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M'Collum's Great American Circus See Thomas McCollum






MODDRAM See Moddram Tech


Mabel Hayes Company, The

Macdona Players

Macmillan publishers

Madame Ferreira’s Opera Company

Magnet Theatre, Cape Town

Magnet Theatre Educational Trust


Mail & Guardian

Mamelodi Teaterorganisasie, Pretoria

Mamelodi Theatre Organisation

Mancom, Cape Town

Mandela Theatre, Johannesburg

Mangaung Drama and Dance Group

Mannville, Port Elizabeth

Mannville Open Air Theatre, Port Elizabeth

Marais Centre, Pretoria

Marais Dramagroep

Marais House, Pretoria

Marcello Pisanello Award for Best Actor, University of the Witwatersrand

Mardi Gras Theatre (Gauteng). See Carnival City

Marianhill Mission School

Marie Neef Building, Windhoek

Mark Graham Award, University of Stellenbosch

Mark Graham Toekenning, University of Stellenbosch

Market Café

Market for African Performing Arts (MASA)

Market Theatre

Market Theatre Bookshop

Market Theatre Café

Market Theatre Company

Market Theatre Foundation

Market Theatre Lab

Market Theatre Laboratory

Marx Publishers

Masande Players, Grahamstown East

Maseru Holiday Inn

Masker, Die (theatre)

Maskew Miller, publishers

Maskew Miller Longman, publishers

Masque Theatre, Muizenberg

Masqueraders, The, Johannesburg

Master Builder’s Association, Durban

Masustsa Dance Theatre Company

Maties Drama Department, Stellenbosch

Maynardville, Cape Town

Maynardville Open-air Theatre, Cape Town


Mazenod Publishers

McCollum's Great American Circus See Thomas McCollum

McFall's Publicity

McFall’s Publicity

McLaren Circus

McLaren's Circus

Mechanical and Picturesque Theatre of Arts, The, Cape Town. See W.F.H. Parker

Mechanics' Institutes

The Mechanics' Institute, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

Media Update

Megamusic venue

Megan's Head (theatre blog)

Mello House, Publishers

Melville Brothers, The

Members of the Legislative Assembly, Cape Province. See the Young Men's Institute

Men Doet Wat Men Kan, Cape Town

Merry Makers, The

Merry Scholar, The

Methuen Publishers

Michael Brooke (Pty.) Ltd.

Middelburg Cultural Society

Middelburgse Kultuurvereniging

Middellandsche Unie van Debats- en Christelijke Jongeliedenverenigingen

Midnight Follies, The

Mielieblaarklub, Die


Mihloti Group

Mime, The


Miranda-Harper Company

Miss Rowlands's Theatre Company

MNet See Nasionale Pers

Moddram Tech


Mofolo Hall, Soweto

Mohlakeng Theatre Organisation,


Momentum Theatre, Pretoria

Monat Hamilton Associates Inc.

Monat Hamilton Richfield Associates

Montecasino Theatre, Randburg.

Monument Theatre, Grahamstown

Moody-Manners Opera Company

Moonbox Theatre

Moonyeen Lee Associates

Môrester Amateur Toneelgroep, Wolseley


Morija Printing Works

Most United Knowledgeable Artists

Moth Halls

Moth Hall, Bergvliet

Mouillot Company, The

Mouillot-De Jong Company, The

Mouthpeace Theatre, Grahamstown

Mr Ferguson's Saloon, Cape Town

Mr Parker's Theatre of Mechanics See W.F.H. Parker

Mr Sleigh's Music Warehouse, Cape Town

Mr Stapleton's Company See Cape Town Amateur Company

Mr Stapleton's Party See Cape Town Amateur Company

Mthethwa Lucky Stars (Also mistakenly written Metetwa Lucky Stars and Mthethwe Lucky Stars at times.)

Muizenberg Amateur Dramatic Society

Muizenberg Junior School

Multichoice See Nasionale Pers

Munro-Inglis Company, The

Murray Hall, Graaff-Reinet

Murraysaal, Graaff-Reinet

Musho! International Theatre Festival

Music Hall, Johannesburg

Musical and Dramatic Society, Cape Town.

Musicians Union of South Africa (MUSA)

Mutual Hall, Cape Town

Mutual Hall, East London


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