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[[Rina la Grange|La Grange, Rina]]
'''''Please also note:'''''  Surnames (or last names) consisting of two or three words ((e.g. names preceded by Da, De, De La, Du, Le, Van, Van Den, Van Der, Von, etc)  appear under the ''first'' word in this listing. Thus the author [[Alex  la Guma]] and the arts manager [[Marlene le Roux]] would in this case both be listed here under "L", as [[Alex  la Guma|La Guma, Alex]]  and [[Marlene le Roux|Le Roux, Marlene]] respectively.
[[Rina la Grange-Steyn|La Grange-Steyn, Rina]]
'''This section has been subdivided to simplify searches.'''
[[Alex  la Guma|La Guma, Alex]]
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[[Rena la Roche|La Roche, Rena]]
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[[Jan-Hendrik Laas|Laas, Jan-Hendrik]]
[[Alida Labia|Labia, Alida]]
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[[Ida Labia|Labia, Princess Ida]]
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[[Natale Labia|Labia, Count Natale]]
[[H. Laesecke|Laesecke, H.]]
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[[P.W. Laidler|Laidler, P.W.]]
[[Jenny Laird|Laird, Jenny]]
[[Harold J. Laite|Laite, Harold J.]]
[[Robin Lake|Lake, Robin]]
[[Babs Laker|Laker, Babs]]
[[Gail Lakier|Lakier, Gail]]
[[M. Lamati|Lamati, M.]]
[[Doreen Lamb|Lamb, Doreen]]
[[Shelley Lamb|Lamb, Shelley]]
[[Gay Lambert|Lambert, Gay]]
[[Patricia Ann Lambert|Lambert, Patricia Ann]]
[[Don Lamprecht|Lamprecht, Don]]
[[David Lan|Lan, David]]
[[Doris Lancaster|Lancaster, Doris]]
[[Pat Lancaster|Lancaster, Pat]]
[[Elton Landew|Landew, Elton]]
[[Manda Lane|Lane, Manda]]
[[F. Lang|Lang, F.]]
[[Matheson Lang|Lang, Matheson]]
[[Robert Lang|Lang, Robert]]
[[C.J. Langenhoven|Langenhoven, C.J.]]
[[Bonnie Langford|Langford, Bonnie]]
[[Patricia Langford|Langford, Patricia]]
[[Robert Langford|Langford, Robert]]
[[Noel Langley|Langley, Noel]]
[[Henry Lankester|Lankester, Henry]]
[[Hal Lanningan|Lannigan, Hal]]
[[Tom Lanoye|Lanoye, Tom]]
[[Linda Larez|Larez, Linda]]
[[Margaret Larlham|Larlham, Margaret]]
[[Larlham, Peter|Peter Larlham]]
[[Kendrew Lascelles|Lascelles, Kendrew]]
[[Carol Lasker|Lasker, Carol]]
[[Marot Lassner|Lassner, Marot]]
[[Joseph Matthew Seshego Latakgomo|Latakgomo, Joseph Matthew Seshego]]
[[Felix V. Lategan|Lategan, Felix V.]]
[[Greg Latimer|Latimer, Greig]]
[[Greig Latimer|Latimer, Greig]]
[[Sue Latimer|Latimer, Sue]]
[[Matt Laubscher|Laubscher, Matt]]
[[Nic Laubscher|Laubscher, Nic]]
[[Tessa Laubscher|Laubscher, Tessa]]
[[Peta-Anne Laughton|Laughton, Peta-Anne]]
[[Michelle Lauren|Lauren, Michelle]]
[[Jean-Claude Laurent|Laurent, Jean-Claude]]
[[Brenda Lauth|Lauth, Brenda]]
[[E. Lauwerus|Lauwerus, E.]]
[[Colin Law|Law, Colin]]
[[Bronwyn Law-Viljoen|Law-Viljoen, Bronwyn]]
[[Douglas Laws|Laws, Douglas]]
[[Ralph Lawson|Lawson, Ralph]]
[[Judy Layne|Layne, Judy]]
[[Sandy Layne|Layne, Sandy]]
[[Ashley Lazarus|Lazarus, Ashley]]
[[Frank Lazarus|Lazarus, Frank]]
[[Christine le Brocq|le Brocq, Christine]]
[[Richard le Brun Powell|le Brun Powell, Richard]]
[[Frits le Grange|Le Grange, Frits]]
[[Martin le Maitre|Le Maitre, Martin]]
[[William Le Messena|Le Messena, William]]
[[Birrie le Roux|Le Roux, Birrie]]
[[Fred le Roux|Le Roux, Fred]]
[[Madeleine le Roux|Le Roux, Madeleine]]
[[Mae le Roux|Le Roux, Mae]]
[[Marlene le Roux|Le Roux, Marlene]]
[[Ria le Roux|Le Roux, Ria]]
[[Le Vaillant]]
[[Ken Leach|Leach, Ken]]
[[Annie Leaf|Leaf, Annie]]
[[D.P. Lebakeng|Lebakeng, D.P.]]
[[N.J. Lebakeng|Lebakeng, N.J.]]
[[Karen Lebos|Lebos, Karen]]
[[Lizette Lecat|Lecat, Lizette]]
[[Roger Leclerq|Leclerq, Roger]]
[[John Maolusi Ledwaba|Ledwaba, John Maolusi]]
[[Alewyn Lee|Lee, Alewyn]]
[[Alphonso Lee|Lee, Alphonso]]
[[Elaine Lee|Lee, Elaine]]
[[Ivan Lee|Lee, Ivan]]
[[Joan Lee|Lee, Joan]]
[[Moonyeen Lee|Lee, Moonyeen]]
[[Pat Lee|Lee, Pat]]
[[Vanessa Lee|Lee, Vanessa]]
[[Paddy Lee-Thorp|Lee-Thorp, Paddy]]
[[Christo Leech|Leech, Christo]]
[[Rolf Lefebre|Lefebre, Rolf]]
[[Mrs J.H. Leffler|Leffler, Mrs J.H.]]
[[Mark Legward|Legward, Mark]]
[[Harry Lehradt|Lehradt, Harry]]
[[C. Louis Leipoldt|Leipoldt, C. Louis]]
[[James Leith|Leith, James]]
[[Dan Lekalakala|Lekalakala, Dan]]
[[S.P. Lekeba|Lekeba, S.P.]]
[[Tsidii Leloka|Leloka, Tsidii]]
[[F.C. Lemming|Lemming, F.C.]]
[[Craig Leo|Leo, Craig]]
[[Don Leonard|Leonard, Don]]
[[Suanne Leonard|Leonard, Suanne]]
[[Alie Lerefolo|Lerefolo, Alie]]
[[Benjamin Leshoai|Leshoai, Benjamin]]
[[T. Leshoai|Leshoai, T.]]
[[John Lesley|Lesley, John]]
[[Adam Leslie|Leslie, Adam]]
[[Japie Lessing|Lessing, Japie]]
[[Terry Lester|Lester, Terry]]
[[N.V.G.L. Leutsoa|Leutsoa, N.V.G.L.]]
[[Phil Levard|Levard, Phil]]
[[Lorna Levenson|Levenson, Lorna]]
[[Marcia Leveson|Leveson, Marcia]]
[[Robin Levetan|Levetan, Robin]]
[[Dave Levin|Levin, Dave]]
[[Michele Levin|Levin, Michele]]
[[Pam Levin|Levin, Pam]]
[[Ruth Levin|Levin, Ruth]]
[[Joss Levine|Levine, Joss]]
[[David Levinsohn|Levinsohn, David]]
[[Joyce Levinsohn|Levinsohn, Joyce]]
[[Olga Levinsohn|Levinsohn, Olga]]
[[Joseph Langley Levy|Levy, Joseph Langley]]
[[Lorna Levy|Levy, Lorna]]
[[Abrecht Lewald|Lewald, Abrecht]]
[[Cecil Lewis|Lewis, Cecil]]
[[David Lewis|Lewis, David]]
[[Genna Lewis|Lewis, Genna]]
[[Helen Lewis|Lewis, Helen]]
[[Iris Lewis|Lewis, Iris]]
[[Jerry Lewis|Lewis, Jerry]]
[[Margi Lewis|Lewis, Margi]]
[[Pamela Lewis|Lewis, Pamela]]
[[Mrs Lezard|Lezard, Mrs]]
[[Don Liberto|Liberto, Don]]
[[Laudo Liebenberg|Liebenberg, Laudo]]
[[Yvonne Liebenberg|Liebenberg, Yvonne]]
[[Merle Lifson|Lifson, Merle]]
[[Dawn Lindberg|Lindberg, Dawn]]
[[Des Lindberg|Lindberg, Des]]
[[Marie Linde|Linde, Marie]]
[[John Linden|Linden, John]]
[[Len Lindeque|Lindeque, Len]]
[[Lydia Lindeque|Lindeque, Lydia]]
[[M.C.E. Lindeque|Lindeque, M.C.E.]]
[[Annabel Linder|Linder, Annabel]]
[[George Linder|Linder, George]]
[[Olga Lindo|Lindo, Olga]]
[[Grahame Lindop|Lindop, Grahame]]
[[Kenneth Linge|Linge, Kenneth]]
[[Aubrey Lintnaar|Lintnaar, Aubrey]]
[[Ragmat Lintnaar|Lintnaar, Ragmat]]
[[Laurier Lister|Lister, Laurier]]
[[Moira Lister|Lister, Moira]]
[[Celeste Litkie|Litkie, Celeste]]
[[Alex Little|Little, Alex]]
[[Joan Little|Little, Joan]]
[[Roger Livesey|Livesey, Roger]]
[[Douglas Livingstone|Livingstone, Douglas]]
[[Elize Lizamore|Lizamore, Elize]]
[[David Lloyd-Jones|Lloyd-Jones, David]]
[[Heather Lloyd-Jones|Lloyd-Jones, Heather]]
[[Gabrielle Lomberg|Lomberg, Gabrielle]]
[[Gillian Lomberg|Lomberg, Gillian]]
[[Jacques Loots|Loots, Jacques]]
[[Willem Loots|Loots, Willem]]
[[Nicholas Lorentz|Lorentz, Nicholas]]
[[Penelope Lorimer|Lorimer, Penelope]]
[[Richard Loring|Loring, Richard]]
[[Vicki Loubser|Loubser, Vicki]]
[[Mara Louw|Louw, Mara]]
[[Aden Love|Love, Aden]]
[[Michael Lovegrove|Lovegrove, Michael]] 
[[Nico Lovell|Lovell, Nico]]
[[Ranan Lubinsky|Lubinsky, Ranan]]
[[Nico Luwes|Luwes, Nico]]
[[Noeleen Luzzatto|Luzzatto, Noeleen]]
[[Peter Lyons|Lyons, Peter]]
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Please also note: Surnames (or last names) consisting of two or three words ((e.g. names preceded by Da, De, De La, Du, Le, Van, Van Den, Van Der, Von, etc) appear under the first word in this listing. Thus the author Alex la Guma and the arts manager Marlene le Roux would in this case both be listed here under "L", as La Guma, Alex and Le Roux, Marlene respectively.

This section has been subdivided to simplify searches.

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