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EOAN Group





Eager Artists, Durban

Earl's Court Garden Theatre, Johannesburg

Earth Players

East London City Hall

East London Guild Theatre Association

East London Mirror, newspaper

East London Music and Variety Club

East Rand School of the Arts

East Rand Theatre Club

Eastern Cape Eisteddfod

Eastern Cape Performing Arts Board

Eastern Province Herald

Eauver The Top, Cape Town


Edgar Perkins Lyric Opera Company, The

Edouin-Edwards Company, The, Cape Town

Edrich Photographic Studios, Stellenbosch

Edward Sass and Company See Sass and Nelson

Eendracht, De See Kamer de Eendracht

Eendracht Maakt Macht, Pretoria

Eendrag Toneelvereniging, Pretoria


Eendragsaal, Johannesburg

Eendracht, De, Cape Town

Eersterus Performing Arts Council (EPAC)

Eight Beasts Theatre Company



Eksperimentele Teater Stellenbosch

Electric Theatres

Electricity House Theatre, Cape Town

Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Durban

Elsa Fouché Geselskap

Elton Company

Empire Exhibition

Empire Exhibition Arena

Empire Music Hall

Empire Palace of Varieties, Johannesburg

Empire Theatre, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg

Empress Theatre, Pretoria

Encyclopaedia of South African Theatre and Performance

English Academy of Southern Africa

English Amateur Company, The - Cape Town

English Academy Review

English Comedy, The See English Theatricals

English Eisteddfod

English in Africa

English Private Theatricals

English Studies in Africa

English Theatrical Amateur Company, Cape Town

English Theatricals, Cape Town

Entertainer, The - Centurion

Entertainer Casting Agency

Entertainment Vereeniging, Somerset East

English Eisteddfod

Eoan Group, Cape Town

Equestrian Gymnastics

Ermelose Dramatiese Vereniging

Ernest Oppenheimer Theatre, Welkom

Ernest Searelle Comedy Company

Ettienne Rousseau Theatre, Sasolburg

Evaluation Committee of NAPAC (ECON)

Evening Post

Evening Programme, The, Cape Town

Everyman Players, Johannesburg

Evita se Perron, Darling

Excelsior Toneelvereniging, Pretoria

Excelsior-toneelvereniging, Pretoria

Exchange, The, Cape Town

Exhibition Hall, Cape Town.

Exhibition Hall and Theatre, Cape Town.

Exhibition Theatre, Cape Town.

Experimental Theatre, The

Eybers Commission


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