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== The List ==
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The List

Cabbages and Bullets

Cabo de Bonne Esperance

Cadenza X-trav

Caesar (Brink)


Call Me Sergeant

Call me Woman

Call Us Crazy

Can You Take It?

Candida and her Friends

Canterville Ghost, The

Cape Charade or Kaatje Kekkelbek

Cape Gooseberry

Cape Orchard, The (Picardie)

Cape Parade Adventure

Cape Town Festival, The

Captain Smith

Captain, the Corporal and the Courtesan, The

Captain’s Tiger, The

Cardboard Dreams


Careerist, The


Cargo: Precious

Carla, Die Dogter van Don Domingo

Carnival à la District Six


Cat, The

Cat and the Canary, The

Caught in the Act


Cecil’s Pilgrimage

Celebrate South African Festival, The


Celebrations II

Cell, The (Athol Fugard; Harold Kimmel)




Chameleon, The


Chaplin evenings


Charles Manson

Charlie se Sirkus

Chasing Chairs


Cheap Flights

Cheaper Than Roses

Check Mate

Che! Dia bua!

Ché Guevera

Cheat the Calender


Chief Above and Chief Below

Chief Above, Chief Below

Chief in a Tuxedo

Chief Mambo


Child of Heaven

Child of Kathrada

Child War

Children of Asazi

Children of the Sands

Chilli Boy, The

Chimp Project, The

Ching Chong Che

Chomi (Nemakonde)

Chosen, The

Chovo ra nhunguvana



Christmas Crackers

Christmas Play

Christmas Story

Christy Minstrels show

Church Full Of Light: Kereke Ya Lesedi

Church of Light

Cincinatti – Scenes from City Life


Cindi ‘N Her Fella – A Hi-Tech Tale

Circus Adventure, The

Circus Magic

Circus Side Show, A

City of Intruders, A

City of Paradise, The (Fleishman and Cast)

Clasius, of Het Proces om een Komedie-Lootjie

Cleansing of the Temple, The

Close Relations

Clumsy Cathburt and the Little Green Man

Coal train to Wynberg, The

Coal Yard

Coat, The

Cold Fusion

Cold Stone Jug

Colin Shamley

Colossus of Brooklyn, The

Coloured Affairs Theatre Festival

Colour Conflict

Coloured Place, A (Conning)

Come to the Fair

Coming Home

Commedia Rituale



Comrade Babble

Comrades Arms

Concentration Camp


Confessions of Zeno

Confused Mhlaba

Conscientious Objection


Constance Lingerie

Constancia Gable: On The Blue Train

Contact Five

Contingency Plan, The



Conversations with a Tapeworm

Conversations with Dying Comrades

Cook’s Tour Special

Coolie Odessey, The

Coral King, The

Coral King, The

Coronation Caper

Coronation of King Cetshwayo

Country Plays

Cottage, The

Coward’s VC, A

Cowboy Winter

Crack, The

Cracked Mirror

Cradle in the Dust

Crafty Tortoise, The

Crashing the Night

Crazer, Die

Crazy in Love (Buckland)

Cream Passions

Creatures of Light (Higginson)

CREDO: A musical testament to the Freedom Charter

Creel of Trout, A

Creel of Trout, A

Creeper, The


Crepuscule (Gumede)

Crescent Moon, The

Crime Babies

Crisis in the Classroom

Crocodile Burning

Crocodile Tears




Crossing, The

Crossing the Line

Crossroad Boy


Cruise or Sixty Days of Summer Seas

Cry, The

Cry Freemandela – The Movie

Cry Huguenot

Cry not the Child

Cry of Winnie Mandela, The

Cry of Winnie Mandela, The

Cry, the Beloved Country

Cum Grano Salis

Cunning Wife, The, or The Lover in the Sack, (a "pantomime ballet" by J.L. Petersen)

Cure, The

Cure, The

Curl Up and Dye (Pam-Grant)

Curse, The

Cut Ups

Cutlass, The

Cutlass, The

Cyrano de Bergerac

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