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The List


BASA Artstrack Research

BASA Baseline Report


BAT See Bellville Amateur Toneelgeselskap


Babs Centre, Cape Town

Bachaki Theatre

Backstage Theatre, Durban

Bahumutsi Drama Group See Bahumutsi Players

Bahumutsi Players

Bahumutsi Theatre Company See Bahumutsi Players

Bahumutsi Theatre Group See Bahumutsi Players

Baker Memorial Hall, Pretoria

Balkema Publishers

Ballet for All, Cape Town

Bandoliers, The. Alternate link: The Bandoliers

Bang! Bang! Weapons Blanks

Bank Players, Johannesburg

Bantu Dramatic Society

Bantu Dramatic and Operatic Society

Bantu Men's Social Centre (BMSC)

Bantu People's Theatre (BPT)

Bantu Sports Club

Bantu Theatre Company

Bantu World

Barend Fourie Geselskap

Bareti Players

Barn, The -

Barn Theatre, Cape Town

Barnato Theatre, Johannesburg

Barney Simon Young Directors and Playwrights Festivals


Barnyard Theatre

Barnyard Theatres franchise

Barracks, The

Barracks Theatre, Cape Town

Barracks Theatre, Fort Napier

Barracks Theatre, Pietermaritzburg


Basement Theatre, Secunda


Bataafsche Harmonie

Bellville Amateur Toneelgeselskap (BAT)

BAT Centre, Durban

Bataafsche Societeit

Batswood Hall, Cape Town

Baxter Theatre Centre

Beattie Theatre, Cape Town

Beeld (daily newspaper)

Beeld, Die (Sunday newspaper)

Belgrave Hotel, Pretoria.

Belhar Cast

Belltower Cultural Centre, Kempton Park

Bellville Afrikaanse Toneelvereniging

Bellville Amateur Toneelvereniging

Bellville Civic Theatre

Bellville South Community Hall

Bellville Suid Gemeenskapssaal

Bellville Stadskouburg

Benedicta Bonaccorsi Theatre Studio

Benn Potgieter se Geselskap

Bennees, The

Benoni Combined Arts Group

Benoni Drama Circle

Benoni Town Hall

Bergvliet Dramatic Society

Betty Oliver Drama Studio

Beurs, Die


Beurs-Skouburg, Die

Biblioteekteater, Johannesburg

Bierman Geselskap

Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking

Big Hall, Kuilsrivier

Big Top Arena (Gauteng). See Carnival City

Bijou Theatre

Bijou Theatre, Cape Town

Bijou Theatre, Pietermaritzburg

Bijou Troupe

Bioscope Hall, Volksrust

Bioskoopsaal, Volksrust

Black Chain Hall, Soweto

Black Community Programmes

Black Dance Drama

Black Laugh Productions

Black Review

Black Sun, Johannesburg

Black Tie Ensemble

Blinde Swanepoel Geselskap

Bloemfontein Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society

Bloemfontein Amateur Dramatic Club

Bloemfontein City Hall

Bloemfontein Civic Theatre

Bloemfontein Liefhebberij Dramatisch Gezelschap

Bloemfontein Literary and Scientific Society

Bloemfontein Repertory Society

Bloemfontein Reps

Bloemfontein Shakespeare Circle

Bloemfontein Stadssaal

Bloemfontein Stadsskouburg

Bloemfontein Town Hall

Bloemfonteinse Teatergroep, Die

Bloemfonteinse Toneelleesgroep

Bloemfonteinse Toneelleesklub


Bloemfontein Literary and Scientific Society

Bloody Horse

Blue Fox, Johannesburg

Bob Holder-Mabel Hayes Company, The See Mabel Hayes

Boeren Plein, Cape Town

Boerevrou, Die (women's journal)

Boksburg Amateur Players

Bolton Hall, Durban

Bonfire Theatre Company

Bookings, East London

Bookings and Theatre Consultants, Port Elizabeth

Border Youth Theatre

Bôrdienghuis Teaterkafee, Wellington

Boscawen Amateurs

Boswell's Circus

Boswell-Wilkie Circus

Botha, Lötter and Partners, architects

Bothasaal, Stellenbosch

Box, The

Box Theatre

Box Theatre, Grahamstown

Box Theatre, Johannesburg

BPT Drama Festival

Brandwag, Die


Braziers, The

Brett Goldin Bursary Fund

Bree Street Theatre, Cape Town

Breughel Teater, Die

Breughel Teatergroep, Die

Breughel Theatre, The

Breugel Theatre Group, The

Breytenbach Epathlon

Breytenbach Centre See Die Breytenbach Sentrum

Breytenbach Sentrum, Die (Wellington)


Breytenbach Theatre, Pretoria

Breytie, Die

Brian's Circus

Brian Boswell's Circus

Brian Brooke Company

Brian Brooke Theatre


Brickhill-Burke Company

Brickhill-Burke Enterprises

Bright Young Things, The

British Amateur Company

Brooke Theatre

Brooke Theatre Tavern

Brooklyn Theatre, Pretoria

Broomhill Opera Company

Brown Paper Bag (production house)

Bru's Bar (Gauteng). See Carnival City

Buchu Books

Burger, Die

Burns's Music Hall, Kimberley

Business and Arts South Africa (BASA)

Buster Harrison Play Writing Competition

Butterfly Art Project, Vrygrond

BUZ Publicity

Bywoners, Die

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