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[[Jack Brag]] (Hook)
[[Jack Brag]] (À Beckett)
[[Jacobowsky and the Colonel]]
[[Jacobowsky and the Colonel]]

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Jack Brag (À Beckett)

Jacobowsky and the Colonel

Jacob von Tyboe, eller Den Stortalende Soldat (Holberg)


Jacques and his Master

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Jakkalsstreke van Scapino, Die

James and the Giant Peach

Jane Shore, or The Unfortunate Favourite (Rowe)

Jane Steps Out

Jantje Puk, of Den Doctor tegen Wil en Dank (Molière)


Janot, ou Les Battus Paient l'Amende (Dorvigny)



Jar, The

Jardiniers, Les (Davesne)


Jealous Wife, The

Jeeves Takes Charge

Jérome Pointu (Beaunoir)

Jerry's Girls

Jest a Second

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jeu de l’Amour et du Hasard, Le (Marivaux)

Jeugd van Hendrik den Vyfde (Duval) See La Jeunesse de Henri V

Jeunesse de Henri V, La (Duval)

Jew of Venice, The See The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare).

Jew and the Doctor, The (Dibdin)

Jews of Hodos, The

Joan of Lorraine

Jocasta Rising

Jocrisse Changé de Condition (Dorvigny)

Jocrisse in Eenen Nieuwe Dienst (Dorvigny) See Jocrisse Changé de Condition

Jocrisse-maître et Jocrisse-valet (Sewrin). See The Two Gregories, or "Where Did the Money Come From?" (Dibdin)

Joe Masiell Not at the Palace

Joey Grimaldi's Trip to Brentford (W.F.H. Parker)

John Bull, or an Englishman's Fireside (Colman Jr.)

John Ferguson

John of Paris (Pocock)

John Overy, the Miser of Southwark Ferry (Jerrold)

Johnny Belinda

Johnson Over Jordan

Joint Owners in Spain

Jonge Filosoof, of De Grilligheden van de Fortuin, De (Tréogate)

Jonge Kunstskilder, De

Jonkvrou Edelwater

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Webber and Rice)

Joseph, haven't you got your bicycle yet?

Journey's End

Jours Heureux, Les

Judas Kiss, The

Judas Kus, Die


Judge, The

Julease Sisare

Julius Casaer

Julius Caesar

Jumeaux de Bergame, Les (Florian)


Junior Miss

Junkies are full of SHIT

Juno and the Paycock

Jupiter Laughs

Just, The

Just For Kicks

Just Married

Justes, Les

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