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[[Hayford Hobbs | Hobbs, Hayford]]
[[Jenny Hobbs|Hobbs, Jenny]]
[[Robert Hobbs|Hobbs, Robert]]
[[Michael Hobson|Hobson, Michael]]
[[Diana Hoddinott|Hoddinott, Diana]]
[[J. Hodge|Hodge, J.]]
[[Leslie Hodgson|Hodgson, Leslie]]
[[Siobhan Hodgson|Hodgson, Siobhan]]
[[Mark Hoeben|Hoeben, Mark]]
[[Flea Hoets|Hoets, Flea]]
[[Anna Romain Hoffman|Hoffman, Anna Romain]]
[[Arthur Hoffman|Hoffman, Arthur]]
[[Hendrik Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Hendrik]]
[[Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Jan Hendrik]]
[[Jan-Hendrik Servaas Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Jan-Hendrik Servaas]]
[[Jannie Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Jannie]]
[[Margeret Calderwood Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Margeret Calderwood]]
[[Leonie Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Leonie]]
[[Steve Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Steve]]
[[Zoettje Hofmeyr|Hofmeyr, Zoettje]]
[[Michael Hogan|Hogan, Michael]]
[[Andrew Holden|Holden, Andrew]]
[[Peter Holden|Holden, Peter]]
[[Mary Holder|Holder, Mary]]
[[Owen Holder|Holder, Owen]]
[[Leslie Holland|Holland, Leslie]]
[[Maggie Holland|Holland, Maggie]]
[[Cassandra Holliday|Holliday, Cassandra]]
[[David Holliday|Holliday, David]]
[[Shelagh Holliday|Holliday, Shelagh]]
[[Stephen Hollis|Hollis, Stephen]]
[[Myles Holloway|Holloway, Myles]]
[[Tienie Holloway|Holloway, Tienie]]
[[Beatrice Hollyer|Hollyer, Beatrice]]
[[Marion Holm|Holm, Marion]]
[[Nicole Holm|Holm, Nicole]]
[[Peter Holman|Holman, Peter]]
[[Colleen-Rae Holmes|Holmes, Colleen-Rae]]
[[Garth Holmes|Holmes, Garth]]
[[Tom Holms|Holms, Tom]]
[[Tom Holmes|Holmes, Tom]]
[[Mr Holt|Holt, Mr]]
[[Alfred Holtzer|Holtzer, Alfred]]
[[Mev. Holzhausen|Holzhausen, Mev.]]
[[Nunez Holzhausen|Holzhausen, Nunez]]
[[Greg Homann|Homann, Greg]]
[[Janice Honeyman|Honeyman, Janice]]
[[T.O. Honiball|Honiball, T.O.]]
[[Gavin Hood|Hood, Gavin]]
[[C.P. Hoogenhout|Hoogenhout, C.P.]]
[[Lyn Hooker|Hooker, Lyn]]
[[Maureen Hoop|Hoop, Maureen]]
[[Lloyd Hooper|Hooper, Lloyd]]
[[Ruth Hooper|Hooper, Ruth]]
[[Faruk Hoosain|Hoosain, Faruk]]
[[Christopher Hope|Hope, Christopher]]
[[Graham Hopkins|Hopkins, Graham]]
[[Mr Hopley|Hopley, Mr]]
[[William Hopley|Hopley, William]]
[[Dylan Horley|Horley, Dylan]]
[[Andrew Horn|Horn, Andrew]]
[[Gideon Horn|Horn, Gideon]]
[[Jeanine Horn|Horn, Jeanine]]
[[Hannes Horne|Horne, Hannes]]
[[David Horner|Horner, David]]
[[Allan Kolski Horwitz|Horwitz, Allan Kolski]]
[[Harry Horwitz|Horwitz, Harry]]
[[Lewis Horwitz|Horwitz, Lewis]]
[[Maurice Horwitz|Horwitz, Maurice]]
[[Max Horwitz|Horwitz, Max]]
[[Ronnie Horwitz|Horwitz, Ronnie]]
[[Marc Hosten|Hosten, Marc]]
[[Barrie Hough|Hough, Barrie]]
[[Barry Hough|Hough, Barry]]
[[Michael Hough|Hough, Michael]]
[[Stephanie Hough|Hough, Stephanie]]
[[Helen Houghton|Houghton, Helen]]
[[Hugh Houghton-Hawksley|Houghton-Hawksley, Hugh]]
[[J.C. Howard|Howard, J.C.]]
[[Michael Howard|Howard, Michael]]
[[Donald Howarth|Howarth, Donald]]
[[James Howell|Howell, James]]
[[Dulcie Howes|Howes, Dulcie]]
[[Don Howie|Howie, Don]]
[[Henry Howse| Howse, Henry]]
[[Eric Hoyland|Hoyland, Eric]]
[[Paul Huckle|Huckle, Paul]]
[[Paul Huckle|Huckle, Paul]]

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