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[[Sello Maake|Maake, Sello]] see [[Sello Maake ka Ncube]]
This section has been subdivided to simplify searches. Begin by clicking on the appropriate section in the sub-list below.
[[Kitty Maasdorp| Maasdorp, Kitty]]  
[[ESAT Personalities M-Mal|M-Mal]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mam-Mar|Mam-Mar]] |  [[ESAT Personalities Mas-Mcl|Mas-Mcl]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mcm-Mda|Mcm-Mda]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mde-Mes|Mde-Mes]] | [[ESAT Personalities Met-Miz|Met-Miz]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mja-Moo|Mja-Moo]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mop-Moz|Mop-Moz]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mpa-Mz|Mpa-Mz]]  
[[Reinet Maasdorp|Maasdorp, Reinet]]
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[[Cornelius Mabaso|Mabaso, Cornelius]]
[[ESAT Personalities A|A]] [[ESAT Personalities B|B]] [[ESAT Personalities C|C]] [[ESAT Personalities D|D]] [[ESAT Personalities E|E]] [[ESAT Personalities F|F]] [[ESAT Personalities G|G]] [[ESAT Personalities H|H]] [[ESAT Personalities I|I]] [[ESAT Personalities J|J]] [[ESAT Personalities K|K]] [[ESAT Personalities L|L]] [[ESAT Personalities M|M]] [[ESAT Personalities N|N]] [[ESAT Personalities O|O]] [[ESAT Personalities P|P]] [[ESAT Personalities Q|Q]] [[ESAT Personalities R|R]] [[ESAT Personalities S|S]] [[ESAT Personalities T|T]] [[ESAT Personalities U|U]] [[ESAT Personalities V|V]] [[ESAT Personalities W|W]] [[ESAT Personalities X|X]] [[ESAT Personalities Y|Y]] [[ESAT Personalities Z|Z]]  
[[Lemmy Mabaso|Mabaso, Lemmy]]
[[Thabo Mabe|Mabe, Thabo]]
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[[Maphiki Maboe|Maboe, Maphiki]]
[[Relebogile Mabotja|Mabotja, Relebogile]]
[[Orpheus Macadoo|Macadoo, Orpheus]]
[[Rory Macdermot|Macdermot, Rory]]
[[Heather MacDonald-Rouse|MacDonald-Rouse, Heather]]
[[Duncan Macfarlane|Macfarlane, Duncan]]
[[Olive Macfarlane|Macfarlane, Olive]]
[[Niall Macginnis|Macginnis, Niall]]
[[Jimmy Mackenzie|Mackenzie, Jimmy]]
[[Thomas William Mackenzie|Mackenzie, Thomas William]]
[[Cameron Mackintosh|Mackintosh, Cameron]]
[[Andrew Mackrill|Mackrill, Andrew]]
[[Don Maclennan|Maclennan, Don]]
[[Garalt Macliam|Macliam, Garalt]]
[[Michéal Macliammoír| Macliammoír, Michéal]]
[[Sarah Macnair|Macnair, Sarah]]
[[Francis Ka Macu| Macu, Francis Ka]]
[[Ridgeway Macu|Macu, Ridgeway]]
[[Thobeka Macutyana|Macutyana, Thobeka]]
[[E.S. Madima|Madima, E.S.]]
[[Hlengiwe Madladla|Madladla, Hlengiwe]]
[[Joe Mafela|Mafela, Joe]]
[[S.M. Magagula|Magagula, S.M.]]
[[M.J. Magasa|Magasa, M.J.]]
[[Bongani Magatyana|Magatyana, Bongani]]
[[Patrick Magee|Magee, Patrick]]
[[B. Mageza|Mageza, B.]]
[[Rose Magid|Magid, Rose]]
[[Sindiwe Magona|Magona, Sindiwe]]
[[F. Magqashela|Magqashela, F.]]
[[Peter Magubane|Magubane, Peter]]
[[Barbara Maguire|Maguire, Barbara]]
[[Don Maguire|Maguire, Don]]
[[A.M. Mahamba|Mahamba, A.M.]]
[[A.D. Mahatlane|Mahatlane, A.D.]]
[[I Mahloane|Mahloane, I.]]
[[Ismael Mahomed|Mahomed, Ismael]]
[[Makgale Mahopo|Mahopo, Makgale]]
[[M.L. Maile|Maile, M.L.]]
[[Arthur Maimane|Maimane, Arthur]]
[[Joel Maister|Maister, Joel]]
[[Michael Maister|Maister, Michael]]
[[Nigel Maister|Maister, Nigel]]
[[Susan Majolier|Majolier, Susan]]
[[Kenny Majozi|Majozi, Kenny]]
[[Emily Makana|Makana, Emily]]
[[George Makanya|Makanya, George]]
[[M.M. Makara|Makara, M.M.]]
[[H.I. Make|Make, H.I.]]
[[Louis Make|Make, Louis]]
[[Miriam Makeba|Makeba, Miriam]]
[[M.M. Makgaleng|Makgaleng, M.M.]]
[[M.P. Makgamatha|Makgamatha, M.P.]]
[[P. Makgoana|Makgoana, P.]]
[[M.N. Makhambeni|Makhambeni, M.N.]]
[[Elliot Makhaya|Makhaya, Elliot]]
[[G. Makhaya|Makhaya, G.]]
[[Daniel Ramaloa Makhene|Makhene, Daniel Ramaloa]]
[[Junior Makhoere|Makhoere, Junior]]
[[N.C. Makhuba|Makhuba, N.C.]]
[[William James Makin|Makin, William James]]
[[P. Makubalo|Makubalo, P.]]
[[T.M. Makuya|Makuya, T.M.]]
[[S.P.N. Makwala|Makwala, S.P.N.]]
[[Charles Malan|Malan, Charles]]
[[Danny Malan|Malan, Danny]]
[[Dawid Malan|Malan, Dawid]]
[[Dawie Malan|Malan, Dawie]]
[[Eunice Malan|Malan, Eunice]]
[[Hélène Malan|Malan, Hélène]] 
[[Hope Malan|Malan, Hope]]
[[J.H. Malan|Malan, J.H.]]
[[Jaques Malan|Malan, Jaques]]
[[Pierre Malan|Malan, Pierre]]
[[Robin Malan|Malan, Robin]]
[[J. Malao|Malao, J.]]
[[S.J. Malao|Malao, S.J.]]
[[Roshel Malbin|Malbin, Roshel]]
[[Rochel Malbin|Malbin, Rochel]]
[[Nkoto Malebye|Malebye, Nkoto]]
[[B. Malefane|Malefane, B.]]
[[Pauline Malefane|Malefane, Pauline]]
[[D.F. Malherbe|Malherbe, D.F.]]
[[Francois.E.J. Malherbe|Malherbe, Francois.E.J.]]
[[Fransie Malherbe|Malherbe, Francois.E.J.]]
[[Johan Malherbe|Malherbe, Johan]]
[[Paul Malherbe|Malherbe, Paul]]
[[Simon Malherbe|Malherbe, Simon]]
[[G.A. Malindzisa|Malindzisa, G.A.]]
[[Maloa]] see [[Malao]]
[[L.M. Maloma|Maloma, L.M.]]
[[M.L. Maloma|Maloma, M.L.]]
[[N. Maluleke|Maluleke, N.]]
[[S.A. Mamadi|Mamadi, S.A.]]
[[Lemmy Mambaso|Mambaso, Lemmy]]
[[Lulama Mame|Mame, Lulama]]
[[Matsemela Manaka|Manaka, Matsemela]]
[[Nomsa Manaka|Manaka, Nomsa]]
[[Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela|Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla]]
[[K.T.C. Manganyi|Manganyi, K.T.C.]]
[[Tony Manhire|Manhire, Tony]]
[[Mannie Manim|Manim, Mannie]] see [[Manuel Manim|Manim, Manuel]]
[[Manuel Manim|Manim, Manuel]]
[[Bruce, Mann|Mann, Bruce]]
[[Helen Mann|Mann, Helen]]
[[Marika Mann|Mann, Marika]] See [[Marijke Haakman]]
[[Prof. Mansvelt|Mansvelt, Prof.]]
[[L. Mantanga|Mantanga, L.]]
[[Doreen Mantle|Mantle, Doreen]]
[[Bongile Mantsai|Mantsai, Bongile]]
[[Isak Manual|Manual, Isak]]
[[K.P.D. Maphalla|Maphalla, K.P.D.]]
[[A. Maphiri|Maphiri, A.]]
[[Sishosonke Gideon Maphisa|Maphisa, Gideon Sishosonke]]
[[Eslina Mapisa|Mapisa, Eslina]]
[[Isaiah Maishe Maponya|Maponya, Isaiah Maishe]]
[[Mzwandile Maqina|Maqina, Mzwandile]]
[[Gregory Maqoma|Maqoma, Gregory]]
[[Thobeka Maqutyana|Maqutyana, Thobeka]]
[[Masizole Marafana|Marafana, Masizole]]
[[Anna Marais|Marais, Anna]]
[[C. de Wet Marais|Marais, C. de Wet]]
[[Dani Marais|Marais, Dani]]
[[Drummond Marais|Marais, Drummond]]
[[Eugene Nielen Marais|Marais, Eugene Nielen]]
[[Lynette Marais|Marais, Lynette]]
[[Koos Marais|Marais, Koos]]
[[P. Marais|Marais, P.]]
[[P.J. Marais|Marais, P.J.]]
[[Rolanda Marais|Marais, Rolanda]]
[[Sam Marais|Marais, Sam]]
[[Marcel Marceau|Marceau, Marcel]]
[[Lynne Maree|Maree, Lynne]]
[[Dawie Maritz|Maritz, Dawie]]
[[Zoli Markey|Markey, Zoli]]
[[Solly Marks|Marks, Solly]]
[[Sybil Marks|Marks, Sybil]]
[[Lance Maron|Maron, Lance]]
[[Julie Marshal|Marshal, Julie]]
[[Clare Marshall|Marshall, Clare]]
[[Ken Marshall|Marshall, Ken]]
[[Lynda Marshall|Marshall, Lynda]]
[[Madeleine Masson|Masson, Madeleine]]
[[Michael Maxwell|Maxwell, Michael]]
[[Michele Maxwell|Maxwell, Michele]]
[[Michael Mayer|Mayer, Michael]]
[[Eddie Mcandi|Mcandi, Eddie]]
[[Michael McCabe|McCabe, Michael]]
[[Tom McCarthy|McCarthy, Tom]]
[[Mo McColl|McColl, Mo]]
[[Dan McCorkindale|McCorkindale, Don]]
[[Michael McGovern|McGovern, Michael]]
[[Clark McKay|McKay, Clark]]
[[Trish Mckenna|McKenna, Trish]]
[[Sherrill McKenzi|McKenzi, Sherrill]]
[[Hamilton McLeod|McLeod, Hamilton]]
[[Joy Measures|Measures, Joy]]
[[Tertius Meintjes|Meintjes, Tertius]]
[[Sheila Meiring|Meiring, Sheila]]
[[Victor Melleney|Melleney, Victor]]
[[Beverley Melnick|Melnick, Beverley]]
[[Kelsey Middleton|Middleton, Kelsey]]
[[Erika Miles|Miles, Erika]]
[[Bruce Millar|Millar, Bruce]]
[[Mel Miller|Miller, Mel]]
[[Shelagh Miller|Miller, Shelagh]]
[[Melanie Millin|Millin, Melanie]]
[[Marcelle Mitchell|Mitchell, Marcelle]]
[[Louise Mollett-Prinsloo|Mollett-Prinsloo, Louise]]
[[Ingride Mollison|Mollison, Ingride]]
[[Godfrey Moloi|Moloi, Godfrey]]
[[Maria Rosa Molteno|Molteno, Maria Rosa]]
[[Donald Monat|Monat, Donald]]
[[Rosalind Monat|Monat, Rosalind]]
[[Leslie Mongezi|Mongezi, Leslie]]
[[Bryony Mortimer|Mortimer, Bryony]]
[[Betty Mthombeni|Mthombeni, Betty]]
[[Cati Muller|Muller, Cati]]
[[Ray Myles|Myles, Ray]]
[[Marysia Mynhardt|Mynhardt, Marysia]]
[[Patrick Mynhardt|Mynhardt, Patrick]]
[[Siegfries Mynhardt|Mynhardt, Siegfried]]
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This section has been subdivided to simplify searches. Begin by clicking on the appropriate section in the sub-list below.

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