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NAC Act (1997)






NAPAC Archives and Reference Library

NAPAC Loft Theatre Company, Durban











NLSA See National Library of South Africa

NLDTF/PANSA Festival of Reading of New writing.







NTO Afrikaans Touring Company

NTO Bilingual Touring Company

NTO Board of Control

NTO English Touring Company

NTO Jeuggroep

NTO Kamertoneel

NTO Youth Group

NTO Youth Theatre


NUSAS Arts Festival

Nagtegaal Prize


Naledi Theatre Awards

Namaqualand Rural Dance Project


Nan Munro and Margaret Inglis Company, The

Nasionale Afrikaanse Letterkundige Museum en Dokumentasiesentrum, Bloemfontein

Nasionale Afrikaanse Teater-inisiatief (NATi)

Nasionale Dokumentasiesentrum vir Afrikaanse Letterkunde

Nasionale Dokumentasiesentrum vir die Uitvoerende Kunste, RGN - Pretoria

Nasionale Fees van Kleurlingsake

Nasionale Filmraad

Nasionale Jeugteater

Nasionale Jeugtoneel

Nasionale Klub Saal, Pretoria

Nasionale Klubsaal, Pretoria

Nasionale Navorsingstigting

Nasionale Pers, Publishers

Nasionale Pers Boekhandel

Nasionale Saal, Pretoria

Nasionale Skouburg, Pretoria

Nasionale Skouburg, Pretoria

Nasionale Toneelorganisasie

Nasou Publishers

Nasou Via Afrika, publishers


Natal Cultural Congress

Natal Electric Theatres Ltd.

Natal Mercury, The (Newspaper)

Natal Performing Arts Council

Natal Playhouse, Durban

Natal Technikon, Department of Drama

Natal Theatre Workshop Company, Durban

Natalier, De (Newspaper)

Natalse Teater, Die - Pietermaritzburg

National Advisory Council for Adult Education (NACAE)

National Afrikaans Literary Museum and Documentation Centre, Bloemfontein

National Arts Council

National Arts Council of South Africa

National Arts Festival

National Children's Theatre

National Children's Theatre Trust(NCTT)

National Community Theatre for Education and Development Network (NACTED)

National Council for Adult Education

National Documentation Centre for Afrikaans Literature

National Documentation Centre for the Performing Arts, HSRC - Pretoria

National Drama Library, Bloemfontein

National English Literary Museum, Grahamstown

National Festival of Coloured Affairs

National Festival of One-act Plays

National Film Archives

National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF)

National Film Board

National Film, Video and Sound Archives (NAFVSA)

National Library of South Africa

National Lottery of South Africa

National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF)

National Opera Association

National Organisation for Reproduction Rights in Music in Southern Africa (NORM),

National School of the Arts

National Schools Festival, Grahamstown

National Speech Festival

National Student Arts Festival, Grahamstown

National Theatre, Pretoria

National Theatre Organisation (NTO)

National Youth Theatre

Naval Amateur Company, Simonstown

Nazareth Baptist Church


Nedbank Arts Affinity programme. See Nedbank

Nedcor Bank

Nederduitsch Zuid-Afrikaansch Tydschrift

Nederlands Kamertoneel, Antwerp

Nederlandsch Toneelschool, Het - Amsterdam

Nederlandse Kunst-klub, Cape Town

Nederlandse Kunstklub, Cape Town

Nederlandsche Toneelgezelschap, Pretoria

Nederlandsche Vereniging, Johannesburg

Nederlandsch Zuid-Afrikaansche Vereeniging

Neill-Firth Company

Neilson-Terry Company, The

Nelson Mandela Theatre, Johannesburg

New Africa Theatre Association

New Bijou, Pietermaritzburg

New Bijou Theatre, Pietermaritzburg

New Contrast

New Electric Club, Durban

New English Theatrical Company, Cape Town

New Lyric Theatre, Durban

New Music Hall, Cape Town

New Nation magazine

New National Party

New Republic Party

New South African Review (Journal)

New Space Theatre, Cape Town

New Theatre Royal, Cape Town. See Theatre Royal

New Troubadour Folk Club, Johannesburg


Nico, The - Cape Town

Nico Malan Opera House, The - Cape Town

Nico Malan Theatre Cape Town

Niemand Commission, The

Niemand Commission, 1977

Nieuw Stellenbossche Tooneel Gezelschap, Het (1831-1838)

No 58, Hillbrow

No 58 Too, Hillbrow

Noble’s Olympic Circus

Nobulali Productions

Nozincwadi Books and Story Festival

Norman Powell Publishers, Cape Town

North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot

North Lincoln Sphinx

North West Province Arts and Culture Council, Mmabatho

North West Arts Council, Mmabatho

Not the Midnight Mass

NTO Kamertoneel

Nunnery, The

Nuwe Helikon, Die

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