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This section has been subdivided to simplify searches. Begin by clicking on the appropriate section in the sub-list below.  
This section has been subdivided to simplify searches. Begin by clicking on the appropriate section in the sub-list below.  
[[ESAT Personalities M-Mal|M-Mal]] [[ESAT Personalities Mam-Mar|Mam-Mar]] [[ESAT Personalities Mas-Mcl|Mas-Mcl]] [[ESAT Personalities Mcm-Mda|Mcm-Mda]] [[ESAT Personalities Mde-Mes|Mde-Mes]] [[ESAT Personalities Met-Miz|Met-Miz]] [[ESAT Personalities Mja-Moo|Mja-Moo]] [[ESAT Personalities Mop-Moz|Mop-Moz]] [[ESAT Personalities Mpa-Mz|Mpa-Mz]]  
[[ESAT Personalities M-Mal|M-Mal]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mam-Mar|Mam-Mar]] [[ESAT Personalities Mas-Mcl|Mas-Mcl]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mcm-Mda|Mcm-Mda]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mde-Mes|Mde-Mes]] | [[ESAT Personalities Met-Miz|Met-Miz]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mja-Moo|Mja-Moo]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mop-Moz|Mop-Moz]] | [[ESAT Personalities Mpa-Mz|Mpa-Mz]]  
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To return to any other letter, click on the list below
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[[Anne McMenamin|McMenamin, Anne]] see [[Anne Curteis|Curteis, Anne]]
[[Mervyn McMurtry|McMurtry, Mervyn]]
[[Sarah McNair|McNair, Sarah]]
[[Angus McNeill|McNeill, Angus]]
[[Michael McNeile|McNeile, Michael]]
[[Sean McSweeney|McSweeney, Sean]]
[[Chris McWilliams|McWilliams, Chris]]
[[Zakes Mda|Mda, Zakes]] see [[Zanemvula Lizito Gatyeni Mda|Mda, Zanemvula Lizito Gatyeni]]
[[Zanemvula Lizito Gatyeni Mda|Mda, Zanemvula Lizito Gatyeni]]
[[Kenneth Mdana|Mdana, Kenneth]]
[[Sticks Mdidimba|Mdidimba, Sticks]] see [[Mdidimba|Mdidimba]]
[[B.B. Mdledle|Mdledle, B.B.]]
[[Nathan Mdledle|Mdledle, Nathan]]
[[Kenneth Mdana|Mdana, Kenneth]]
[[Garth Meade|Meade, Garth]]
[[Zane Meas|Meas, Zane]]
[[Joy Measures|Measures, Joy]]
[[Brent Meersman|Meersman, Brent]]
[[Estelle Mehl|Mehl, Estelle]]
[[Thys Meij|Meij, Thys]]
[[Trienie Meij-Louw|Meij-Louw, Trienie]]
[[Sjoerd Meijer|Meijer, Sjoerd]]
[[johannes Meintjies|Meintjies, Johannes]]
[[Johannes Meintjes|Meintjes, Johannes]]
[[Tertius Meintjes|Meintjes, Tertius]]
[[Lida Meiring|Meiring, Lida]]
[[Lizz Meiring|Meiring, Lizz]]
[[Sheila Meiring|Meiring, Sheila]]
[[Shimane Mekgoe|Mekgoe, Shimane]]
[[Victor Melleney|Melleney, Victor]]
[[B. Mellet|Mellet, B.]]
[[Lisa Melman|Melman, Lisa]]
[[Beverley Melnick|Melnick, Beverley]]
[[Greg Melvil|Melvil, Greg]] see [[Greg Melvill-Smith|Melvill-Smith, Greg]]
[[Greg Melvill-Smith|Melvill-Smith, Greg]] see [[Greg Melvil|Melvil, Greg]]
[[Adelaide Mene|Mene, Adelaide]] 
[[Clive Menell|Menell, Clive]]
[[Irene Menell|Menell, Irene]]
[[Jimmy Mentis|Mentis, Jimmy]]
[[Esther Mentz|Mentz, Esther]]
[[L.E. Menze|Menze, L.E.]]
[[Bukiwe Menziwa|Menziwa, Bukiwe]]
[[Jacob Mepomie|Mepomie, Jacob]]
[[Coco Merckel|Merckel, Coco]]
[[Simon Merrick|Merrick, Simon]]
[[W. Merriweather|Merriweather, W.]]
[[Philip Meskin|Meskin, Philip]]
[[Cedric Messina|Messina, Cedric]]
[[Sannie Metelerkamp|Metelerkamp, Sannie]]
[[Sanni Metelerkamp|Metelerkamp, Sanni]] see [[Sannie Metelerkamp|Metelerkamp, Sannie]]
[[T.S. Metsileng|Metsileng, T.S.]]
[[Victor Metsoamere|Metsoamere, Victor]]
[[J.H. Meurant|Meurant, J.H.]]
[[L.H. Meurant|Meurant, L.H.]]
[[Louis Henri Meurant|Meurant, Louis Henri]]
[[Miss L. Meurant|Meurant, Miss L.]]
[[Thys Mey|Mey, Thys]] See [[Thys Meij|Meij, Thys]]
[[Adriaan Meyer|Meyer, Adriaan]]
[[Alta Meyer|Meyer, Alta]]
[[Elizabeth Meyer|Meyer, Elizabeth]]
[[Koos Meyer|Meyer, Koos]]
[[Marcel Meyer|Meyer, Marcel]]
[[Marius Meyer|Meyer, Marius]]
[[Michael Meyer|Meyer, Michael]]
[[P.J. Meyer|Meyer, P.J.]]
[[Piet Meyer|Meyer, Piet]] see [[P.J. Meyer|Meyer, P.J.]]
[[Tommie Meyer|Meyer, Tommie]]
[[William Meyer|Meyer, William]]
[[Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck|Meyer-Rödenbeck, Margit]]
[[Emma-Jane Mezher|Mezher, Emma-Jane]]
[[Sophie Mgcina|Mgcina, Sophie]]
[[H.A. Mhangwane|Mhangwane, H.A.]]
[[Sam Mhangwane|Mhangwane, Sam]]
[[Edmund Mhlongo|Mhlongo, Edmund]]
[[Muzie Mhlongo|Mhlongo, Muzie]] see [[Edmund Mhlongo|Mhlongo, Edmund]]
[[Gcina Mhlope|Mhlope, Gcina]]
[[Ralph Michael|Michael, Ralph]]
[[Sean Cameron Michael|Michael, Sean Cameron]]
[[Costis Michaelides|Michaelides, Costis]].
[[Alby Michaels|Michaels, Alby]]
[[William Michaels|Michaels, William]]
[[Nic Michaletos|Michaletos, Nic]]
[[Andrew Michau|Michau, Andrew]]
[[Eric Micklewood|Micklewood, Eric]]
[[Kelsey Middleton|Middleton, Kelsey]]
[[Bernard Miles|Miles, Bernard]]
[[Erika Miles|Miles, Erika]]
[[Henry Miles|Miles, Henry]]
[[Mr Miles|Miles, Mr]]
[[Bruce Millar|Millar, Bruce]]
[[Mary Millar|Millar, Mary]]
[[Arthur Miller|Miller, Arthur]]
[[Denny Miller|Miller, Denny]]
[[Joyce Miller|Miller, Joyce]]
[[Mel Miller|Miller, Mel]]
[[Mr Miller|Miller, Mr]]
[[Ruth Miller|Miller, Ruth]]
[[Shelagh Miller|Miller, Shelagh]]
[[Valerie Miller|Miller, Valerie]]
[[Spike Milligan|Milligan, Spike]]
[[David Millin|Millin, David]]
[[Melanie Millin|Millin, Melanie]]
[[Peter Millin|Millin, Peter]]
[[Sarah Gertrude Millin|Millin, Sarah Gertrude]]
[[Liz Mills|Mills, Liz]]
[[Pam Mills|Mills, Pam]]
[[Minna Millsten|Millsten, Minna]]
[[N.A. Milubi|Milubi, N.A.]]
[[B. Minnaar|Minnaar, B.]]
[[Dawid Minnaar|Minnaar, Dawid]]
[[Lyn Minnaar|Minnaar, Lyn]]
[[Mareli Minnaar|Minnaar, Mareli]]
[[Melvin Minnaar|Minnaar, Melvin]] (?) see [[Melvyn Minnaar|Minnaar, Melvyn]]
[[Melvyn Minnaar|Minnaar, Melvyn]] (?) see [[Melvin Minnaar|Minnaar, Melvin]]
[[Nico Minnaar|Minnaar, Nico]]
[[Piet Minnaar|Minnaar, Piet]]
[[Anna Minnaar-Vos|Minnaar-Vos, Anna]]
[[Maciek Miszewski|Miszewski, Maciek]]
[[John Mitchell|Mitchell, John]]
[[Marcelle Mitchell|Mitchell, Marcelle]]
[[Mary Mitchell|Mitchell, Mary]].
[[Todd Mitshikiza|Mitshikiza, Todd]]
[[Mayo Miza|Miza, Mayo]] (?) see [[Moya Miza|Miza, Moya]]
[[Moya Miza|Miza, Moya]] (?) see [[Mayo Miza|Miza, Mayo]]
[[Cyril Mjo|Mjo, Cyril]]
[[Margaret Mjo|Mjo, Margaret]]
[[S.S. Mkhatshwa|Mkhatshwa, S.S.]]
[[Zolanie Mkhiva|Mkhiva, Zolani]]
[[Victor Mkhiza|Mkhiza, Victor]] (?) see [[Victor Mkhize|Mkhize, Victor]]
[[Victor Mkhize|Mkhize, Victor]] (?) see [[Victor Mkhiza|Mkhiza, Victor]]
[[S.M. Mkhombe|Mkhombe, S.M.]]
[[Victoria Mkhonidweni|Mkhonidweni, Victoria]]
[[Bheki Mkhwane|Mkhwane, Bheki]]
[[B.B. Mkonto|Mkonto, B.B.]]
[[Mmanabile|Mmanabile]] see [[mmanabile|mmanabile]]
[[A.M. Mmango|Mmango, A.M.]]
[[J.S. Mminele|Mminele, J.S.]]
[[L.L.J. Mncwango|Mncwango, L.L.J.]]
[[G. Mnisi|Mnisi, G.]]
[[Portia Mntuyedwa|Mntuyedwa, Portia]]
[[Nandipha Mnyuka|Mnyuka, Nandipha]]
[[Ignatius Mocke|Mocke, Ignatius]]
[[J.G. Mocoancoeng|Mocoancoeng, J.G.]]
[[Sam Modieginyana|Modieginyana, Sam]]
[[Bloke Modisane|Modisane, Bloke]]  see [[William Modisane|Modisane, William]]
[[William Modisane|Modisane, William]]
[[D.M. Modise|Modise, D.M.]]
[[Kippie Moeketsi|Moeketsi, Kippie]] see [[Morolong Moeketsi|Moeketsi, Morolong]]
[[Morolong Moeketsi|Moeketsi, Morolong]]
[[R.H. Moeketsi|Moeketsi, R.H.]] 
[[Ronnie Moekoena|Moekoena, Ronnie]]
[[Pat Moetapele|Moetapele, Pat]]
[[Patrick Mofkeng|Mofkeng, Patrick]] see [[Patrick Mofokeng|Mofokeng, Patrick]]
[[Jerry Mofokeng|Mofokeng, Jerry]]
[[Patrick Mofokeng|Mofokeng, Patrick]]
[[S.M Mofokeng|Mofokeng, S.M.]]
[[T.M. Mofokeng|Mofokeng, T.M.]]
[[Zakes Mofokeng|Mofokeng, Zakes]]
[[M.S. Mogoba|Mogoba, M.S.]]
[[Joseph Mogotsi|Mogotsi, Joseph]]
[[Ismael Mohamed|Mohamed, Ismael]]
[[J.M. Mohapeloa|Mohapeloa, J.M.]]
[[M.M. Mohapi|Mohapi, M.M.]]
[[S.M.Mohokare|Mohokare, S.M.]]
[[Molly Mohr|Mohr, Molly]]
[[Robert Möhr|Möhr, Robert]]
[[Robert Mohr|Mohr, Robert]]
[[J.J. Moiloa|Moiloa, J.J.]]
[[Zakes Mokae|Mokae, Zakes]]
[[P.H. Mokali|Mokali, P.H.]]
[[Fana Mokoena|Mokoena, Fana]]
[[V.K. Mokoena|Mokoena, V.K.]]
[[Kefuoe Molapo|Molapo, Kefuoe]]
[[Josias Moleele|Moleele, Josias]]
[[L. Molefe|Molefe, L.]]
[[Arthur Molepo|Molepo, Arthur]]
[[Mersyne Mavros Molina|Molina, Mersyne Mavros]]
[[B. Mollan|Mollan, B.]]
[[Louis Moller|Moller, Louis]]
[[Louise Mollett-Prinsloo|Mollett-Prinsloo, Louise]]
[[Clifford Mollison|Mollison, Clifford]]
[[Ingride Mollison|Mollison, Ingride]]
[[Godfrey Moloi|Moloi, Godfrey]]
[[Matshediso Moloi|Moloi, Matshediso]]
[[S.I.E. Moloi|Moloi, S.I.E.]] (?) see [[Moloisie|Moloisie]]
[[S.M. Moloi|Moloi, S.M.]]
[[Stephen Moloi|Moloi, Stephen]]
[[Steve Moloi|Moloi, Steve]] see [[Stephen Moloi|Moloi, Stephen]]
[[Moloisi|Moloisi]] (?) see [[Moloisie|Moloisie]]
[[Willie Moloisi|Moloisi, Willie]]
[[Moloisie|Moloisie]] (?)
[[R.M. Molomo|Molomo, R.M.]]
[[Maria Rosa Molteno|Molteno, Maria Rosa]]
[[Omphile Molusi|Molusi, Omphile]]
[[Hendrik Momberg|Momberg, Hendrik]]
[[E. Monare|Monare, E.]]
[[Donald Monat|Monat, Donald]]
[[Rosalind Monat|Monat, Rosalind]]
[[Roz Monat|Monat, Roz]] see [[Rosalind Monat|Monat, Rosalind]]
[[Leslie Mongezi|Mongezi, Leslie]]
[[Bob Monkhouse|Monkhouse, Bob]]
[[George R. Montford | Montford, George R.]]
[[John Montgomery|Montgomery, John]]
[[D. Moodley|Moodley, D.]]
[[Sam Moodley|Moodley, Sam]] see [[Sumboornam Moodley|Moodley, Sumboornam]]
[[Sumboornam Moodley|Moodley, Sumboornam]]
[[Strinivasa Moodley|Moodley, Strinivasa]]
[[Srini Moodley|Moodley, Srini]] see [[Strinivasa Moodley|Moodley, Strinivasa]]
[[Vivian Moodley|Moodley, Vivian]]
[[George Moolman|Moolman, George]]
[[Jayesperi Moopen|Moopen, Jayesperi]]
[[David Moore|Moore, David]]
[[A. Moorrees|Moorrees, A.]] (?*)
[[Riaad Moosa|Moosa, Riaad]]
[[Peggy Moran|Moran, Peggy]]
[[J. Morgan|Morgan, J.]]
[[Joan Morgan|Morgan, Joan]]
[[Des Morley|Morley, Des]] see [[Desmond Morley|Morley, Desmond]]
[[Desmond Morley|Morley, Desmond]]
[[Edith Morley|Morley, Edith]] see [[Edith Cartwright|Cartwright, Edith]]
[[Fitz Morley|Morley, Fitz]]
[[Fritz Morley|Morley, Fritz]]
[[S.A. Moroke|Moroke, S.A.]]
[[R. Morrell|Morrell, R.]]
[[Craig Morris|Morris, Craig]]
[[Gay Morris|Morris, Gay]]
[[Glen Morris|Morris, Glen]]
[[Libby Morris|Morris, Libby]]
[[Karen Morrish|Morrish, Karen]]
[[Richard Morrison|Morrison, Richard]]
[[Bryony Mortimer|Mortimer, Bryony]]
[[Clare Mortimer|Mortimer, Clare]]
[[David Morton|Morton, David]]
[[Francis Jill Morwenna|Morwenna, Francis Jill]] Pseudonym of [[Jill Fletcher|Fletcher, Jill]]
[[Itumeleng J. Mosala|Mosala, Itumeleng J.]]
[[Johaar Mosaval|Mosaval, Johaar]]
[[Maria Moscholiou|Moscholiou, Maria]]
[[Didi Moses|Moses, Didi]]
[[M.E. Mosese-Raditlali|Mosese-Raditlali, M.E.]]
[[T.M. Moshapela|Moshapela, T.M.]]
[[Nthati Moshesh|Moshesh, Nthati]]
[[Joseph Mosikili|Mosikili, Joseph]]
[[John Moss|Moss, John]]
[[Sam Moss|Moss, Sam]]
[[Dirk J. Mostert|Mostert, Dirk J.]]
[[Dirk Mostert|Mostert, Dirk]] See '''[[Dirk J. Mostert]]'''
[[Job Motaeme|Motaeme, Job]]
[[Nape Motana|Motana, Nape]]
[[Mandla Motau|Motau, Mandla]]
[[H.E. Mothlabane|Mothlabane, H.E.]]
[[Israel Motlhabane|Motlhabane, Israel]]
[[Gladys Mothlale|Mothlale, Gladys]]
[[Stanley Stemera Jimmy Motjuwadi|Motjuwadi, Stanley Stemera Jimmy]]
[[A.M. Motlhaga|Motlhaga, A.M.]]
[[Sello Motloung|Motloung, Sello]]
[[Tale Motsepa|Motsepa, Tale]]
[[Nicholas Motsetse|Motsetse, Nicholas]]
[[Monageng Motshabi|Motshabi, Monageng]]
[[T.M. Motshapela|Motshapela, T.M.]]
[[Moshidid Motshegwa|Motshegwa, Moshidid]]
[[Emil Motsieloa|Motsieloa, Emil]]
[[Griffiths Motsieloa|Motsieloa, Griffiths]]
[[P.S. Motsieloa|Motsieloa, P.S.]]
[[Seilaneng Motsiri|Motsiri, Seilaneng]]
[[T.P. Motsuhli|Motsuhli, T.P.]]
[[Fezile Mpela|Mpela, Fezile]]
[[Fuzzy Mpela|Mpela, Fuzzy]] see [[Fezile Mpela|Mpela, Fezile]]
[[Es’kia Mphahlele|Mphahlele, Es’kia]] see [[Ezekiel Mphahlele|Mphahlele, Ezekiel]]
[[Ezekiel Mphahlele|Mphahlele, Ezekiel]]
[[M.P.N. Mphalele|Mphalele, M.P.N.]]
[[Khayalethu Mqayisa|Mqayisa, Khayalethu]]
[[Samuel Edward Krune Mqhayi|Mqhayi, Samuel Edward Krune]]
[[Gwigwi Mrwebi|Mrwebi, Gwigwi]]
[[Pinkie Mseleku|Mseleku, Pinkie]]
[[Mshengu|Mshengu]] Pseudonym for [[Robert Kavanagh|Kavanagh, Robert]]
[[Welcome Msomi|Msomi, Welcome]]
[[E.T. Mtembu|Mtembu, E.T.]]
[[Amos Mthembu|Mthembu, Amos]]
[[E.T. Mthembi|Mthembi, E.T.]] see [[E.T. Mthembu|Mthembu, E.T.]]
[[E.T. Methemby|Methemby]] see [[E.T. Mthembu|Mthembu, E.T.]]
[[E.T. Mtembu|Mtembu, E.T.]] see [[E.T. Mthembu|Mthembu, E.T.]]
[[E.T. Mthembu|Mthembu, E.T.]]
[[Japan Mthembu|Mthembu, Japan]]
[[Esau Mthethwa|Mthethwa, Esau]]
[[Isaac Mthethwa|Mthethwa, Isaac]]
[[Esau Mthethwe|Mthethwe, Esau]] see [[Esau Mthethwa|Mthethwa, Esau]]
[[Isaac Mthethwe|Mthethwe, Isaac]] see [[Isaac Mthethwa|Mthethwa, Isaac]]
[[Thando Mthi|Mthi, Thando]]
[[Mary Mthinka|Mthinka, Mary]]
[[James Mthoba|Mthoba, James]]
[[Betty Mthombeni|Mthombeni, Betty]]
[[Mongi Mthombeni|Mthombeni, Mongi]]
[[A. Mtingane|Mtingane, A.]]
[[B.K.M. Mtombeni|Mtombeni, B.K.M.]]
[[Julius Mtsaka|Mtsaka, Julius]]
[[Julius Makwedini Mtsaka|Mtsaka, Makwedini Julius]]
[[Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali|Mtshali, Mbuyiseni Oswald]]
[[Thembi Mtshali|Mtshali, Thembi]]
[[Thulani Mtshali|Mtshali, Thulani]]
[[Thembi Mtshali-Jones|Mtshali-Jones, Thembi]] See [[Thembi Mtshali|Mtshali, Thembi]]
[[P.T. Mtuze|Mtuze, P.T.]]
[[Percy Mtwa|Mtwa, Percy]]
[[D.T. Mtywaku|Mtywaku, D.T.]]
[[Frieda Mueller|Mueller, Frieda]] See [[Frieda Allemans|Allemans, Frieda]]
[[N.L.L. Muenda|Muenda, N.L.L.]]
[[David Muir|Muir, David]]
[[Graham Muir|Muir, Graham]]
[[H.A. Mulder|Mulder, H.A.]]
[[Gordon Mulholland|Mulholland, Gordon]]
[[Jack Mullen|Mullen , Jack]]
[[Alta Muller|Muller, Alta]]
[[Ampie Muller|Muller, Ampie]]
[[Braam Muller|Muller, Braam]]
[[Cati Muller|Muller, Cati]]
[[David Muller|Muller, David]]
[[Hannes Muller|Muller, Hannes]]
[[Heiner Müller|Müller, Heiner]]
[[Sam Muller|Muller, Sam]]
[[Miriam Munitz|Munitz, Miriam]]
[[Mr Munnik|Munnik, Mr]]
[[Allan Munro|Munro, Allan]]
[[Malcolm Munro|Munro, Malcolm]]
[[Marth Munro|Munro, Marth]]
[[Nan Munro|Munro, Nan]]
[[N.J. Munyembane|Munyembane, N.J.]]
[[Alan Murchison|Murchison, Alan]]
[[Henry Murphy|Murphy, Henry]]
[[A. Murray|Murray, A.]]
[[Brian Murray|Murray, Brian]]
[[Maxie Murray|Murray, Maxie]]
[[Marguerite I. Murray|Murray, Marguerite I.]]
[[Milan Murray|Murray, Milan]]
[[P. Murray|Murray, P.]]
[[Celia Musikanth|Musikanth, Celia]]
[[Mothobi Mutloatse|Mutloatse, Mothobi]]
[[Credo V. Mutwa|Mutwa, Credo,V.]]
[[H.S.V. Muzwayine|Muzwayine H.S.V.]]
[[Zandile Mxaku|Mxaku, Zandile]]
[[Nolufefe Myeki|Myeki, Nolufefe]]
[[Henry Mylne|Mylne, Henry]]
[[Ray Myles|Myles, Ray]]
[[Marysia Mynhardt|Mynhardt, Marysia]]
[[Patrick Mynhardt|Mynhardt, Patrick]]
[[Siegfried Mynhardt|Mynhardt, Siegfried]]
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