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Cactus Flower

Caesar and Cleopatra

Cagnotte, La

California Suite


Call It a Day

Callaway Farce


Canaries Sometimes Sing

Candaules Commissioner



Canterville Ghost, The

Capital Match, A (Morton)

Car Cemetery, The

Cardenio (Shakespeare)

Caretaker, The (Pinter)



Castle Spectre, The (Lewis)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Caucasian Chalk Circle, The

Cave Dwellers, The

Cavern, The

Chairs, The

Chaises, Les

Chalk Garden, The

Charles Dickens

Charles XII; or, the Siege of Stralsund (Planché)

Charles the Second (Payne)

Charles the Second, or The Merry Monarch (Payne)

Charles the Twelfth (Planché)

Charley's Aunt

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie se Tante

Charming Pair, A

Chase Me Comrade

Cherry Orchard, The

Child's Play

Children of a Lesser God

Children of Darkness

Children of the Wolf

Children of the Wood, The See Children in the Wood (Thomas Morton)

Children in the Wood (Thomas Morton)

Children's Hour, The

Chosen, The

Chosen of God, The

A Christmas Carol (Dickens)

Church of Light

Circle, The

Citizen, The (Murphy)

Clarence Darrow

Clasius See Clasius stupidibus bavianus of Het proces om een komedielootjie

Clasius stupidibus bavianus of Het proces om een komedielootjie

Clemence en Waldemar (Pelletier-Volméranges)

Climax, The


Cock and Bull Story

Cockney in Corsica, The (J.M. Morton) See A Thumping Legacy


Cocktail Hour, The

Cocktail Party, The


The Collector

Come Back, Little Sheba

Come Blow Your Horn


Comedy of Errors, A

Comedy of Errors, The

Comfortable Lodgings, or Paris in 1750 (Peake)

Commissaire est Bon Enfant, Le (Courteline and Lévy)

Common Pursuit, The

Complaisant Lover, The

Con Amore

Condemned Man's Bicycle, The

Confidential Clerk, The

Conquest of Everest, The

Cop Out


Coral King, The

Corn is Green, The

Cottage to Let

Country Girl, A

Cowardy Custard

Cradle Song, The

Crime and Punishment

Crime on Goat Island

Crimes of the Heart

Crucible, The

Cruter, The

Crystal Clear

Cunning Wife, The

Cup of Life, The

Cure for the Heartache, A. (Morton, )

Curse of the Starving Class (Shepard)

Cyrano de Bergerac

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