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[[Talk Radio]]
[[Talk Radio]]
[[The Talking Horse|Talking Horse, The]]
[[Tall Horse]]
[[Tall Horse]]

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't Zal laat Worden (Meyer).

Taking Sides

Tale of Two Cities, A

Talk Radio

Tall Horse

Talley's Folly

Taming of the Shrew, The

Tante Trui

Tarradiddle Travels

Tars of Old England, The (Smollett)


Taste of Honey, A

Tea and Sympathy

Teahouse of the August Moon

Tekeli, or The Siege of Montgatz (Hook)

Tempest, The

Ten Little Indians

Ten Minute Alibi

Tenth Man, The

Terroriste, Die

Terrorists, The

Tevye and His Daughters

That's No Lady That's My Husband

Theatre Royal

There’s a Girl in My Soup

They Came to a City

They're Playing Our Song

Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight

Third Person

Thirteen Clocks

This Old Man Came Rolling Home

Thousand Clowns, A

Three Courteline Comedies

Three Men on a Horse

Three Plays in Light and Shadow

Three Sisters

Three Weeks after Marriage (Murphy)

Three Wise Fools

Three Women

Three Young Ladies in a Temper

Threepenny Opera, The

Three’s Company

Thumping Legacy, A (Morton)

Thumping Legacy, The See Thumping Legacy, A(Morton)

Tidings Brought to Mary, The

Tiger, The

Tiger at the Gates

Tinkle Tinkle

'Tis a Pity She's a Whore

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Titus Andronicus

To What Red Hell

Tobacco Road

Tobias and the Angel

Toegemetselde Venster, Het (Kotzebue)

Tom and Viv

Tom Foolery

Tom Paine

Tonight at Eight Thirty

Tonight Neither Hamlet

Tooth of Crime

Torch Song Trilogy

Tou, Die

Touch of the Poet, A

Toveres Sidonia, De (Zschokke).

Towards Zero

Tragedy of Nan, The

Tragedy of Richard III, The See Richard III

Tragedy of Richard the Third, The See Richard III


Trap for a Lonely Man

Travels with my Aunt


Treasure Island


Trial, The

Trial by Jury


Tribute to Noel Coward, A

Trinity of Two, A

Trip to Scarborough, A

Troilus and Cressida

Trojan Women, The

Trouwring, De (Lembert)

True West

Trumpets and Raspberries

Tueur Sans Gages

Turn Him Out

Twee Grenadiers, De, of Het Misverstand (Patrat)

Twee Laksmanne, Die

Twee Levenskringen

Twee Rand (‘n) Trek

Twee Vrijmetselaars, De (Pelletier-Volmeranges)

Twelfth Night

Twelve Angry Men

Twelve-Pound Look, The

Twice Killed (Oxenford)


Twilight of the Golds, The

Twisted Love

Two Executioners, The

Two Bonnycastles (J.M. Morton)

Two for the Seesaw (William Gibson)

Two Galley Slaves (Payne)

Two Galley Slaves, The (Payne)

Two Gentlemen of Verona

Two Into One

Two Mrs. Carrolls, The

Two of Us, The

Two Strings to your Bow (Jephson)

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