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[[The Free State|Free State, The]]
[[A Frenzy for Two – And the Same to You]]
[[A Frenzy for Two – And the Same to You]]

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Faan se Stasie

Faan se Trein

Face to Face Festival, The

Faces from Verlore Vlakte

Faces in the Wall

Facing the North Wester

Factory Animals

Fairy Tale


Fairyland and the Revolution

Fall, The. A Play about Rhodes

Fall: A Play about Rhodes, The

Falls The Shadow


Familie Zaak, Die

Families Courageous

Family, The

Fando en Lis


Fantasia in Three

Fantastical History of a Useless Man, The

Fantasie of Werklikheid Wat is die Realiteit?

Far Cry, A

Farce About Uys


Farmer Malan and his Birds and Animals

Fat Busters

Faust – Part III

Faustus in Africa

Feat Accomplished and a Hero Completely Defeated


Fence, The

Feniks en die Roos

Fenomeen van die Popster, Die

Fernando Krapp het Hierdie Brief aan My Geskryf


Festival (play)

Festival, The


Fiela se Kind

Fiemies en Klaar

Fight at Finnsburgh, The

Final Dance, The

Final Sting of the Dying Wasp, The

Final Whistle

Finches, The

Finger Trouble

Fire Raisers,(The?)

Fires, The

Firm and Steadfast We Shall Stand

First Circle, The

First Night Nerves

First South African , The

First Stop Namanje

Fishy Tale, A

Fisici, Die

Flashing Trash



Fleurs de Lys


Flikkers en Vlooie



Florist Shop, The

Flower Street

Fluit vir die Vlieë

Fluitman en die Minnesanger, Die

Fluitspeler van Hameln (sic), Die

Flying Dutchman

F.M. Stereotype

Follies Fantastique

Follies Spectacular

Follow that Man

Fool in Shakespeare, The

Fopkombersie, Die

For Fact’s Sake

For Love or Money

For the Baracka

For the Love of Mike

Forbidden Fruits

Fordsburg’s Finest

Foreign Aids


Fortress, The

Fortunata Skryf ‘n Brief

Fotoalbum, Die



Four Pieces

Fourth Estate, The

Fourth Guest, The



Francios (sic) My Kind

Francois Toerien Show, Die

Frank's Circus Adventure


Free State, The

A Frenzy for Two – And the Same to You

Free State, A

Freedom Songs We Used to Sing, The

Freedom Too

Freule Marike

Friday Bench, The

Frightened King, The

Frille en Fraiings

From Five to Five-Thirty

From German West

From Midnight to Morning

From Taubie with Love

From the Cape Flats with Love

Frustrated Black Boy

Fuck thy Father

Fuente Sagrada

Fugitives, The

Funerals as performances

Funeral March of a Marionette

Funny Kind of Evening with David Kossoff, A

Fusane’s Trial

Fynproewer, Die

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