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[[J. Stiglingh|Stiglingh, J.]] See '''[[J. Stigling]]'''
[[J. Stiglingh|Stiglingh, J.]] See '''[[J. Stigling]]'''
[[Tienie Stiglingh|Stiglingh, Tienie]]
[[Beni Stilborg|Stilborg, Beni]]
[[Beni Stilborg|Stilborg, Beni]]

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The list

Please note that all surnames (or last names) consisting of two or three words (e.g. names preceded by Da, De, De La, Du, Le, St, Van, Van Den, Van Der, Von, etc) appear under the first word in this listing. Thus the actress Jean St Clair would appear under "St" for "St Clair", not under "C", etc.

St Clair, Jean

St Clair, Mr

St Clair-Laing, Tom

St George, Mr

St John, Aimee

St John, Mr (c1825)

St Leger, Cas

St Leger, Frederick York

St Pierre, J.H. Bernardin de See J.H. Bernardin

Staas, C.J.W.

Stacpoole, H. De Vere

Staff, Frank

Stafford, Roland

Stamp, Colin

Stamrood, J.

Stamrood, M.

Stamrood, W.F.

Stander, Cornelia

Stander, Lindie

Stanley, Errol

Stannard, Sheena

Stapelberg, Nana

Stapleton, Mr

Stark, Friedrich

Stark, Ulrich

Staughton, Liz

Stayt, Marjorie Wyatt

Stead, Jenny

Stead, Rinie

Stead, Steven

Steadman, Ian

Steele, Carl (Also found as C. Steele or Mr Steele)

Mr Steele See Carl Steele

Steele, Sue

Steenberg, Elsabé

Steenkamp, Chris

Steenkamp, Fanie

Steenkamp, Jeanne

Steenkamp, Louis

Steenkamp, Porteus-Xandau

Steensma, M.J.

Steffe, Edwin

Stegman, J, See J. Stegmann

Stegmann, Frits

Stegmann, J.

Stegmann, Marie

Stein, Craig

Stein, Philip

Stein, Russel

Steinberg, Carol

Stent, Lionel B.

Stent, Vere

Stephanou, Irene

Stephens, Robert

Stern, Bertie

Stern, Sam

Sterry, Leslie

Stevens, Fran

Stevens, Harry

Stevens, Raedawn

Stevens, Ronnie

Stevenson, Dyllis

Stevenson, Nigel

Stevenson, Peter

Stewardson, Deon

Stewardson, Joe

Stewardson, Matthew

Stewart, Charles

Stewart, Jobie

Stewart, Mr See Charles Stewart

Stewart, S.

Stewart-Spence, Joy

Steyn, Annelize

Steyn, Carolyn

Steyn, Carolyn Barkhuizen

Steyn, Chris

Steyn, Christa

Steyn, F.S.

Steyn, Fred

Steyn, Jennifer

Steyn, Kate

Steyn, Malan

Steyn, Piet

Steyn, Riana

Steyn, Rina See La Grange, Rina

Steynberg, R. See also Lindeque, M.C.E.


Steytler, Herman

Steytler, Klaas

Steytler, Nico C.

Stigling, J.

Stiglingh, J. See J. Stigling

Stiglingh, Tienie

Stilborg, Beni

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