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[[Die Hekse van Salem|Hekse van Salem, Die]]
[[Die Hekse van Salem|Hekse van Salem, Die]]
[[De Helleveeg|Helleveeg, De]] (Loosjes)
[[Hellhound]] (Whyle)
[[Hellhound]] (Whyle)

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Haar Egskeiding

Haar Tweede Man

Habeas Corpus

Hadrian the Seventh


Hairy Ape, The

Halfway up the Tree

Hallowed Ground


Hamlet, kgosi ea Denmark


Hand vol vere, Die (Brink)

Hands Across the Sea

Hansel and Gretel

Happiest Days of Your Life, The (J. Dighton)

Happy as a Sandbag

Happy as Larry

Happy Days

Happy Endings are Extra

Happy Journey to Camden, The

Happy Prince, The

Harold and Maude




Hatful of Rain, A

Haunted Host, The. A Quartet for Two Actors, a Telephone and a Ghost

Haunted Inn, The (Peake)

Hay Fever

Heartbreak House

Heaven of Existence

Hedda Gabler

Heilige Vlam, Die


Heiress, The

Hekse van Salem, Die

Helleveeg, De (Loosjes)

Hellhound (Whyle)

Hello I'm 8!

Hello Out There


Hendrik IV (Shakespeare)

Henry IV (Pirandello)

Henry IV (Shakespeare)

Henry V

Henry Dunbar

Her Little Ladyship

Her Love Against the World



Hitting Town

Hobson's Choice

Hoe die Nieuws versprei 't

Hoefsmid, De

Hollow, The

Holly and the Ivy, The


Home Fires

Home of the Brave

Homecoming, The

Hond se Gedagte

Honey Moon, The (Tobin)

The Honeymoon (Tobin) See The Honey Moon

Hoogste Reg, Die

Hostage, The

Hot Tiara

House by the Lake, The

House in Fern Road, The

House of Bernarda Alba, The

House of Blue Leaves, The

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

H.P. and Friends

Huigelaar, Die

Huis Clos

Huishouden van Jan Steen, Het

Huis te Koop

Huis Toe

Huit Femmes

Hundred Years Old, A


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