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'''''Please also note:'''  Surnames (or last names) consisting of two or three words ((e.g. names preceded by Da, De, De La, Du, Le, Van, Van Den, Van Der, Von, etc)  appear under the ''first'' word in this listing. Thus the author [[Alex  la Guma]] and the arts manager [[Marlene le Roux]] would in this case both be listed here under "L", as [[Alex  la Guma|La Guma, Alex]]  and [[Marlene le Roux|Le Roux, Marlene]] respectively.''
'''''Please also note:'''''  Surnames (or last names) consisting of two or three words ((e.g. names preceded by Da, De, De La, Du, Le, Van, Van Den, Van Der, Von, etc)  appear under the ''first'' word in this listing. Thus the author [[Alex  la Guma]] and the arts manager [[Marlene le Roux]] would in this case both be listed here under "L", as [[Alex  la Guma|La Guma, Alex]]  and [[Marlene le Roux|Le Roux, Marlene]] respectively.
'''This section has been subdivided to simplify searches.'''  
'''This section has been subdivided to simplify searches.'''  
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[[Christine le Brocq|le Brocq, Christine]]
[[Richard le Brun Powell|le Brun Powell, Richard]]
[[Bianca le Grange|Le Grange, Bianca]]
[[Frits le Grange|Le Grange, Frits]]
[[Martin le Maitre|Le Maitre, Martin]]
[[William Le Messena|Le Messena, William]]
[[Trevi-Jean le Pere|Le Pere, Trevi-Jean]]
[[Birrie le Roux|Le Roux, Birrie]]
[[Fred le Roux|Le Roux, Fred]]
[[Madeleine le Roux|Le Roux, Madeleine]]
[[Mae le Roux|Le Roux, Mae]]
[[Marlene le Roux|Le Roux, Marlene]]
[[Nataniël le Roux|Le Roux, Nataniël]] See '''[[Nataniël]]'''
[[Niel le Roux|Le Roux, Niel]]
[[Ria le Roux|Le Roux, Ria]]
[[T.H. le Roux|Le Roux, T.H.]]
[[Mr le Seur|Le Seur, Mr]]
[[Le Vaillant]]
[[Le Vaillant, F]]
[[Christo Leach|Leach, Christo]]
[[Ken Leach|Leach, Ken]]
[[Annie Leaf|Leaf, Annie]]
[[Odette Leat|Leat, Odette]]
[[D.P. Lebakeng|Lebakeng, D.P.]]
[[N.J. Lebakeng|Lebakeng, N.J.]]
[[Lebo M]]
[[Karen Lebos|Lebos, Karen]]
[[Lisette Lecat|Lecat, Lisette]]
[[Roger Leclerq|Leclerq, Roger]]
[[George Leddra|Leddra, George]]
[[John Maolusi Ledwaba|Ledwaba, John Maolusi]]
[[Alewyn Lee|Lee, Alewyn]]
[[Alphonso Lee|Lee, Alphonso]]
[[David S. Lee|Lee, David]] '''See [[David S. Lee]]'''
[[David S. Lee|Lee, David S.]]
[[Elaine Lee|Lee, Elaine]]
[[Ivan Lee|Lee, Ivan]]
[[Joan Lee|Lee, Joan]]
[[Moonyeenn Lee|Lee, Moonyeenn]]
[[Pat Lee|Lee, Pat]]
[[Vanessa Lee|Lee, Vanessa]]
[[Paddy Lee-Thorp|Lee-Thorp, Paddy]]
[[Ken Leeder|Leeder, Ken]]
[[Marc Leemans|Leemans, Marc]]
[[Rolf Lefebvre|Lefebvre, Rolf]]
[[Mrs J.H. Leffler|Leffler, Mrs J.H.]]
[[Mark Legward|Legward, Mark]]
[[Harry Lehradt|Lehradt, Harry]]
[[C. Louis Leipoldt|Leipoldt, C. Louis]]
[[Reiner Leist|Leist, Reiner]]
[[James Leith|Leith, James]]
[[Dan Lekalakala|Lekalakala, Dan]]
[[S.P. Lekeba|Lekeba, S.P.]]
[[Tsidii Leloka|Leloka, Tsidii]]
[[F.C. Lemming|Lemming, F.C.]]
[[Craig Leo|Leo, Craig]]
[[Don Leonard|Leonard, Don]]
[[Mr Leonard|Leonard, Mr]]
[[Suanne Leonard|Leonard, Suanne]]
[[Alie Lerefolo|Lerefolo, Alie]]
[[Benjamin Leshoai|Leshoai, Benjamin]]
[[T. Leshoai|Leshoai, T.]]
[[John Lesley|Lesley, John]]
[[Adam Leslie|Leslie, Adam]]
[[Miss Leslie|Leslie, Miss]]
[[Mr Leslie|Leslie, Mr]]
[[W.S. Leslie|Leslie, W.S]]
[[Japie Lessing|Lessing, Japie]]
[[Terry Lester|Lester, Terry]]
[[N.V.G.L. Leutsoa|Leutsoa, N.V.G.L.]]
[[F. Levaillant|Levaillant, F.]]
[[Phil Levard|Levard, Phil]]
[[Lorna Levenson|Levenson, Lorna]]
[[James Leverett|Leverett, James]]
[[Marcia Leveson|Leveson, Marcia]]
[[Robin Levetan|Levetan, Robin]]
[[Dave Levin|Levin, Dave]]
[[Elanit Levin|Levin, Elanit]]
[[Michele Levin|Levin, Michele]]
[[Nicole Levin|Levin, Nicole]]
[[Pam Levin|Levin, Pam]]
[[Ruth Levin|Levin, Ruth]]
[[Joss Levine|Levine, Joss]]
[[David Levinsohn|Levinsohn, David]]
[[Joyce Levinsohn|Levinsohn, Joyce]]
[[Olga Levinsohn|Levinsohn, Olga]]
[[Carol Levitas|Levitas, Carol]]
[[J. Langley Levy|Levy, J. Langley]]
[[Lorna Levy|Levy, Lorna]]
[[Carolyn Lewis|Lewis, Carolyn]]
[[Cecil Lewis|Lewis, Cecil]]
[[David Lewis|Lewis, David]]
[[Genna Lewis|Lewis, Genna]]
[[Helen Lewis|Lewis, Helen]]
[[Iris Lewis|Lewis, Iris]]
[[Jerry Lewis|Lewis, Jerry]]
[[Margi Lewis|Lewis, Margi]]
[[Megan Lewis|Lewis, Megan]]
[[Pamela Lewis|Lewis, Pamela]]
[[H. Ley|Ley, H]]
[[N.J. Ley|Ley, N.J.]]
[[P.A. Ley|Ley, P.A.]]
[[Mrs Lezard|Lezard, Mrs]]
[[Miss Libby|Libby, Miss]]
[[Don Liberto|Liberto, Don]]
[[Laudo Liebenberg|Liebenberg, Laudo]]
[[Nico Liebenberg|Liebenberg, Nico]]
[[Yvonne Liebenberg|Liebenberg, Yvonne]]
[[Merle Lifson|Lifson, Merle]]
[[Harry Ligoff]]
[[Mavis Lilenstein|Lilenstein, Mavis]]
[[A.J. Lind|Lind, A.J.]]
[[Dawn Lindberg|Lindberg, Dawn]]
[[Des Lindberg|Lindberg, Des]]
[[Joshua Lindberg|Lindberg, Joshua]]
[[Marie Linde|Linde, Marie]]
[[John Linden|Linden, John]]
[[Jannie Lindeque|Lindeque, Jannie]]
[[Len Lindeque|Lindeque, Len]]
[[Lydia Lindeque|Lindeque, Lydia]]
[[M.C.E. Lindeque|Lindeque, M.C.E.]]
[[Annabel Linder|Linder, Annabel]]
[[Georgie Linder|Linder, Georgie]]
[[Olga Lindo|Lindo, Olga]]
[[Grahame Lindop|Lindop, Grahame]]
[[Kenneth Linge|Linge, Kenneth]]
[[Aubrey Lintnaar|Lintnaar, Aubrey]]
[[Ragmat Lintnaar|Lintnaar, Ragmat]]
[[Kate Liquorish|Liquorish, Kate]]
[[Laurier Lister|Lister, Laurier]]
[[Moira Lister|Lister, Moira]]
[[Celeste Litkie|Litkie, Celeste]]
[[Alex Little|Little, Alex]]
[[G. Little|Little, G.]]
[[J. C. Little|Little, J. C.]]
[[Joan Little|Little, Joan]]
[[Roger Livesey|Livesey, Roger]]
[[Douglas Livingstone|Livingstone, Douglas]]
[[Elize Lizamore|Lizamore, Elize]]
[[David Lloyd-Jones|Lloyd-Jones, David]]
[[Heather Lloyd-Jones|Lloyd-Jones, Heather]]
[[Anita Lobell|Lobell, Anita]]
[[Jacques Lochner|Lochner, Jacques]]
[[Robert Loder|Loder, Robert]]
[[James Lodge|Lodge, James]]
[[Fred Loehnen|Loehnen, Fred]]
[[Mr Loftus|Loftus, Mr]]
[[J. Logan|Logan, J.]]
[[Jimmy Logan|Logan, Jimmy]]
[[Major Lomax|Lomax, Major]]
[[André Lombard|Lombard, André]]
[[Chris Lombard|Lombard, Chris]]
[[Gideon Lombard|Lombard, Gideon]]
[[Helene Lombard|Lombard, Helene]]
[[Nieke Lombard|Lombard, Nieke]]
[[Stefan Lombard|Lombard, Stefan]]
[[Gabrielle Lomberg|Lomberg, Gabrielle]]
[[Gaby Lomberg|Lomberg, Gaby]]
[[Gillian Lomberg|Lomberg, Gillian]]
[[Valda Lomberg|Lomberg, Valda]]
[[Pule Lonake|Lonake, Pule]]
[[Ethel London|London, Ethel]]
[[Zelma London|London, Zelma]]
[[J.F. Long|Long, J.F.]] '''See [[John Francis Long]]'''
[[John Francis Long|Long, John Francis]] 
[[Dicky Longhurst|Longhurst, Dicky]]
[[Mr Longley|Longley, Mr]]
[[Kholeka Lonzi|Lonzi, Kholeka]]
[[Mrs Loosemore|Loosemore, Mrs]]
[[Jacques Loots|Loots, Jacques]]
[[P.J. Loots|Loots, P.J.]]
[[Tinarie van Wyk Loots|Loots, Tinarie van Wyk]]
[[Willem Loots|Loots, Willem]]
[[Miriam Lopert|Lopert, Miriam]]
[[Basil Lord|Lord, Basil]]
[[Nicholas Lorentz|Lorentz, Nicholas]]
[[Miss Lorenzo|Lorenzo, Miss]]
[[Penelope Lorimer|Lorimer, Penelope]]
[[Richard Loring|Loring, Richard]]
[[Leona Loseby|Loseby, Leona]]
[[G.J. Lottering|Lottering, G.J.]]
[[Marc Lottering|Lottering, Marc]]
[[Deon Lotz|Lotz, Deon]]
[[J.W. Lotz|Lotz, J.W.]]
[[Johannes Lotz|Lotz, Johannes]] See '''[[J.W. Lotz]]'''
[[N.J. Lotz|Lotz, N.J.]]
[[Philip Lotz|Lotz, Philip]]
[[Vicki Loubser|Loubser, Vicki]]
[[Rina Lourenz|Lourenz, Rina]]
[[James Lourie|Lourie, James]]
[[Alida Louw|Louw, Alida]]
[[Anna M. Louw|Louw, Anna M.]]
[[Antoinette Louw|Louw, Antoinette]]
[[Aubrey Louw|Louw, Aubrey]]
[[Elise Louw|Louw, Elise]]
[[George Louw|Louw, George]]
[[Ilka Louw|Louw, Ilka]]
[[Kobus Louw|Louw, Kobus]]
[[Mara Louw|Louw, Mara]]
[[Milla Louw|Louw, Milla]]
[[N.P. van Wyk Louw|Louw, N.P. van Wyk]]
[[Philip Louw|Louw, Philip]]
[[Rosa Louw|Louw, Rosa]]
[[Salomi Louw|Louw, Salomi]]
[[Sara Louw|Louw, Sara]]
[[Truida Louw|Louw, Truida]]
[[W.E.G. Louw|Louw, W.E.G.]]
[[Aden Love|Love, Aden]]
[[Bronwyn Lovegrove|Lovegrove, Bronwyn]]
[[Gloria Lovegrove|Lovegrove, Gloria]]
[[Michael Lovegrove|Lovegrove, Michael]]
[[Michael J. Lovegrove|Lovegrove, Michael J.]] '''See [[Michael Lovegrove]]'''
[[Neil Lovegrove|Lovegrove, Neil]]
[[Nico Lovell|Lovell, Nico]]
[[J. Lovett|Lovett, J.]]
[[Katharine E. Low|Low, Katharine E]]
[[Violet Low|Low, Violet]]
[[Ian Lowe|Lowe, Ian]]
[[Peter Lubelwana|Lubelwana, Peter]]
[[Ranan Lubinsky|Lubinsky, Ranan]]
[[Victor Lucas|Lucas, Victor]]
[[William Lucas|Lucas, William]]
[[Paul Lückhoff|Lückhoff, Paul]]
[[J. Lückhoff|Lückhoff, J.]]
[[H. Lisle Lucoque|Lucoque, H. Lisle]]
[[A.E.F. Lucouw|Lucouw, A.E.F.]]
[[E.H. Lucouw|Lucouw, E.H.]]
[[Anton Luitingh|Luitingh, Anton]]
[[Alexandria Luke|Luke, Alexandria]]
[[Siphokazi Luke|Luke, Siphokazi]]
[[Nangamso Lungane|Lungane, Nangamso]]
[[Xola Luse|Luse, Xola]]
[[Elizabeth Lutango|Lutango, Elizabeth]]
[[Nico Luwes|Luwes, Nico]]
[[Lynette Luyt|Luyt, Lynette]]
[[Margot Luyt|Luyt, Margot]]
[[Thembani Luzipho|Luzipho, Thembani]]
[[Noeleen Luzzatto|Luzzatto, Noeleen]]
[[J. Lyal|Lyal, J]] '''See [[J. Lyall]]'''
[[Eric Lyall|Lyall, Eric]]
[[J. Lyall|Lyall, J]]
[[James Lycett|Lycett, James]]
[[J. Lydon|Lydon, J.]]
[[Derek Lyndon|Lyndon, Derek]]
[[Vera Lynn|Lynn, Vera]]
[[Sharon Lynne|Lynne, Sharon]]
[[M. Lyons|Lyons, M.]]
[[Peter Lyons|Lyons, Peter]]
[[Patrick Lyster|Lyster, Patrick]]
[[David Lytton|Lytton, David]]
[[Miss Lytton|Lytton, Miss]]
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Please also note: Surnames (or last names) consisting of two or three words ((e.g. names preceded by Da, De, De La, Du, Le, Van, Van Den, Van Der, Von, etc) appear under the first word in this listing. Thus the author Alex la Guma and the arts manager Marlene le Roux would in this case both be listed here under "L", as La Guma, Alex and Le Roux, Marlene respectively.

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