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Begin by clicking on the appropriate section in the sub-list below.  
Begin by clicking on the appropriate section in the sub-list below.  
[[ESAT Personalities P-Pan|P-Pan]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pao-Pax|Pao-Pax]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pb-Pex|Pb-Pex]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pf-Ph|Pf-Ph]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pi-Pix|Pi-Pix]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pj-Pox|Pj-Pox]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pq-Px|Pq-Px]]   
[[ESAT Personalities P-Pan|P-Pan]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pao-Pax|Pao-Pax]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pb-Pez|Pb-Pez]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pf-Ph|Pf-Ph]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pi-Pix|Pi-Pix]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pj-Pox|Pj-Pox]]  |  [[ESAT Personalities Pq-Px|Pq-Px]]   
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Return to [[South African Personalities]]
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[[Isaac Pfaff|Pfaff, Isaac]] see [[Paul Roubaix|Roubaix, Paul]]
[[Juanite Pfaff|Pfaff, Juanita]]
[[Oscar Pfaff|Pfaff, Oscar]]
[[Phala Ookeditse Phala|Phala, Phala Ookeditse]]
[[Peggy Phango|Phango, Peggy]]
[[Sherman Pharo|Pharo, Sherman]]
[[Cedric Namedi Makepeace Phatudi|Phatudi, Cedric Namedi Makepeace]]
[[C.N. Phatudi|Phatudi, C.N.]] see [[Cedric Namedi Makepeace Phatudi|Phatudi, Cedric Namedi Makepeace]]
[[N.C. Phatudi|Phatudi, N.C.]] see [[Cedric Namedi Makepeace Phatudi|Phatudi, Cedric Namedi Makepeace]]
[[Andrew Pheiffer|Pheiffer, Andrew]]
[[Roy Pheiffer|Pheiffer, Roy]]
[[Molefe Pheto|Pheto, Molefe]]
[[David Phetoe|Phetoe, David]]
[[Freddie Philander|Philander, Freddie]]
[[Frederick B. Philander|Frederick B. Philander]]
[[Silamour Philander|Philander, Silamour]]
[[Soli Philander|Philander, Soli]] see [[Silamour Philander|Philander, Silamour]]
[[Solly Philander|Philander, Solly]] See [[Silamour Philander|Philander, Silamour]]
[[David Philip|Philip, David]]
[[Valerie Philip|Philip, Valerie]]
[[William  Philip|Philip, William]]
[[Leslie Philips|Philips, Leslie]]
[[Kimber "Tubby" Phillips|Phillips, Kimber "Tubby"]]
[[Ray Phillips|Phillips, Reverend Ray]]
[[Ray E. Phillips|Phillips, Reverend Ray E.]]
[[Rodney Philips|Philips, Rodney]]
[[Sam Phillips|Phillips, Sam]]
[[Sue Phillips|Phillips, Sue]]
[[Percy Philmore|Philmore, Percy]]
[[Carol Phylis|Phylis, Carol]]
[[Michael Picardie|Picardie, Michael]]
[[Peter Piccolo|Piccolo, Peter]]
[[Jenny Pichanick|Pichanick, Jenny]]
[[Jacqui Pickering|Pickering, Jacqui]]
[[Peter Pickering|Pickering, Peter]]
[[Andries A. Pienaar|Pienaar, Andries A.]]
[[Antoinette Pienaar|Pienaar, Antoinette]]
[[Dollie Pienaar|Pienaar, Dollie]]
[[Etienne Pienaar|Pienaar, Etienne]]
[[E.C. Pienaar|Pienaar, E.C.]]
[[Harriet Pienaar|Pienaar, Harriet]]
[[H. Pienaar|Pienaar, H.]]
[[Hans Pienaar|Pienaar, Hans]]
[[Isabel Pienaar|Pienaar, Isabel]]
[[Jonathan Pienaar|Pienaar, Jonathan]]
[[Leoni Pienaar|Pienaar, Leoni]] see [[Leonie Pienaar|Pienaar, Leonie]]
[[Leonie Pienaar|Pienaar, Leonie]] 
[[Léonie Pienaar|Pienaar, Léonie]]
[[Rod Pienaar|Pienaar, Rod]] see [[Rodney Pienaar|Pienaar, Rodney]]
[[Rodney Pienaar|Pienaar, Rodney]] see [[Rod Pienaar|Pienaar, Rod]]
[[Samantha Pienaar|Pienaar, Samantha]]
[[Trix Pienaar|Pienaar, Trix]]
[[W.J. Pienaar|Pienaar, W.J.]]
[[W.J.B. Pienaar|Pienaar, W.J.B.]]
[[Hélène Pienaar-De Klerk|Pienaar-De Klerk, Hélène]]
[[J.H. Pierneef|Pierneef, J.H.]]
[[Jacob Hendrik Pierneef|Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik]]
[[Sandro Pierotti|Pierotti, Sandro]]
[[André Pieterse|Pieterse, André]]
[[Cosmo Pieterse|Pieterse, Cosmo]]
[[Henning Pieterse|Pieterse, Henning]]
[[Philo Pieterse|Pieterse, Philo]]
[[Sasha Pieterse|Pieterse, Sasha]]
[[Kim Pietersen|Pietersen,  Kim]]
[[Louis Pietersen|Pietersen,  Louis]]
[[Adam Pike|Pike, Adam]]?*
[[Midge Pike|Pike, Midge]]
[[Nicholas Pike|Pike, Nicholas]]
[[Charles Pillai|Pillai, Charles]]
[[Pat Pillai|Pillai, Pat]]
[[Ansurie Pillay|Pillay, Ansurie]]
[[Kriben Pillay|Pillay, Kriben]] see [[Kribendiren Pillay|Pillay, Kribendiren]]
[[Kribendiren Pillay|Pillay, Kribendiren]]
[[Steven Pillemer|Pillemer, Steven]]
[[Melanie Pilgram|Pilgram, Melanie]]
[[I. Pinchuk|Pinchuk, I.]]
[[Mr Pine|Pine, Mr]]
[[Karoly Pinter|Pinter, Karoly]]
[[Gabriella Pinto|Pinto, Gabriella]]
[[Otto Pirchner|Pirchner, Otto]]
[[Gianna Pisanello|Pisanello, Gianna]]
[[Wensley Pithey|Pithey, Wensley]]
[[J.J.Piton|Piton, J.J.]]
[[Billy Pitt|Pitt, Billy]] '''See''' [[W. Pitt|Pitt, W.]]
[[Dr. Pitt|Pitt, Dr.]]
[[Margo Pitt|Pitt, Margo]]
[[W. Pitt|Pitt, W.]]
[[Jan Plaat|Plaat, Jan]] See [[Jean Plaat-Stultjes|Plaat-Stultjes, Jean]]
[[Solomon Tshekiso Plaatje|Plaatje, Solomon Tshekiso]]
[[Sol T. Plaatje|Plaatje, Sol T.]] see [[Solomon Tshekiso Plaatje|Plaatje, Solomon Tshekiso]]
[[Nwabisa Plaatjie|Plaatjie, Nwabisa]]
[[Jean Plaat-Stultjes|Plaat-Stultjes, Jean]]
[[Elliot Playfair|Playfair, Elliot]]
[[Tim Plewman|Plewman, Tim]]
[[Greg Plotz|Plotz, Greg]]
[[Anna Pohl|Pohl, Anna]]
[[Gustav Pohl|Pohl, Gustav]]
[[Gustav Pohl Fabio|Pohl Fabio, Gustav]] '''See [[Gustav Pohl]]'''
[[Jan Pohl|Pohl, Jan]]
[[P.H.C. Pohl|Pohl, P.H.C.]]
[[Snaps Pohl|Pohl, Snaps]]
[[Truida Pohl|Pohl, Truida]] See [[Truida Louw|Louw, Truida]]
[[Dan Poho|Poho, Dan]]
[[Brendan Pollecut|Pollecut, Brendan]]
[[Brendan Pollecutt|Pollecutt, Brendan]]
[[Dave Pollecutt|Pollecutt, Dave]]
[[David Pollecutt|Pollecutt, David]]
[[Martin Pols|Pols, Martin]]
[[Mr Pomp|Pomp, Mr]]
[[Aubrey Poo|Poo, Aubrey]]
[[Jerry Mpho Pooe|Pooe, Jerry Mpho]]
[[Alan Pool|Pool, Alan]]
[[David Poole|Poole, David]]
[[S. F. Poole|Poole, S. F.]]
[[Tanya Poole|Poole, Tanya]]
[[Mr Poortemans|Poortemans, Mr]] (Referred to as "Den Heer Poortemans" in [[Dutch]])
[[Laetitia Pople|Pople, Laetitia]]
[[Walter Pople|Pople, Walter]]
[[Miss Porcher|Porcher, Miss]] '''See [[Miss Borcher]].'''
[[Guy Bates Post|Post, Guy Bates]]
[[Truus Post|Post, Truus]]
[[D.C. Postma|Postma, D.C]]
[[Elma Postma|Postma, Elma]]
[[Laurika Postma|Postma, Laurika]]
[[Rev. W. Postma|Postma, Rev. W.]]
[[Benn Potgieter|Potgieter, Benn]]
[[Charmaine Potgieter|Potgieter, Charmaine]]
[[Dorette Potgieter|Potgieter, Dorette]]
[[Elma Potgieter|Potgieter, Elma]]
[[Elna Potgieter|Potgieter, Elna]] see [[Elma Potgieter|Potgieter, Elma]]
[[Jane Potgieter|Potgieter, Jane]]
[[Leon Potgieter|Potgieter, Leon]]
[[Tjaart Potgieter|Potgieter, Tjaart]]
[[Martin Potlaki|Potlaki, Martin]]
[[Adrian Poulsen|Poulsen, Adrian]]
[[David Poulson|Poulson, David]]
[[Grant Powell|Powell, Grant]]
[[Power Tyrone|Power, Tyrone]]
[[Anne Power|Power, Anne]]
[[Gavin Power|Power, Gavin]]
[[J. D. Power|Power, J. D.]]
[[P.J. Powers|Powers, P.J]]
[[Shelly Power|Power, Shelly]]
[[Leonhard Praeg|Praeg, Leonhard]]
[[Alexis Preller|Preller, Alexis]]
[[Gustav Schoeman Preller|Preller, Gustav Schoeman]]
[[Sally Presant|Presant, Sally]]
[[Lt Prescott|Prescott, Lt]]
[[Albert Pretorius|Pretorius, Albert]]
[[Chris Pretorius|Pretorius, Chris]]
[[Emgee Pretorius|Pretorius, Emgee]]
[[Herman Pretorius|Pretorius, Herman]]
[[R.G. Pretorius|Pretorius, R.G.]]
[[Wessel Pretorius|Pretorius, Wessel]]
[[Willem Pretorius|Pretorius, Willem]]
[[William Pretorius|Pretorius, William]]
[[Dennis Price|Price, Dennis]]
[[Don Price|Price, Don]]
[[Mr Priestley|Priestley, Mr]] See '''[[Mr Priestly]]'''
[[Mr Priestly|Priestly, Mr]]
[[Lanon Prigge|Prigge, Lanon]]
[[Prince Ben Alli Kassiem]] (Circus performer)
[[Bill Prince|Prince, Bill]]
[[Billy Prince|Prince, Billy]]
[[Christopher Prince|Prince, Christopher]]
[[George Prince|Prince, George]]
[[John Pringle|Pringle, John]]
[[Thomas Pringle|Pringle, Thomas]]
[[Chris Prins|Prins, Chris]] see [[Christopher Prince|Prince, Christopher]]
[[Jan Prinsloo|Prinsloo, Jan]]
[[Sandra Prinsloo|Prinsloo, Sandra]]
[[Alan Prior|Prior, Alan]]
[[James Prior|Prior, James]]
[[Elaine Proctor|Proctor, Elaine]]
[[Christopher Prophet|Prophet, Christopher]]
[[Brian Proudfoot|Proudfoot, Brian]]
[[Juliet Prowse|Prowse, Juliet]]
[[Peter Prowse|Prowse, Peter]]
[[Mr Puff|Puff, Mr]]
[[Etienne Puren|Puren, Etienne]]
[[Malcolm Purkey|Purkey, Malcolm]]
[[Prof. John Purves|Purves, Prof. John]]
[[Arthur Pusey | Pusey, Arthur]]
[[Cecil Pym|Pym, Cecil]]
[[Roland Pym|Pym, Roland]]
[[Brett Pyper|Pyper, Brett]]
[[Francois Pyrard|Pyrard, Francois]]
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