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[[Mary Peach|Peach, Mary]]
[[Katherin Peacock|Peacock, Katherine]]
[[Tim Peacock|Peacock, Tim]]
[[Bladon Peake|Peake, Bladon]]
[[Adrienne Pearce|Pearce, Adrienne]]
[[Audrey Pearce|Pearce, Audrey]]
[[Robert Pearce|Pearce, Robert]]
[[J. Pears|Pears, J.]] (Reverend)
[[Ellis Pearson|Pearson, Ellis]]
[[Roland Pead|Pead, Roland]]
[[Axel Pedersen|Pedersen, Axel]] see [[Axel Peterson|Peterson, Axel]]
[[Ruth Peffers|Peffers,  Ruth]]
[[David Peimer|Peimer, David]]
[[Emma Peirson|Peirson, Emma]]
[[Aviva Pelham|Pelham, Aviva]]
[[Rev. J.M. Pellisier|Pellisier, Rev. J.M.]]
[[Henri Pellissier|Pellissier, Henri]] see [[S.H. Pellissier|Pellissier, S.H.]]
[[S.H. Pellissier|Pellissier, S.H.]]
[[Andre Pelser|Pelser, Andre]]
[[Yve Pelse|Pelser, Yve]]
[[George Pemba|Pemba, George]]
[[Richard Penn|Penn, Richard]]
[[Jervis Pennington|Pennington, Jervis]]
[[M. Pentz|Pentz, M.]] (1820s)
[[Marie Pentz|Pentz, Marie]]
[[Samantha Peo|Peo, Samantha]]
[[Douglas Percival|Percival, Douglas]]
[[Ray Perkel|Perkel, Ray]]
[[Frank Perkins|Perkins, Frank]]
[[Max Perlman|Perlman, Max]]
[[Jan M. Perold|Perold, Jan M.]]
[[Ernest Perreira|Perreira, Ernest]]
[[Elaine Perry|Perry, Elaine]]
[[Jimmy Earl Perry|Perry, Jimmy Earl]]
[[Michael Perry|Perry, Michael]]
[[Pamela Perry|Perry, Pamela]]
[[Ben Persad|Persad, Ben]]
[[Sven Persson|Persson, Sven]]
[[Michael Pertwee|Pertwee, Michael]]
[[Vanessa Perumal|Perumal, Vanessa]]
[[Dorothy Peters|Peters, Dorothy]]
[[Lilian Peters|Peters, Lilian]]
[[Smiley Peters|Peters, Smiley]]
[[Alex Petersen|Petersen, Alex]]
[[Arthur Petersen|Petersen, Arthur]]
[[Bo Petersen|Petersen, Bo]]
[[Holger Petersen|Petersen, Holger]]
[[J.L. Petersen|Petersen, J.L.]]
Petersen, Mr '''See [[J.L. Petersen]]'''
[[Patrick Petersen|Petersen, Patrick]]
[[Taliep Petersen|Petersen, Taliep]]
[[Axel Peterson|Peterson, Axel]] see ? [[Axel Pedersen|Pedersen, Axel]]
[[Bhekizizwe Peterson|Peterson, Bhekizizwe]]
[[Oscar Peterson|Peterson, Oscar]]
[[Jo-Ann Pezarro|Pezarro, Jo-Ann]]
[[Miss Peverill|Peverill, Miss]]
[[Mr Peverill|Peverill, Mr]]
[[Isaac Pfaff|Pfaff, Isaac]] see [[Paul Roubaix|Roubaix, Paul]]
[[Isaac Pfaff|Pfaff, Isaac]] see [[Paul Roubaix|Roubaix, Paul]]

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Pfaff, Isaac see Roubaix, Paul

Pfaff, Juanita

Pfaff, Oscar

Phala, Phala Ookeditse

Phango, Peggy

Pharo, Sherman

Phatudi, Cedric Namedi Makepeace

Phatudi, C.N. see Phatudi, Cedric Namedi Makepeace

Phatudi, N.C. see Phatudi, Cedric Namedi Makepeace

Pheiffer, Andrew

Pheiffer, Roy

Pheto, Molefe

Phetoe, David

Philander, Freddie

Frederick B. Philander

Philander, Silamour

Philander, Soli see Philander, Silamour

Philander, Solly See Philander, Silamour

Philip, David

Philip, Valerie

Philip, William

Philips, Leslie

Phillips, Kimber "Tubby"

Phillips, Reverend Ray

Phillips, Reverend Ray E.

Philips, Rodney

Phillips, Sam

Phillips, Sue

Philmore, Percy

Phylis, Carol

Picardie, Michael

Piccolo, Peter

Pichanick, Jenny

Pickering, Jacqui

Pickering, Peter

Pienaar, Andries A.

Pienaar, Antoinette

Pienaar, Dollie

Pienaar, Etienne

Pienaar, E.C.

Pienaar, Harriet

Pienaar, H.

Pienaar, Hans

Pienaar, Isabel

Pienaar, Jonathan

Pienaar, Leoni see Pienaar, Leonie

Pienaar, Leonie

Pienaar, Léonie

Pienaar, Rod see Pienaar, Rodney

Pienaar, Rodney see Pienaar, Rod

Pienaar, Samantha

Pienaar, Trix

Pienaar, W.J.

Pienaar, W.J.B.

Pienaar-De Klerk, Hélène

Pierneef, J.H.

Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik

Pierotti, Sandro

Pieterse, André

Pieterse, Cosmo

Pieterse, Henning

Pieterse, Philo

Pieterse, Sasha

Pietersen, Kim

Pietersen, Louis

Pike, Adam?*

Pike, Midge

Pike, Nicholas

Pillai, Charles

Pillai, Pat

Pillay, Ansurie

Pillay, Kriben see Pillay, Kribendiren

Pillay, Kribendiren

Pillemer, Steven

Pilgram, Melanie

Pinchuk, I.

Pine, Mr

Pinter, Karoly

Pinto, Gabriella

Pirchner, Otto

Pisanello, Gianna

Pithey, Wensley

Piton, J.J.

Pitt, Billy See Pitt, W.

Pitt, Dr.

Pitt, Margo

Pitt, W.

Plaat, Jan See Plaat-Stultjes, Jean

Plaatje, Solomon Tshekiso

Plaatje, Sol T. see Plaatje, Solomon Tshekiso

Plaatjie, Nwabisa

Plaat-Stultjes, Jean

Playfair, Elliot

Plewman, Tim

Plotz, Greg

Pohl, Anna

Pohl, Gustav

Pohl Fabio, Gustav See Gustav Pohl

Pohl, Jan

Pohl, P.H.C.

Pohl, Snaps

Pohl, Truida See Louw, Truida

Poho, Dan

Pollecut, Brendan

Pollecutt, Brendan

Pollecutt, Dave

Pollecutt, David

Pols, Martin

Pomp, Mr

Poo, Aubrey

Pooe, Jerry Mpho

Pool, Alan

Poole, David

Poole, S. F.

Poole, Tanya

Poortemans, Mr (Referred to as "Den Heer Poortemans" in Dutch)

Pople, Laetitia

Pople, Walter

Porcher, Miss See Miss Borcher.

Post, Guy Bates

Post, Truus

Postma, D.C

Postma, Elma

Postma, Laurika

Postma, Rev. W.

Potgieter, Benn

Potgieter, Charmaine

Potgieter, Dorette

Potgieter, Elma

Potgieter, Elna see Potgieter, Elma

Potgieter, Jane

Potgieter, Leon

Potgieter, Tjaart

Potlaki, Martin

Poulsen, Adrian

Poulson, David

Powell, Grant

Power, Tyrone

Power, Anne

Power, Gavin

Power, J. D.

Powers, P.J

Power, Shelly

Praeg, Leonhard

Preller, Alexis

Preller, Gustav Schoeman

Presant, Sally

Prescott, Lt

Pretorius, Albert

Pretorius, Chris

Pretorius, Emgee

Pretorius, Herman

Pretorius, R.G.

Pretorius, Wessel

Pretorius, Willem

Pretorius, William

Price, Dennis

Price, Don

Priestley, Mr See Mr Priestly

Priestly, Mr

Prigge, Lanon

Prince Ben Alli Kassiem (Circus performer)

Prince, Bill

Prince, Billy

Prince, Christopher

Prince, George

Pringle, John

Pringle, Thomas

Prins, Chris see Prince, Christopher

Prinsloo, Jan

Prinsloo, Sandra

Prior, Alan

Prior, James

Proctor, Elaine

Prophet, Christopher

Proudfoot, Brian

Prowse, Juliet

Prowse, Peter

Puff, Mr

Puren, Etienne

Purkey, Malcolm

Purves, Prof. John

Pusey, Arthur

Pym, Cecil

Pym, Roland

Pyper, Brett

Pyrard, Francois

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