mouton Theatre, Bloemfontein

Wynberg Aided School

Wynvlieg Kelderteater

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