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The list

Babes in the Wood (Various authors)

Baby Talk

Bacchae, The

Bachelor of Arts, A (Hardwicke)

Bachelor's Buttons (Stirling)

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Bad-Gaste, Die

Baiser, Le (Florian)

Baiser, Le, ou La Bonne Fée See Le Baiser

Baking and Roasting without Fire (Anon)

Bal d'Ouvriers, Le (Desnoyers and Varin)

Bal Masqué, Le (Ward/Vernon)

Bal Masqué, The (Sloppy Sam) (Anon)

Balaclava Benefit Performances

Balcon, Le

Bald Prima Donna, The

Balkan Princess, The (Lonsdale and Curzon)

Ballad of the Villagers, The


Bamboozling (Wilks)

Bandit, Le (Théaulon, Saint-Laurent and Anne)

Bandwell vs. Pickwick (Dickens) See Bardell vs. Pickwick

Bankroet van den Schoenlapper, Het (Martainville, tr De Quack)See La Banqueroute du Savetier, à propos de botte

Banqueroute du Savetier, à propos de botte, La (Martainville)

Bar Kokhba (Landau)

Bar Rochba (Anon./Landau?) See Bar Kokhba

Barber of Seville, The (Beaumarchais/Rossini)

Barbier de Seville, Le, ou La Précaution Inutile (Beaumarchais)

De Barbier van Seville, of De Onnutte Voorzorg (Beaumarchais) See Barbier de Seville, Le, ou La Précaution Inutile

Bardell vs. Pickwick (Dickens)

Barefoot in the Park


Barnaby Brittle, or A Wife at Her Wit's End (Betterton)



Baron de Felsheim à la Bataille de Friedberg, De (Bernos)

Baron Persos

De Baron van Felsheim, of De Slag by Friedberg (Bernos) See Le Baron de Felsheim à la Bataille de Friedberg

Barretts of Wimpole Street, The


Barthel, of De Herschapen Boer (Holberg) See Jeppe på Bjerget

Bathroom Door, The

Batailje van Waterloo, De, of La Belle Alliance (Anon.)


Battle of Hexham, The, or Days of Old (Colman Jr)

Battle of Navarino, The (W.F.H. Parker)

Les Battus Paient l'Amende (Dorvigny)

Bauble Shop, The (Jones)

Bear, The (Chekhov)


Beau Brummel

Beau Jest

Beautiful People, The

Beauty and the Barge (Jacobs and Parker)

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty of Bath, The (Hicks and Hamilton)

Beauty Queen of Leenane, The

Beaux' Stratagem,The (Farquhar)

Bébé (Najac and Hennequin)


Becket Ou L’Honneur De Dieu

Bed, The

Bed Before Yesterday, The

Bed Full of Foreigners, A


Bedelaarstudent, Die

Bedrogene Broeders, De, of De Geretourneerde Afrikaan (Anon)

Bedrogen Drietal, Het (Gillissen)

Bedroom Farce


Bee-hive, The (Millingen)

Beer, Die (Chekhov)

Before Breakfast

Begeerte (O'Neill ) See Desire under the Elms

Beggar Girl's Wedding, The (Melville)

Beggar's Opera, The

Beggar Girl's Petition, The, or A Father's Love and A Mother's Care (Pitt)

Behind Time (Webster)

Beichte, Die (Von Kotzebue)



Belagchelyke Juffers, De (Molière)

Belagchelyke Zelfmoord, De (Martainville) See Le Suicide de Falaise

Belgravia, or Servantgolism (Anon.)


Bell, Book and Candle

Bell for Adano, A

Belle Marseillaise, La (Berton)

Belle of Amherst, The

Belle of New York, The (Morton)

Belle of the Village, The ()

Bells, The (Erckmann-Chatrian/Lewis) See Le Juif Polonais

Bells of Haslemere, The (Pettit and Grundy)

Belmont und Konstanze (Brezner)

Belphegor (various authors)

Belphegor, or The Mountebank and His Wife (Courtney)

Belphegor the Mountebank, or Woman's Constancy (Webb)

Belphegor the Itinerant (Courtney)

Beloofde Land, Die

Ben Bolt (Johnstone)


De Bengaalse Tijger (Brisebarre and Michel)


Berg, Die

Bergbewoonders, De (Colman) See The Mountaineers

Bergen en Dalen (Benedix)

Bergvliet Murder Mystery, The

Bericht für eine Akademie, Ein (Kafka)

Berkeley Square

Bermuda Avenue Triangle

Berretto a Sonagli, Il

Bertram de Cipier (Arnold)

Bertram, or The Castle of St. Aldobrand (Maturin)

Besigheid is Besigheid

Besoek van die Ou Dame

Besoek van die Ou Dame, Die

Bespoke Overcoat, The

Bespotlyke Docter, De (Fielding)

Bess (Beringer)

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The

Best Man, The

Best of Brel, The

Best of Friends, The

Bête, La

Bêtise sur Bêtise, ou Le Pointes de François Guillaume (Dargencours)


Betsy (Burnand) See Bébé

Betsy Baker!, or Too Attentive by Half (Morton)

Betsy Jane (Anon.)

Betty See La Jeunesse de Henri V (Duval)

Bevelvoerder, Die

Bevrediging, De (Von Guttenberg) See Die Versöhnung

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Beyond the Fringe

Beyond Therapy

Bianco, ou L'homme Invisible(Plancher-Valcour)

Bianko, of De Onzichtbare Man (Plancher-Valcour) See Bianco, ou L'homme Invisible

Biedermann und die Brandstifter


Big Bad Mouse

Big Friendly Giant, The

Big Knife, The

Big Night for Shylock

Biko Inquest, The

Bill of Divorcement, A

Billets de Loterie, Les (Anon.) See De Loterijbriefjes, of De Bedrogen Schoenlapper

Billy Button (Astley)

Billy Button, or The Hunted Tailor (Astley)

Billy Buttons, or the Tailor's Ride to Brentford (Astley)

Billy Liar


Bird in Hand

Birds, The (Aristophanes)

Birds of Paradise


Birthday, The (Von Kotzebue)

Birth-Day, The (O'Keeffe)

Birthday, The, or, The Prince of Arragon (O'Keeffe)

Birthday Party

Birthday Party, The (Pinter)

Bisarrerie de la Fortune, La, ou Le Jeune Philosophe (Tréogate)

Bitter Einde

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, The

Bisarrerie de la Fortune, La, ou Le Jeune Philosophe (

Black Coffee

Black Comedy

Black-Eyed Susan, or All in the Downs (Jerrold)

Black-Eyed Susan, or The Little Bill That Was Taken Up (Burnand) See The Latest Edition of Black-Eyed Susan, or The Little Bill That Was Taken Up

Black Flag, The, or Escaped from Portland (Pettitt)

Black Limelight

Black Mass (Bond)

Black Mikado, The

Black Nativity

Black Sheep (Various authors)

Blackberries (Melford)

Blacks, The

Blamed Reputation, The

Blanford und Charlotte, oder Die Eroberung von St. Lucie (Friedberg)

Blanko, of De Onzigtbare Man (Plancher-Valcour) See Bianco, ou L'homme Invisible

Blaue Maus, Die (Laufs and Kraatz)

Blighted Being, A (Taylor)

Blind Geladen (Von Kotzebue)

Blinde Vegter, Die

Blithe Spirit


Bloedgetuige, Een (Schuitemaker)

Bloedzuigers, De, of De Minnehandel in de Apotheek (Ruysch)

Bloemenkrans, De, of De Minnaar in den Boom (Henricus van der Sprong)

Bloomer Costume, The, or Figure of Fun (Stirling)

Blood Relations

Blood Wedding

Blow for Blow (Byron)


Blue Beard (Planche and Dance)

Blue Bird, The (Maeterlinck) See Oiseau Bleu Le

Blue Devils (Colman Jr) See L'Anglais, ou Le Fou Raisonnable

Blue Moon, The (Ellis and Greenbank)

Blue Remembered Hills

Blue Room, The

Bluebell in Fairyland (Hicks and Slaughter)

Blues for an Alabama Sky

Bobadil (Searelle)



Boezemvriend, De (Praga) See Amico, L'

Bohemian Girl, The (Bunn and Balfe)

Bold Stroke for a Wife, A (Mrs Centlivre)

Bombastes Furioso (Rhodes)

Bombastes Furioso, or The King of Utopia (Rhodes)

Bombay Crush


Bondman, The (Caine)

Bondman Play, The (Caine)

Bonnes, Les

Bonnie Fish Wife, The (Selby)

Boodschapper, De, of Loevestein in 1570 (Kroon)

Boodschaplooper Uit Behoefte, De (Laloue and Ménissier) See Le Commissionnaire

Book Club, The

Book of Job, The

Book of the Month

Boots at the Swan, The (Selby)

Born African

Born to Good Luck, or the Irishman's Fortune (Power)

Born Yesterday

Boston Story, A

Both Ends Meet

Botheration, or A Ten Year's Blunder(Oulton)

Bottle, The (Taylor)

Bottle and the Boy, The (Taylor) See The Bottle

Boumeester Solness


Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Le (Molière)

Bowl'd Out, or A Bit of Brummagem (Craven)

Bowled Out (Craven) See Bowl'd Out, or A Bit of Brummagem

Box and Cox (J.M. Morton)

Boy David, The

Boy Friend, The

Boyfriend, The

Boy Meets Boy

Boy With A Cart, The

Boyfriend, The

Boys in the Photograph, The

Boys Next Door, The

Bramarbas, of De Snoevende Officier (Holberg) See Jacob von Tyboe, eller Den Stortalende Soldat

Brand in de Jonge Jan

Brandmerk, Het, of De Twee Galeiboeven (Boirie, Carmouche and Poujol) See Les Deux Forçats, ou La Meunière du Puy de Dôme

Brandschatting, De (Von Kotzebue) See Die Brandschatzung

Brandschatzung, Die (Von Kotzebue)

Brass Hat, The

Brasseur de Preston, Le (Adam)

Brautkrone oder Das Traumgesicht, Die (Cuno)

Bravo Piaf

Breach of Marriage

Breaker Morant

Breath of Life, The

Breath of Spring

Brecht on Brecht

Bremen Coffee (Fassbinder) See Bremer Freiheit

Bremer Freiheit (Fassbinder)

The Bride of Abydos, or The Prince, the Pirate and the Pearl (Byron) See The Bride of Abydos

Bride of Lammermoor, The (Scott/Calcraft)

Bride of Ludgate, The (Jerrold)


Brigand, The (Planché) See Le Bandit

Brigand Chief, The (Planché) See Le Bandit

Brigands of Calabria, The (Anon.)

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Britain's Brave Tars, or All for Saint Paul's (O'Keeffe)

British Born (Meritt and Pettitt)

Broeders, De (Von Kotzebue)

Broeders Op Den Toets, De (Pelletier Volméranges, Tr Van der Vijver)

Broken Glass

Broken Heart, The

Broken Melody, The (Keen and Tanner)

Brother Officers (Trevor)

Brothers, The (Shirley, Young or De Wet)

Brown and the Brahmins, or Captain Pop and The Princess Pretty-eyes! (Reece)

Brown at Brighton (McKay and Stephens)

Brown Met Een R (Anon.)

Brown Sugar

Bruderzwist, oder, Die Versöhnung (Von Kotzebue)

Bruid in die Môre, 'n

Bruid in de Morgen, Een

Bruidskool, Die

Bruidskroon, of De Droomverschijning, De (Cuno) See Die Brautkrone oder Das Traumgesicht

Brush With a Body

Brussel in 1573, De Drie Laatste Dagen van Alba's Schrikbewind in de Nederlanden (Ruysch)

Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story

Buffel, Die (Chekhov)

Burgemeester, De (Von Brühl)

Burgemeester, Die (Hoffman)

Burger Edelman, De (Molière/ Boniface) See Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

Bürgermeister, Der (Von Brühl or Hoffman)

Burgerraad, De (Anon)

Buried Alive, or The Visit to Japan (M'Pherson)

Buried Inside Extra

Burn This

Burning Bright

Bus Stop

Busie Body, The (Centlivre). See The Busybody

Business of Murder, The

Busman's Honeymoon

Busybody, The (Centlivre)


By die Kuile

By die ou Meulstroom

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