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Return to [[Main Page]]
==The list==
[[A Million Freds Productions]]
[[A Teater]]
[[A Teater]]
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[[African National Theatre|ANT]]
[[African National Theatre|ANT]]
[[Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa|ANFASA]]
[[ANV Saal]]
[[Association for Performing Arts|APA]]
[[Association for Performing Arts|APA]]
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[[Academica Publishers]]
[[Academica Publishers]]
[[Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa]] ([[ANFASA]])
[[Academy of Sciences of South Africa]]
[[Academy of Sciences of South Africa]]
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[[Adam Leslie Theatre]]
[[Adam Leslie Theatre]]
[[Adam Small Theatre Complex]]
[[Adams Mission School]]
[[Adams Mission School]]
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[[Africa Cultural Centre]], Newtown, Johannesburg. See also [[Afrika Cultural Centre]], Newtown, Johannesburg.
[[Africa Cultural Centre]], Newtown, Johannesburg. See also [[Afrika Cultural Centre]], Newtown, Johannesburg.
[[Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation]], Stellenbosch
[[African Arts Institute|African Arts Institute (AFAI)]]
[[African Arts Institute|African Arts Institute (AFAI)]]
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[[All the World's a Stage]]
[[All the World's a Stage]]
[[Aloysius Hall]], Cape Town
[[Alpha Omega]]
[[Alpha Omega]]
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[[Amateur Theatrical Society Port Elizabeth]]
[[Amateur Theatrical Society Port Elizabeth]]
[[Amateur Theatre Guild]]
[[Amateur Theatricals, Bloemfontein]]
[[Amateur Theatricals, Bloemfontein]]
[[Amateurs of the Band]]
[[Les Amateurs de l'Isle de France|Amateurs de l'Isle de France, Les]]
[[Les Amateurs de l'Isle de France|Amateurs de l'Isle de France, Les]]
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[[Automata|The Automata]] ([[W.F.H. Parker]])
[[Automata|The Automata]] ([[W.F.H. Parker]])
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The list

A Million Freds Productions

A Teater

A.A. Balkema Publishers

AA Vita Life Awards See Vita Awards

A1 Theatre Company


ABC Drama Company




ACTS See African Community Theatre Service

ACVV See Afrikaanse Christelike Vroue Vereniging













ANV Saal






arepp:Theatre for Life See AREPP

Arts Hall




ATKV Amateur Toneelkompetisie

ATKV Kampustoneel

ATKV Tienertoneel


A.T. Stage Productions




Aan de Braak Teater

Aardklop festival

Abezi Choral Society

Abbey Theatre, Durban

Abrahamse Meyer Productions

Academica Publishers

Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa (ANFASA)

Academy of Sciences of South Africa

Academy Theatre

Academy Theatre of Laughter

Academy Theatre Productions

Ackermann-Nell Geselskap

Action Space Theatre Company

Action Workshop

Actors' Benevolent Fund

Actors' Centre, Johannesburg

Actors' Co-operative

Ad Donker Publishers

Ad Lib

Adam Leslie Theatre

Adam Small Theatre Complex

Adams Mission School


Adcock-Ingram Auditorium


Administration Drama Festival

Administrator's Cup Competition


Africa Centre, Cape Town

Africa Cultural Centre, Newtown, Johannesburg. See also Afrika Cultural Centre, Newtown, Johannesburg.

Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation, Stellenbosch

African Arts Institute (AFAI)

African Broadcasting Company

African Capedium Choir

African Circus, Cape Town (1848).

African Club House

African Community Theatre Service

African Consolidated Theatres

African Darkies

African Film Productions

African Gateway Communications

African Independent

African Music and Drama Association

African National Theatre

African Own Entertainers

African Performance See African Theatre

African Performance Review

African Publishers

African Research and Educational Puppetry Programme See AREPP

African Theatre

African Theatre, The, Cape Town

African Theatre Association (AfTA

African Theatre Workshop

African Theatres

African Theatres Trust

Africander Amateurs

Afrika Cultural Centre, Newtown, Johannesburg.

Afrikaansche Liefhebbery Gezelschap

Afrikaansche Schouwburg, Cape Town

Afrikaansche Societeit

Afrikaans-Duitse Kultuur Unie, Suidwes-Afrika

Afrikaans-Hollandse Toneelvereniging (AHTV)

Afrikaanse Eisteddfod

Afrikaanse Christelike Vroue Vereniging

Afrikaanse Koffiehuis

Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniging en Toneelskool

Afrikaanse Nasionale Studentebond

Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel (APB)

Afrikaanse Skrywersgilde

Afrikaanse Skrywerskring

Afrikaanse Skrywersvereniging

Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging

Afrikaanse Taalgenootskap (ATG)

Afrikaanse Taalraad (ATR)

Afrikaanse Taalvereniging (ATV)

Afrikaanse Toneel vir Onderwyskolleges (ATO)

Afrikaanse Toneelgeselskap

Afrikaanse Toneelspelers

Afrikaanse Toneelvereniging

Afrikaner Klub, East London

Afrikaner Koffiehuis


Afro Asia Events

Afrovibes Festival

After Dark


Akademie vir Dramakuns


Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

Albany Amateur Theatre

Albany Drill Hall

Albert Marsh and Emma Chambers Company

Alexander School of Drama and Elocution

Alexander Theatre

Alexander Upstairs, Cape Town

Alfred Dramatic Club

Algemeen Nederlandsch Verbond, Het

Alhambra Hall, Pretoria

Alhambra Theatre

Alhambra Theatre, Cape Town

Alhambra Theatre, Durban

Alhambra Theatre, Johannesburg

Alie and Jacob, Cape Town

All the World's a Stage

Aloysius Hall, Cape Town

Alpha Omega

Alternation academic journal

Amateur Company, Cape Town

Amateur Coloured Troupe, Cape Town

Amateur Performers, Cape Town

Amateur Dramatic Society, Harrismith

Amateur Dramatic Society, Pietermaritzburg

Amateur Theatre, The - Cape Town

Amateur Theatrical Society Port Elizabeth

Amateur Theatre Guild

Amateur Theatricals, Bloemfontein

Amateurs of the Band

Amateurs de l'Isle de France, Les

Amateurs of Cape Town, The

American Dramatic Company

Amfest One-act Play Festival

Amicable Club


Amphitheatre, Wits

Amstel Playwright of the Year

Anchor Players

André Huguenet Company

André Huguenet Geselskap

André Huguenet Theatre, Bloemfontein

André Huguenet Theatre, Johannesburg

André Huguenet Toekenning (Award)

Anna Klaassen Geselskap

Annie Baldwin Company

Anthony Farmer Productions

Anton Ackermann Geselskap

Anton de Waal Award

Anton de Waal Toekenning


Applauz Arts Initiative

Arena Theatre, Cape Town

Arena Theatre, Johannesburg

Arena Theatre, Pretoria

Arena Bistro Theatre

Arena Theatre Company, Cape Town

Arena Theatre Company, Johannesburg

arepp:Theatre for Life

Argus, The - Cape Town

Argus Tonight!, The

Armchair Theatre

Art Centre, Durban

Art SA

Art South Africa


Arterial Network

Arthur Rousbey Opera Company

Article 27 Arts and Culture Consultants

Artist Management (Pty) Ltd

Artistes Personal Management

Artists One


Arts Alive

Arts and Culture Task Group

Arts and Culture Trust

Arts and Culture Trust of the President

Arts and Culture Group, Wesbank

Arts and Media Access Centre

Arts Capital, Bellville

Arts Theatre Club, East London


Artscape Theatre Centre




Ashantee Dance and Chorus

Asoka Theatre

Asoka Theatre Productions

Asoka Theatre Publications


Associated Repertories of South Africa

Association for Performing Arts

Association of Arts, East London

Association of Drama Departments of South Africa

Astley's Circus

Astley's Theatre

At Strydom Drama Studio

Athenaeum Hall

Athenaeum Musical and Choral Society

Athenaeum Society

Athens Drama Company

Aurora, Cape Town

Aurora, Paarl

Aurora II, Cape Town

Aurora III, Cape Town

The Automata (W.F.H. Parker)

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