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Babes in the Wood

Baby Talk

Bacchae, The


Bad-Gaste, Die

Balcon, Le

Bald Prima Donna, The


Het Bankroet van den Schoenlapper (Martainville, tr De Quack)

Barber of Seville, The



Baron Persos

Barretts of Wimpole Street, The

Bathroom Door, The

Battle of Navarino, The (W.F.H. Parker)

Bear, The


Beau Brummel

Beau Jest

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty Queen of Leenane

Beaux Strategem,The


Becket Ou L’Honneur De Dieu

Bed, The

Bed Before Yesterday, The

Bed Full of Foreigners


Bedelaarstudent, Die

Bedroom Farce


Beer, Die

Before Breakfast


Beggar's Opera, The


Beleg van Troyen, Het


Bell, Book and Candle

Bell for Adano, A

Bells, The

Beloofde Land, Die


Berg, Die

Bergvliet Murder Mystery, The

Berkeley Square

Besigheid is Besigheid

Besoek van die Ou Dame

Besoek van die Ou Dame, Die

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The

Best of Brel, The

Best of Friends, The


Bevelvoerder, Die

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Beyond Therapy

Biedermann und die Brandstifter

Big Bad Mouse

Big Night for Shylock

Biko Inquest, The

Bill of Divorcement, A

Birds, The (Aristophanes)

Birds of Paradise

Birth-Day, The (O'Keeffe)

Birthday, The, or, The Prince of Arragon (O'Keeffe)

Birthday Party

Birthday Party, The

Bitter Einde

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, The

Black Coffee

Black Comedy

Black Limelight

Black Mass (Bond)

Black Mikado, The

Black Nativity

Blacks, The

Blamed Reputation, The

Blinde Vegter, Die

Blithe Spirit


Blood Wedding

Blue Devils (Colman Jr)

Blue Remembered Hills



Bold Stroke for a Wife, A (Mrs Centlivre)

Bombastes Furioso (Rhodes)

Bombastes Furioso, or The King of Utopia (Rhodes)

Bombay Crush

Bonnes, Les

Book of Job, The

Born African

Both Ends Meet

Botheration, or Ten Years' Blunder (Oulton)

Boumeester Solness


Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Le

Box and Cox (J.M. Morton)

Boy David, The

Boy Friend, The

Boy Meets Boy

Boy With the Cart, The

Boyfriend, The

Boys Next Door, The

Brass Hat, The

Bravo Piaf

Breach of Marriage

Breath of Life, The


Brigand, The (Planché)

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Britain's Brave Tars, or All for Saint Paul's (O'Keeffe)

Broeders Op Den Toets, De (Pelletier Volméranges, Tr Van der Vijver)

Broken Glass

Brown Sugar

Bruid in die Môre, 'n

Bruid in de Morgen, Een

Bruidskool, Die

Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story

Burger Edelman, De

Burgermeister, Der

Buried Alive, or The Visit to Japan (M'Pherson)

Burn This

Burning Bright

Bus Stop

Busie Body, The (Centlivre). See The Busybody

Business of Murder, The

Busman's Honeymoon

Busybody, The (Centlivre)


By die ou Meulstroom

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