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Eagar, John

Early, Phyliss

Eatock, Cheryl

Eatock, Cindy

Ebden, Brian

Ebert, Peter

Ebrahim, Carter

Ebrahim, Noor

Ebrahim, Totti

Ebrahim, Vincent

Eckhart, Ko

Eckstein, Eddie

Economides, Nita

Edelberg, Biddy

Edeling, Heidi

Eden, Claudia

Edwards, Bill

Edwards, Jimmy EDWARDS, Bill. (19**-) Actor?* Dancer? *** Appeared in Brazilia, staged at The Space (197*), **

EDWARDS, Jimmy. (19**-) British comedy actor. * Toerien-Rubin brought him and his London hit Big Bad Mouse, starring Cardew Robinson and Bess Finney to South Africa circa 1969. ** (Tucker, 1997)

EDWARDS, Kate. (19*-) Actress. * Her local acting career includes roles in John Osborne’s The Entertainer (PACT, 1983), Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (Upstairs at the Market, 1990), *. ** (Tucker, 1997)

Egan, Adrian EGAN, William

EGELHOF, Kurt. (19*-) Actor. * Starred in Bobby Heaney’s productions of Samuel Beckett’s Catastrophe at the Wits Theatre in 1985, **

EGNOS, Bertha (19**-) Dramatist, composer and entrepreneur. **** Plays she Egnos, Monty

Ehlers, Rita


Ellenbogen, Nicholas

Elliott, Peter

Ellis, Aubrey

Engelbrecht, Johan

England, Maureen

Eppel, David

Erasmus, John

Essa, Saira

Esterhuizen, Willie

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