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[[Simon Sabella|Sabella, Simon]]
[[De la Sablonière|Sablonière, De la]]
[[Albie Sachs|Sachs, Albie]]
[[Carolyn Sacks|Sacks, Carolyn]]
[[Erica Sacks|Sacks, Erica]]
[[Howard Sacks|Sacks, Howard]]
[[Stacey Sacks|Sacks, Stacey]]
[[Fred Sadoff|Sadoff, Fred]]
[[Leontine Sagan|Sagan, Leontine]]
[[Delia Sainsbury|Sainsbury, Delia]]
[[Louise Saint Claire|Saint Claire, Louise]]
[[Elsie Salomon|Salomon, Elsie]]
[[Mr Salter|Salter, Mr]] (c1854)
[[David Salton|Salton, David]]
[[Jonathan Sam|Sam, Jonathan]]
[[William Layton Sammons|Sammons, William Layton]]
[[Euodia Sampson|Sampson, Euodia]]
[[I.K. Sampson|Sampson, I.K.]]
[[André Samuels|Samuels, André]]
[[Fred Sanders|Sanders, Fred]]
[[Patricia Sanders|Sanders, Patricia]]
[[Robin Sanders|Sanders, Robin]]
[[Mr Sandford|Sandford, Mr]] Amateur actor (c1826)
[[Neil Sandilands|Sandilands, Neil]]
[[Barbara Sandler|Sandler, Barbara]]
[[Bruno Santini|Santini, Bruno]]
[[Denis Santry|Santry, Denis]]
[[Chuma Sapotela|Sapotela, Chuma]]
[[Gordon Sara|Sara, Gordon]]
[[Lily Sarembock|Sarembock, Lily]]
[[Roy Sargeant|Sargeant, Roy]], Director
[[Sarile|Sarile]] (a.k.a. [[Kreli]])
[[Ros Sarkin|Sarkin, Ros]]
[[S.C. Satyo|Satyo, S.C.]]
[[N. Saule|Saule, N.]]
[[Eben Sauls|Sauls, Eben]]
[[Madge Saunders|Saunders, Madge]]
[[Patricia Saunders|Saunders, Patricia]]
[[Walter Saunders|Saunders, Walter]]
[[Russel Savadier|Savadier, Russel]]
[[Paul Savage|Savage, Paul]]
[[Kiki Savidjian|Savidjian, Kiki]]
[[Yvon Saxby|Saxby, Yvon]]
[[David Scase|Scase, David]]
[[Leonard Schach|Schach, Leonard]]
[[Jürgen Schadeberg|Schadeberg, Jürgen]]
[[David Schalkwyk|Schalkwyk, David]]
[[Shalaine Schamrel|Schamrel, Shalaine]]
[[Anthony Schardy|Schardy, Anthony]]
[[Leon Schauder|Schauder, Leon]]
[[Dennis Schauffer|Schauffer, Dennis]]
[[Richard Schechner|Schechner, Richard]]
[[Mario Schiess|Schiess, Mario]]
[[Bryan Schimmel|Schimmel, Bryan]]
[[A.E. Schlengemann|Schlengemann, A.E.]]
[[I.W. Schlesinger|Schlesinger, I.W.]]
[[Isadore William Schlesinger|Schlesinger, Isadore William]] See '''[[I.W. Schlesinger]]'''
[[Minky Schlessinger|Schlesinger, Minky]]
[[Gaetan Schmid|Schmid, Gaetan]]
[[Gina Schmukler|Schmukler, Gina]]
[[Selwyn Schneider|Schneider, Selwyn]]
[[Minna Schneier|Schneier, Minna]]
[[Karel Schoeman|Schoeman, Karel]]
[[Maria Schoeman|Schoeman, Maria]]
[[A. Schofield|Schofield, A.]] Actor and singer (c1823-28)
[[André Scholtz|Scholtz, André]]
[[Anton Scholtz|Scholtz, Anton]]
[[Christa Scholtz|Scholtz, Christa]]
[[H. van der Merwe Scholtz|Scholtz, H. van der Merwe]]
[[J. Scholtz|Scholtz, J.]]
[[Jan Scholtz|Scholtz, Jan]]
[[J. Du P. Scholtz|Scholtz, J. Du P.]]
[[Merwe Scholtz|Scholtz, Merwe]]
[[Pieter Scholtz|Scholtz, Pieter]] see [[Pieter Jacobus Hendrik Scholtz|Scholtz, Pieter Jacobus Hendrik]]
[[Pieter Jacobus Hendrik Scholtz|Scholtz, Pieter Jacobus Hendrik]]
[[Tony Scholtz|Scholtz, Tony]]
[[P.C. Schonegevel|Schonegevel, P.C.]] Translator, (c1815) ,
[[Schalk Schoombie|Schoombie, Schalk]]
[[Gerrit Schoonhoven|Schoonhoven, Gerrit]]
[[Milton Schorr|Schorr, Milton]]
[[Tina Schouw|Schouw, Tina]]
[[Olive Schreiner|Schreiner, Olive]]
[[B. Schultz|Schultz, B.]], music and dance teacher (circa 1819)
[[Prism Schultz|Schultz, Prism]]
[[Waldemar Schultz|Schultz, Waldemar]]
[[P.W.S. Schumann|Schumann, P.W.S.]]
[[Gerald Schuster|Schuster, Gerald]]
[[Jan Schutte|Schutte, Jan]]
[[Marie Schutte|Schutte, Marie]]
[[H.J. Schutte|Schutte, H.J.]]
[[Astrid Schuler|Schuler, Astrid]]
[[Astrid Schwenke|Schwenke, Astrid]]
[[E. Schwartz|Schwartz, E.]]
[[John Schwartz|Schwartz, John]]
[[Maurice Schwartz|Schwartz, Maurice]]
[[Pat Schwartz|Schwartz, Pat]]
[[S. Schwartz|Schwartz, S.]]
[[Stephen Schwartz|Schwartz, Stephen]]
[[Jo Schweitzer|Schweitzer, Jo]]
[[Astrid Schwenke|Schwenke, Astrid]]
[[Rose Scorgie|Scorgie, Rose]]
[[Clive Scott|Scott, Clive]]
[[Graham Scott|Scott, Graham]]
[[Joko Scott|Scott, Joko]]
[[Lynne Scott|Scott, Lynne]]
[[Margaretta Scott|Scott, Margaretta]]
[[Michele Scott|Scott, Michele]]
[[Richard I. Scott|Scott, Richard I.]]
[[Terry Scott|Scott, Terry]]
[[Marloe Scott-Wilson|Scott-Wilson, Marloe]]
[[Gonzalez Scout|Scout, Gonzalez]]
[[William Charles Scully|Scully, William Charles]]
[[Christopher Seabrooke|Seabrooke, Christopher]]
[[Warona Seane|Seane, Warona]]
[[Luscombe Searelle|Searelle, Luscombe]]
[[Tshamano Sebe|Sebe, Tshamano]]
[[Louis Sebeko|Sebeko,  Louis]]
[[Jeffrey Sebogodi|Sebogodi, Jeffrey]]
[[Louis Seboko|Seboko, Louis]]
[[Seputla Sebogodi|Sebogodi, Seputla]]
[[Sello Sebotsane|Sebotsane, Sello]]
[[S. Sefatsa|Sefatsa, S.]]
[[Molly Seftel|Seftel, Molly]]
[[Walter Segers|Segers, Walter]]
[[F.M. Segwe|Segwe, F.M.]]
[[Owen Sejake|Sejake, Owen]]
[[D.M.G. Sekeleko|Sekeleko, D.M.G.]]
[[Aubrey Sekese|Sekese, Aubrey]]
[[Azariele M. Sekese|Sekese, Azariele, M.]]
[[Aubrey Sekhabi|Sekhabi, Aubrey]]
[[Tonia Selley|Selley, Tonia]]
[[Robert Semple|Semple, Robert]], Explorer and travel writer, in the Cape 1802-1805.
[[Ashleigh Sendin|Sendin, Ashleigh]]
[[Rika Sennett|Sennett, Rika]]
[[Wilfred Sentso|Sentso, Wilfred]]
[[Sipho Sydney James Sepamla|Sepamla, Sipho Sydney James]]
[[Felton September|September, Felton]]
[[Richard September|September, Richard]]
[[Peter Se-Puma|Se-Puma, Peter]]
[[Roy Sergeant|Sergeant, Roy]], Director  See [[Roy Sargeant|Sargeant, Roy]]
[[Serieus]] Anti-theatrical campaigner, 1825.
[[Mongane Wally Serote|Serote, Mongane Wally]]
[[M.S. Serudu|Serudu, M.S.]]
[[Sonnyboy Setlhako|Setlhako, Sonnyboy]]
[[Maralyn Settie|Settie, Maralyn]]
[[Rex Sevenoaks|Sevenoaks, Rex]]
[[Signor Severo|Severo, Signor]]
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[[W. Arthur Sewell|Sewell, W.Arthur]]
[[Dedanizizwe Shabalala|Shabalala, Dedanizizwe]]
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[[Joseph Shabalala|Shabalala, Joseph]]
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[[Peter Shaffer|Shaffer, Peter]]
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[[Shah Barrie|Shah, Barrie]]
[[Krishna Shah|Shah, Krishna]]
[[Patrick Shai|Shai, Patrick]]
[[William Shakespeare|Shakespeare, William]]
[[Colin Shamley|Shamley, Colin]]
[[Terrence Shank|Shank, Terrence]]
[[Colin Shapiro|Shapiro, Colin]]
[[Fraida Shapiro|Shapiro, Fraida]]
[[Shapiro Jeff|Shapiro, Jeff]]
[[Anthony Sharp|Sharp, Anthony]]
[[Fred Sharp|Sharp, Fred]]
[[Marikie Sharpe|Sharpe, Marikie]]
[[George Bernard Shaw|Shaw, George Bernard]]
[[Harold M. Shaw|Shaw, Harold M.]]
[[Mr Shaw|Shaw, Mr]]
[[Frank Shelley|Shelley, Frank]]
[[Anne Shelton|Shelton, Anne]]
[[Iris Shelton|Shelton, Iris]]
[[Ronnie Shelton|Shelton, Ronnie]]
[[Isaiah Shembe|Shembe, Isaiah]]
[[Lee-Ann Shepherd|Shepherd, Lee-Ann]]
[[R.W.H. Shepherd|Shepherd, R.W.H.]]
[[Suzanne Shepherd|Shepherd, Suzanne]]
[[Melanie-Ann Sher|Sher, Melanie-Ann]]
[[Thomas Sheridan|Sheridan, Thomas]], Capt.
[[David Sherwood|Sherwood, David]]
[[Antony Sher|Sher, Antony]]
[[Melanie-Ann Sher|Sher, Melanie-Ann]] SEE ALSO [[Melanie-Anne Asher|Asher, Melanie-Anne]]
[[Allen Sherman|Sherman, Allen]]
[[Jessica Sherman|Sherman, Jessica]]
[[Ned Sherrin|Sherrin, Ned]]
[[Grace Sherwin|Sherwin, Grace]]
[[Jonathan Sherwood|Sherwood, Jonathan]]
[[Mthuli Shezi|Shezi, Mthuli]]
[[Stephanie Shiller|Shiller, Stephanie]]
[[S.D. Shingwenyana|Shingwenyana, S.D.]]
[[Gina Shmukler|Shmukler, Gina]]
[[Karen Shmukler|Shmukler, Karen]]
[[Lynsey Shmukler|Shmukler, Lynsey]]
[[Mathew Shum|Shum, Mathew]]
[[Seth Sibanda|Sibanda, Seth]]
[[Gladys Sibisa|Sibisa, Gladys]]
[[M.L. Sibisi|Sibisi, M.L.]]
[[Adrienne Sichel|Sichel, Adrienne]]
[[John Sichel|Sichel, John]]
[[Don Siebritz|Siebritz, Don]]
[[Percy Sieff|Sieff, Percy]]
[[Harry Siegenberg|Siegenberg, Harry]]
[[E.A. Siegruhn|Siegruhn, E.A.]] Miss
[[Doris Sihula|Sihula, Doris]]
[[Thami Sikhosana|Sikhosana, Thami]]
[[L.Z. Sikwane|Sikwane, L.Z.]]
[[Jorda Silva|Silva, Joda]]
[[Dawn Silver|Silver, Dawn]] See [[Dawn Lindberg|Lindberg, Dawn]]
[[Hamilton Mahonga Silwane|Silwane, Hamilton Mahonga]]
[[Nikolas Simmonds|Simmonds, Nikolas]]
[[Barney Simon|Simon, Barney]]
[[John Simons|Simons, John]]
[[Penny Simpson|Simpson, Penny]]
[[Doris Simula|Simula, Doris]]
[[Barry Sinclair|Sinclair, Barry]]
[[Jennifer Sinclair-David|Sinclair-David, Jennifer]]
[[Margaret Singana|Singana, Margaret]]
[[Campbell Singer|Singer, Campbell]]
[[Jacqui Singer|Singer, Jacqui]]
[[Anant Singh|Singh, Anant]]
[[Guybon B. Sinxho|Sinxho, Guybon B.]]
[[Nqobile Sipampla|Sipampla, Nqobile]]
[[S.D. Siphambo|Siphambo, S.D.]]
[[L.K. Siwisa|Siwisa, L.K.]]
[[Paul H. Skawran|Skawran, Paul H.]]
[[Tiny Skefile|Skefile, Tiny]]
[[Skikne|Skikne]] See [[Laurence Harvey|Harvey, Laurence]]
[[Joseph G. Skittrell|Skittrell, Joseph G.]]
[[Sue Sklair|Sklair, Sue]]
[[Ranza Skordis|Skordis, Ranza]]
[[Prince Skosana|Skosana, Prince]]
[[Zak Skweyiya|Skweyiya, Zak]]
[[Hennie Slabbert|Slabbert, Hennie]]
[[Jimmy Slabbert|Slabbert, Jimmy]]
[[Paul Slabolepszy|Slabolepszy, Paul]]
[[Donald Sleman|Sleman, Donald]]
[[John Slemon|Slemon, John]]
[[Bertha Slosberg|Slosberg, Bertha]]
[[Dean Slotar|Slotar, Dean]]
[[Sam Sly|Sly, Sam]] Pseudonym of [[William Layton Sammons|Sammons, William Layton]]
[[Danie Smal|Smal, Danie]]
[[Jan Smalberg|Smalberg, Jan]]
[[Jan Smalberger|Smalberger, Jan]]
[[Bill Smale|Smale, Bill]]
[[Adam Small|Small, Adam]]
[[Ron Smerczak|Smerczak, Ron]]
[[Gaëtan Schmid|Schmid, Gaëtan]]
[[Finch Smiles|Smiles, Finch]] See [[F. Finch Smiles]]
[[Bartho Smit|Smit, Bartho]]
[[Hennie Smit|Smit, Hennie]]
[[Kosie Smit|Smit, Kosie]]
[[Patti Smit|Smit, Patti]]
[[Walter Smit|Smit, Walter]]
[[Denis Smith|Smith, Denis]]
[[Elsa Smith|Smith, Elsa]]
[[Eric Smith|Smith, Eric]]
[[Francois Smith|Smith, Francois]]
[[Iain Winter|Smith, Iain]]
[[Jaci Smith|Smith, Jaci]]
[[John Smith|Smith, John]]
[[Julian Smith|Smith, Julian]]
[[Ken Smith|Smith, Ken]]
[[Kevin Smith|Smith, Kevin]]
[[Leonard Smith|Smith, Leonard]]
[[Lourens Smith|Smith,  Lourens]]
[[Mrs Smith|Smith, Mrs]]
[[P. Smith|Smith, P.]]
[[Pauline Smith|Smith, Pauline]]
[[Robin Smith|Smith, Robin]]
[[William Smith|Smith, William]]
[[Gina Smukler|Smukler, Gina]]
[[Karen Smukler|Smukler, Karen]]
[[Lynsey Smukler|Smukler, Lynsey]]
[[Anton Smuts|Smuts, Anton]]
[[Daan Smuts|Smuts, Daan]]
[[J.P. Smuts|Smuts, J.P.]]
[[Septimus Smuts|Smuts, Septimus]]
[[Robert S. Smythe|Smythe, Robert S.]]
[[Elizabeth Sneddon|Sneddon, Elizabeth]]
[[Mr Snibbley|Snibbley, Mr]]
[[Peter Snyders|Snyders, Peter]]
[[Albert Snyman|Snyman, Albert]]
[[Dana Snyman|Snyman, Dana]]
[[Gerrie Snyman|Snyman, Gerrie]]
[[Wilna Snyman|Snyman, Wilna]]
[[Maggie Soboil|Soboil, Maggie]]
[[Rolf Solberg|Solberg, Rolf]]
[[L.L. de G. Solms|Solms, L.L. de G.]]
[[Caryn Solomon|Solomon, Caryn]]
[[Elsie Solomon|Solomon, Elsie]]
[[Ivan Solomons|Solomons, Ivan]]
[[Julie Anne Solomon|Solomon, Julie Anne]]
[[Lilian Solomons|Solomons, Lilian]]
[[Vivian Solomons|Solomons, Vivian]]
[[Dr Edmund Somers|Somers, Dr Edmund]]
[[Dr Somers|Somers, Dr]]. See '''[[Dr Edmund Somers]]'''
[[Mrs. Somers|Somers, Mrs.]]
[[Mrs Somers|Somers, Mrs]]
[[Lord Charles Henry Somerset|Somerset, Lord Charles Henry]]
[[Zwelinzima Somyali|Somyali, Zwelinzima]]
[[Cecilia Sonnenberg|Sonnenberg, Cecilia]]
[[Ernest Sonnenberg|Sonnenberg, Ernest]]
[[Enoch Sontanga|Sontanga, Enoch]]
[[Mignon Sorel|Sorel, Mignon]]
[[Natasha Soundiades|Soundiades, Natasha]]
[[Edward Soutien|Soutien, Edward]]
[[Dora Sowden|Sowden, Dora]]
[[Lewis Sowden|Sowden, Lewis]]
[[Wole Soyinka|Soyinka, Wole]]
[[Hannes Spangenberg|Spangenberg, Hannes]]
[[Scott Sparrow|Sparrow, Scott]]
[[Lee Sparrow-Hawk|Sparrow-Hawk, Lee]]
[[Len Sparrow-Hawk|Sparrow-Hawk, Len]]
[[Joy Stewart Spence|Spence, Joy Stewart]]
[[Paul Spence|Spence, Paul]]
[[Diane Spencer-Scarr|Spencer-Scarr, Diane]]
[[Carlo Spetto|Spetto, Carlo]]
[[C. Spolander|Spolander, C.]]
[[Charles Spolander|Spolander, Charles]]
[[Jean St Clair|St Clair, Jean]]
[[Tom St Clair-Laing|St Clair-Laing, Tom]]
[[St. George|St. George]]
[[Aimee St John|St John, Aimee]]
[[Mr St John|St John, Mr]] (c1825)
[[Cas St Leger|St Leger, Cas]]
[[Frederick York St Leger|St Leger, Frederick York]]
[[J.H. Bernardin de St Pierre|St Pierre, J.H. Bernardin de]] See [[J.H. Bernardin]]
[[H. De Vere Stacpoole|Stacpoole, H. De Vere]]
[[Frank Staff|Staff, Frank]]
[[Roland Stafford|Stafford, Roland]]
[[Colin Stamp|Stamp, Colin]]
[[Cornelia Stander|Stander, Cornelia]]
[[Lindie Stander|Stander, Lindie]]
[[Errol Stanley|Stanley, Errol]]
[[Sheena Stannard|Stannard, Sheena]]
[[Mr Stapleton|Stapleton, Mr]]
[[Friedrich Starck|Starck, Friedrich]]
[[Ulrich Starck|Starck, Ulrich]]
[[Liz Staunton|Staunton, Liz]]
[[Marjorie Wyatt Stayt|Stayt, Marjorie Wyatt]]
[[Jenny Stead|Stead, Jenny]]
[[Rinie Stead|Stead, Rinie]]
[[Ian Steadman|Steadman, Ian]]
[[Chris Steenkamp|Steenkamp, Chris]]
[[Jeanne Steenkamp|Steenkamp, Jeanne]]
[[Louis Steenkamp|Steenkamp, Louis]]
[[Porteus-Xandau Steenkamp|Steenkamp, Porteus-Xandau]]
[[M.J. Steensma|Steensma, M.J.]]
[[Edwin Steffe|Steffe, Edwin]]
[[J. Stegman|Stegman, J,]] See '''[[J. Stegmann]]'''
[[Fritz Stegmann|Stegmann, Fritz]]
[[J. Stegmann|Stegmann, J.]]
[[Marie Stegmann|Stegmann, Marie]]
[[Craig Stein|Stein, Craig]]
[[Philip Stein|Stein, Philip]]
[[Russel Stein|Stein, Russel]]
[[Carol Steinberg|Steinberg, Carol]]
[[Lionel B. Stent|Stent, Lionel B.]]
[[Vere Stent|Stent, Vere]]
[[Irene Stephanou|Stephanou, Irene]]
[[Robert Stephens|Stephens, Robert]]
[[Bertie Stern|Stern, Bertie]]
[[Sam Stern | Stern, Sam]]
[[Leslie Sterry|Sterry, Leslie]]
[[Fran Stevens|Stevens, Fran]]
[[Harry Stevens|Stevens, Harry]]
[[Ronnie Stevens|Stevens, Ronnie]]
[[Dyllis Stevenson|Stevenson, Dyllis]]
[[Nigel Stevenson|Stevenson, Nigel]]
[[Peter Stevenson|Stevenson, Peter]]
[[Deon Stewardson|Stewardson, Deon]]
[[Joe Stewardson|Stewardson, Joe]]
[[Jobie Stewart|Stewart, Jobie]]
[[S. Stewart|Stewart, S.]]
[[Joy Stewart Spence|Stewart Spence, Joy]]
[[Annelize Steyn|Steyn, Annelize]]
[[Carolyn Steyn|Steyn, Carolyn]]
[[Carolyn Barkhuizen Steyn|Steyn, Carolyn Barkhuizen]]
[[Christa Steyn|Steyn, Christa]]
[[F.S. Steyn|Steyn, F.S.]]
[[Jennifer Steyn|Steyn, Jennifer]]
[[Kate Steyn|Steyn, Kate]]
[[Malan Steyn|Steyn, Malan]]
[[Riana Steyn|Steyn, Riana]]
[[Rina Steyn|Steyn, Rina]] See [[Rina La Grange|La Grange, Rina]]
[[R. Steynberg|Steynberg, R.]] See also [[M.C.E. Lindeque|Lindeque, M.C.E.]]
[[Herman Steytler|Steytler, Herman]]
[[Klaas Steytler|Steytler, Klaas]]
[[Nico C. Steytler|Steytler, Nico C.]]
[[J. Stigling|Stigling, J.]]
[[J. Stiglingh|Stiglingh, J.]] See '''[[J. Stigling]]'''
[[Beni Stilborg|Stilborg, Beni]]
[[Eugene Stoch|Stoch, Eugene]]
[[Denise Stock|Stock, Denise]]
[[Wilma Stockenström|Stockenström, Wilma]]
[[Helena Stockigt|Stockigt, Helena]]
[[Martina Stockl|Stockl, Martina]]
[[Noel Stockton|Stockton, Noel]]
[[Alfred Henry Stodel|Stodel, Alfred Henry]]
[[Charles Stodel|Stodel, Charles]]
[[Harry Stodel|Stodel, Harry]]
[[Jack Stodel|Stodel, Jack]]
[[Jim Stodel|Stodel, Jim]]
[[Royston Stoffels|Stoffels, Royston]]
[[Flora Stohr|Stohr, Flora]]
[[André Stoltz|Stoltz, André]]
[[Dirk Stoltz|Stoltz, Dirk]]
[[W. Stolz|Stolz, W.]]
[[Clare Stopford|Stopford, Clare]]
[[Jerry Stovin|Stovin, Jerry]]
[[Alexa Strachan|Strachan, Alexa]]
[[Alexander Strachan|Strachan, Alexander]]
[[Ann Stradi|Stradi, Ann]]
[[Captain Straton|Straton, Captain]]
[[Koos Strauss|Strauss, Koos]]
[[Michael Strauss|Strauss, Michael]]
[[Mr Strawbenzee|Strawbenzee, Mr]]
[[Ann Strimling|Strimling, Ann]]
[[Isaac Strombom|Strombom, Isaac]]
[[Pauline Stroud|Stroud, Pauline]]
[[Amanda Strydom|Strydom, Amanda]]
[[At Strydom|Strydom, At]]
[[Barry Strydom|Strydom, Barry]]
[[Hans Strydom|Strydom, Hans]]
[[Justin Strydom|Strydom, Justin]]
[[Eve Stuart|Stuart, Eve]]
[[Mr Stuart|Stuart, Mr]]
[[Fiona Stuart-White|Stuart-White, Fiona]]
[[M.J. Stucki|Stucki, M.J.]]
[[Marion Studholme|Studholme, Marion]]
[[Renate Stuurman|Stuurman, Renate]]
[[John L. Styan|Styan, John L.]]
[[Paula Styger|Styger, Paula]]
[[Edmund Summers|Summers, Edmund]]
[[Viki Summers|Summers, Viki]]
[[Geoffrey Sumner|Sumner, Geoffrey]]
[[Neal Sundstrom|Sundstrom, Neal]]
[[Shaleen Surtee-Richards|Surtee-Richards, Shaleen]] See [[Surtie-Richards|Surtie-Richards]]
[[Geoffrey Sutherland|Sutherland, Geoffrey]]
[[Natasha Sutherland|Sutherland, Natasha]]
[[S.D.R. Sutu-Mthimkulu|Sutu-Mthimkulu, S.D.R.]]
[[Janet Suzman|Suzman, Janet]]
[[Joseph Swain|Swain, Joseph]]  See [[Joe Barber|Barber, Joe]]
[[Grant Swanby|Swanby, Grant]]
[[Chris Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Chris]]
[[Derik Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Derik]]
[[Franci Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Franci]]
[[Jacobus Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Jacobus]]
[[Jan Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Jan]]
[[Jannie Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Jannie]]
[[Juanita Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Juanita]]
[[Nic Swanepoel|Swanepoel, Nic]]
[[Donald Swanson|Swanson, Donald]]
[[Alwyn Swart|Swart, Alwyn]]
[[Charles Robbe Swart|Swart, Charles Robbe]]
[[Chris Swart|Swart, Chris]]
[[Francois Swart|Swart, Francois]]
[[Glenn Swart|Swart, Glenn]]
[[Nina Swart|Swart, Nina]]
[[Rufus Swart|Swart, Rufus]]
[[André Swartz|Swartz, André]]
[[Arthur Swemmer|Swemmer, Arthur]]
[[Alan Swerdlow|Swerdlow, Alan]]
[[Jan Swiegers|Swiegers, Jan]]
[[Simon Swindell|Swindell, Simon]]
[[Michael Swinton|Swinton, Michael]]
[[Eric Sykes|Sykes, Eric]]
[[Alyce Sylva|Sylva, Alyce]]
[[Brenda Sylvester|Sylvester, Brenda]]
[[Ivan Sylvester|Sylvester, Ivan]]
[[Vari Sylvester|Sylvester, Vari]]
[[William Sylvester|Sylvester, William]]
[[Sarah Sylvia|Sylvia, Sarah]]
[[Duarte Sylwain|Sylwain, Duarte]]
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