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[[P. Baard|Baard, P.]]
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[[Johan Badenhorst|Badenhorst, Johan]]
[[John Badenhorst|Badenhorst, John]]
[[Jon Bafta-Blair|Bafta-Blair, Jon]]
[[Gordon Bagnall|Bagnall, Gordon]]
[[Fiona Baigrie|Baigrie, Fiona]]
[[Amos Bailey|Bailey, Amos]]
[[Brett Bailey|Bailey, Brett]]
[[Dan Bailey|Bailey, Dan]]
[[Dianna Bailey|Bailey, Dianna]]
[[Pauline Bailey|Bailey, Pauline]]
[[Andrew Geddes Bain|Bain, Andrew Geddes]]
[[Keith Bain|Bain, Keith]]
[[Thomas Baines|Baines, Thomas]]
[[Gavin R. Baker|Baker, Gavin R.]]
[[Sir Herbert Baker|Baker, Sir Herbert]]
[[Joe Baker|Baker, Joe]]
[[John Baker|Baker, John]]
[[Kenneth Baker|Baker, Kenneth]]
[[Mark Baker|Baker, Mark]]
[[Edward Baker-Duly|Baker-Duly, Edward]]
[[Casper Bakkes|Bakkes, Casper]]
[[Zwai Bala|Bala, Zwai]]
[[Tine Balder|Balder, Tine]]
[[Dirk J. Balfoort|Balfoort, Dirk J.]]
[[Dean Balie|Balie, Dean]]
[[Merlin Balie|Balie, Merlin]]
[[Thando Baliso|Baliso, Thando]]
[[Louis Balkind|Balkind, Louis]]
[[Tammy Ballentyne|Ballentyne, Tammy]]
[[George Ballot|Ballot, George]]
[[Ramsden Balmforth|Balmforth, Ramsden]]
[[S.J. Baloyi|Baloyi, S.J.]]
[[Stian Bam|Bam, Stian]]
[[Saul Bamberger|Bamberger, Saul]]
[[Frith Banbury|Banbury, Frith]]
[[Percy Baneshik|Baneshik, Percy]]
[[Bank, Cecilia De]]
[[Mark Banks|Banks, Mark]]
[[Murray Banks|Banks, Murray]]
[[Scout Banks | Banks, Scout]]
[[Lyn Banner|Banner, Lyn]]
[[Yvonne Banning|Banning, Yvonne]]
[[Daisy Bara|Bara, Daisy]]
[[Joe Barber|Barber, Joe]]
[[Derry Barbour|Barbour, Derry]]
[[Gay Barbour|Barbour, Gay]]
[[Michael Barclay|Barclay, Michael]]
[[A. Barker|Barker, A.]]
[[Abe Barker|Barker, Abe]]
[[Carolyn Barkhuizen|Barkhuizen, Carolyn]]
[[Captain Barlow|Barlow, Captain]]
[[Anne Barnard|Barnard, Anne]] 
[[Chris Barnard|Barnard, Chris]]
[[Hanlé Barnard|Barnard, Hanlé]]
[[Lady Anne Barnard|Barnard, Lady Anne]] 
[[Riana Barnard|Barnard, Riana]]
[[Samual Baylis Barnard|Barnard, Samual Baylis]]
[[Barnett Isaacs Barnato|Barnato, Barnett Isaacs]] 
[[Barney Barnato|Barnato, Barney]]
[[Annie Barnes|Barnes, Annie]]
[[George Barnes|Barnes, George]]
[[Helen Barnet|Barnet, Helen]]
[[Jack Barnet|Barnet, Jack]]
[[Daniel Barnett|Barnett, Daniel]]
[[David Barnett|Barnett, David]]
[[Dawid Barnett|Barnett, Dawid]]
[[Merle Barnett|Barnett, Merle]]
[[Rod Barnett|Barnett, Rod]]
[[Sybil Barnett|Barnett, Sybil]]
[[Ed Barrett|Barrett, Ed]]
[[Marjorie Barrett|Barrett, Marjorie]]
[[Amanda Barrie|Barrie, Amanda]]
[[Frank Barrie|Barrie, Frank]]
[[Murial Barron|Barron, Murial]]
[[Merton Barrow|Barrow, Merton]]
[[Deanne Barry|Barry, Deanne]]
[[Kevin Basel|Basel, Kevin]]
[[Peter Basford|Basford, Peter]]
[[Chris Baskiti|Baskiti, Chris]]
[[Emory Bass|Bass, Emory]]
[[Annie Basson|Basson, Annie]]
[[Christine Basson|Basson, Christine]]
[[Daisy Basson|Basson, Daisy]]
[[Limpie Basson|Basson, Limpie]]
[[Marikie Basson|Basson, Marikie]]
[[Marthinus Basson|Basson, Marthinus]]
[[David Bateson|Bateson, David]]
[[Haines Wade Battersby|Battersby, Haines Wade]] 
[[Debbie Batzofin|Batzofin, Debbie]] See [[Debra Batzofin|Batzofin, Debra]]
[[Debra Batzofin|Batzofin, Debra]]
[[David Baudains|Baudains, David]]
[[Kurt Baum|Baum, Kurt]]
[[Wayne Baumann|Baumann, Wayne]]
[[Nomkhita Bavuma|Bavuma, Nomkhita]]
[[Victoria Bawcombe|Bawcombe, Victoria]]
[[Wlliam Duncan Baxter|Baxter, William Duncan]]
[[Jo-Anne Bayes|Bayes, Jo-Anne]]
[[H. Lane Bayliff | Bayliff, H. Lane]]
[[Cathy Beard|Beard, Cathy]]
[[Christopher Beasley|Beasley, Christopher]]
[[David Beattie|Beattie, David]]
[[Robert Beatty|Beatty, Robert]]
[[Godfrey Kenneth Frederich Beck | Beck, Godfrey Kenneth Frederich]]
[[C.V. Becker | Becker, C.V.]]
[[Gaenor Becker|Becker, Gaenor]]
[[John Becker|Becker, John]]
[[Mavis Becker|Becker, Mavis]]
[[Salome Becker|Becker, Salome]]
[[Hetta Beckley|Beckley, Hetta]]
[[Tommie Beckley|Beckley, Tommie]]
[[Tony Beckley|Beckley, Tony]]
[[Willie Beckmann|Beckmann, Willie]]
[[Linda Beckwith|Beckwith, Linda]]
[[Avril Bee|Bee, Avril]]
[[Eric Bee|Bee, Eric]]
[[T.H. Beek|Beek, T.H.]]
[[Douglas Ridley Beeton|Beeton, Douglas Ridley]]
[[Aldo Behrens|Behrens, Aldo]]
[[Egmont Behrens|Behrens, Egmont]]
[[Bailey Bekker|Bekker, Bailey]]
[[Fanie Bekker|Bekker, Fanie]]
[[Pirow Bekker|Bekker, Pirow]]
[[Lukhanyo Bele|Bele, Lukhanyo]]
[[James Dean Belelie|Belelie, James Dean]]
[[A.F. Bell|Bell, A.F.]]
[[Alec Bell|Bell, Alec]]
[[Brian Bell|Bell, Brian]] See [[Brian Murray|Murray, Brian]]
[[Jimmy Bell|Bell, Jimmy]]
[[Lynnette Bell|Bell, Lynnette]]
[[Val Donald Bell|Bell, Val Donald]] See [[Val Donald-Bell|Donald-Bell, Val]]
[[William H. Bell|Bell, William H.]]
[[Lorraine Bellamy|Bellamy, Lorraine]]
[[Harold Kyrle Bellew|Bellew, Harold Kyrle]]
[[Kyrle Bellew|Bellew, Kyrle]] See [[Harold Kyrle Bellew]]
[[Jacob Ben-Ami|Ben-Ami, Jacob]]
[[Peter Benedix|Benedix, Peter]]
[[Arthur Benjamin|Benjamin, Arthur]]
[[Gina Benjamin|Benjamin, Gina]]
[[Zipporah Benn|Benn, Zipporah]]
[[George Bennett|Bennett, George]]
[[H.J. Bennett|Bennett, H.J.]]
[[Hywel Bennett|Bennett, Hywel]]
[[Lionel Bennett|Bennett, Lionel]]
[[Marilyn Bennett|Bennett, Marilyn]]
[[Vane Bennett|Bennett, Vane]]
[[Willem Benoy|Benoy, Willem]]
[[Mary Benson|Benson, Mary]]
[[Frank Benson|Benson, Frank]]
[[Frank Robert Benson|Benson, Frank Robert]]
[[Michael Bentine|Bentine, Michael]]
[[Bingo Mbonjeni Bentley|Bentley, Bingo Mbonjeni]]
[[Paul Beresford|Beresford, Paul]]
[[Aubrey Berg|Berg, Aubrey]]
[[Oloff Berg|Berg, Oloff]]
[[Oloff Marth. Berg|Berg, Oloff Marth.]] See [[Oloff Berg]]
[[A. Berger|Berger, A.]]
[[Sherrie Berk|Berk, Sherrie]]
[[Steven Berkoff|Berkoff, Steven]]
[[Claire Berlein|Berlein, Claire]]
[[Bee Berman|Berman, Bee]]
[[Shelley Berman|Berman, Shelley]]
[[Tonia Bern-Campbell|Bern-Campbell, Tonia]]
[[Johan Bernard|Bernard, Johan]]
[[J.H. Bernardin|Bernardin, J.H.]]
[[Ian Bernhardt|Bernhardt, Ian]]
[[Clyde Berning|Berning, Clyde]]
[[Daphne Bernstein|Bernstein, Daphne]]
[[Ivan Berold|Berold, Ivan]]
[[Mary-Ann Berold|Berold, Mary-Ann]]
[[Ken Berry|Berry, Ken]]
[[Volente Bertotti|Bertotti, Volente]]
[[Volenté Bertotti|Bertotti, Volenté]]
[[Gertjie Besselsen|Besselsen, Gertjie]]
[[Cliff Bestall|Bestall, Cliff]]
[[Kobus Bester|Bester, Kobus]]
[[David Bestman|Bestman, David]]
[[Denis Bettesworth|Bettesworth, Denis]]
[[Carl Beukes|Beukes, Carl]]
[[Gerhard J. Beukes|Beukes, Gerhard  J.]]
[[Magda Beukes|Beukes, Magda]]
[[Magdalena Beukes|Beukes, Magdalena]]
[[Magda Beukes-Embrey|Beukes-Embrey, Magda]]
[[Mr Bevern|Bevern, Mr]]
[[C. Beyers|Beyers, C.]]
[[C.P. de Leeuw Beyers| Beyers, C.P. de Leeuw]]
[[Susanne Beyers|Beyers, Susanne]]
[[A. Beyleveld|Beyleveld, A.]]
[[Aletta Bezuidenhout|Bezuidenhout, Aletta]]
[[Evita Bezuidenhout|Bezuidenhout, Evita]]
[[Neels Bezuidenhout|Bezuidenhout, Neels]]
[[Piet Bezuidenhout|Bezuidenhout, Piet]]
[[Lawrence Bhayi|Bhayi, Lawrence]]
[[K. Bhengu|Bhengu, K.]]
[[Mr Bickersteth|Bickersteth, Mr]]
[[Vivian Bickford|Bickford, Vivian]]
[[L.P. Biel|Biel, L.P.]]
[[Tom Bierman|Bierman, Tom]]
[[C. Bietz|Bietz, C.]]
[[Esmeralda Bihl|Bihl, Esmeralda]]
[[Philiswa Biko|Biko, Philiswa]]
[[Steve Bantu Biko|Biko, Steve Bantu]]
[[Ilonka Biluska|Biluska, Ilonka]]
[[Marilyn Binder|Binder, Marilyn]]
[[Herman Binge|Binge, Herman]]
[[L.W.B. Binge|Binge, L.W.B.]] (Ludwig Wilhelm Berthold Binge)
[[Ludwig Binge|Binge, Ludwig]]
[[Debbie Bingham|Bingham, Debbie]]
[[John Birch|Birch, John]]
[[Ch. Bird|Bird, Ch.]]
[[Philip Birkinshaw|Birkinshaw, Philip]]
[[Anthony Bishop|Bishop, Anthony]]
[[Chappie Bishop|Bishop, Chappie]]
[[René Blaauw|Blaauw, René]]
[[Gilda Blacher|Blacher, Gilda]]
[[Andrée Black|Black, Andrée]]
[[Stephen Black|Black, Stephen]]
[[Douglas Blackburn|Blackburn, Douglas]]
[[Jeremy Blackburn|Blackburn, Jeremy]]
[[Vera Blacker|Blacker, Vera]]
[[Allison Blair|Blair, Allison]]
[[Jon Blair|Blair, Jon]]
[[Michael Blaise|Blaise, Michael]]
[[Joan Blake|Blake, Joan]]
[[Richard Blake|Blake, Richard]]
[[Miss Blakemore|Blakemore, Miss]]
[[Stella Blakemore|Blakemore, Stella]]
[[P. Blakeney|Blakeney, P.]]
[[Bruce Blanchard|Blanchard, Bruce]]
[[Shuter Bland|Bland, Shuter]]
[[L. Bland|Bland, Miss L.]]
[[W. Bland|Bland, Mr W.]]
[[W. Bland|Bland, Mrs W.]]
[[Adéle Blank|Blank, Adéle]]
[[Joh. Gys. Blanckenberg|Blanckenberg, Joh. Gys.]]
[[James, Blankenberg|Blankenberg, James]]
[[Charles Meredith Bleach | Bleach, Charles Meredith]]
[[Hilary Blecher|Blecher, Hilary]]
[[Jack Bligh|Bligh, Jack]]
[[Jaques Blignaut|Blignaut, Jaques]]
[[Rene Blignaut|Blignaut, Rene]]
[[René Blignaut|Blignaut, René]]
[[Eileen Bliss|Bliss, Eileen]]
[[Ronnie Block|Block, Ronnie]]
[[Th. Blok|Blok, Th.]]
[[J.J. Blom|Blom, J.J.]]
[[Marlene Blom|Blom Marlene]]
[[Harry Bloom|Bloom, Harry]]
[[David Bloomberg|Bloomberg, David]]
[[M.A. Blose|Blose, M.A.]]
[[Marcia Blumberg|Blumberg, Marcia]]
[[Valda Blumberg|Blumberg, Valda]]
[[Moira Blumenthal|Blumenthal, Moira]]
[[Arnold Blumer|Blumer, Arnold]]
[[Julie Blundell|Blundell, Julie]]
[[Keith Blundell|Blundell, Keith]]
[[Peter Blythe|Blythe, Peter]]
[[Augusto Boal|Boal, Augusto]]
[[Peter Bodie|Bodie, Peter]] See '''[[Peter W. Bodie|Bodie, Peter W.]]'''
[[Peter W. Bodie|Bodie, Peter W.]]
[[Paul Boekkooi|Boekkooi, Paul]]
[[Sue Boekstein|Boekstein, Sue]]
[[James Boer|Boer, James]]
[[Leslie Boer|Boer, Leslie]]
[[John Bokwe|Bokwe, John]]
[[Bridget Boland|Boland, Bridget]]
[[Harold Bolce|Bolce, Harold]]
[[John Bolon|Bolon, John]]
[[Derek Bond|Bond, Derek]]
[[Jeremy Bonell|Bonell, Jeremy]]
[[Tammy Bonell|Bonell, Tammy]]
[[Tammy Bonell-Garner|Bonell-Garner, Tammy]]
[[Boniface]] See '''[[Charles Etienne Boniface]]'''
[[C.E. Boniface|Boniface, C.E.]] See '''[[Charles Etienne Boniface]]'''
[[Charles Etienne Boniface|Boniface, Charles Etienne]]
[[J.B. Bonthuys|Bonthuys, J.B.]]
[[Fats Bookholane|Bookholane, Fats]]
[[Eric Boon|Boon, Eric]]
[[Daniël Cornelis Boonzaaier]] See '''[[D.C. Boonzaier|Boonzaier, D.C.]]'''
[[D.C. Boonzaier|Boonzaier, D.C.]]
[[F.W. Boonzaier|Boonzaier, F.W.]]
[[Mr Boonzaier|Boonzaier, Mr]]
[[Brittain Booth|Booth, Brittain]]
[[H. Booth|Booth, H.]]
[[Sallie Booth|Booth, Sallie]]
[[Webster Booth|Booth, Webster]]
[[L.S. Booysen|Booysen, L.S.]]
[[Mitzi Booysen|Booysen, Mitzi]]
[[P. Booysen|Booysen, P.]]
[[H.D.N. Bopape|Bopape, H.D.N]]
[[Petrus B. Borcherds|Borcherds, Petrus B.]]
[[Stephan Borcherds|Borcherds, Stephan]]
[[Leon Bordeaux|Bordeaux, Leon]]
[[Gerhardus Petrus Borstlap|Borstlap, Gerhardus Petrus]]
[[Gert Borstlap|Borstlap, Gert]]
[[Hannah Borthwick|Borthwick, Hannah]]
[[James Borthwick|Borthwick, James]]
[[J.H. Bosch|Bosch, J.H.]]
[[Gideon Boshoff|Boshoff, Gideon]]
[[Louis Boshoff|Boshoff, Louis]]
[[S.P.E. Boshoff|Boshoff, S.P.E.]]
[[Elise Bosman|Bosman, Elise]]
[[F.C.L. Bosman|Bosman, F.C.L.]]
[[Felicity Bosman|Bosman, Felicity]]
[[Herman Charles Bosman|Bosman, Herman Charles]]
[[Paul Bosman|Bosman, Paul]]
[[Alfred Boswell|Boswell, Alfred]]
[[Brian Boswell|Boswell, Brian]]
[[Claude Boswell|Boswell, Claude]]
[[Eve Boswell|Boswell, Eve]]
[[James Clements Boswell|Boswell, James Clements]]
[[Jim Boswell|Boswell, Jim]]
[[Stanley Boswell|Boswell, Stanley]]
[[Sydney Boswell|Boswell, Sydney]]
[[Walter Boswell|Boswell, Walter]]
[[Annelie Botes|Botes, Annelie]]
[[Michelle Botes|Botes, Michelle]]
[[Amanda Botha|Botha, Amanda]]
[[Andrew Botha|Botha, Andrew]]
[[Anna Botha|Botha, Anna]]
[[At Botha|Botha, At]]
[[Danie Botha|Botha, Danie]]
[[Deric Botha|Botha, Deric]]
[[Elize Botha|Botha, Elize]]
[[Ellen Botha|Botha, Ellen]]
[[Hélène Botha|Botha, Hélène]]
[[Immel Botha | Botha, Immel]]
[[J.E. Botha|Botha, J.E.]]
[[Johan Botha|Botha, Johan]]
[[Johann Botha|Botha, Johann]]
[[Kappie Botha | Botha, Kappie]]
[[Lida Botha|Botha,Lida]]
[[Louise Botha|Botha, Louise]]
[[M.C. Botha|Botha, M.C.]]
[[Maggie Botha|Botha, Maggie]]
[[Marthinus Botha|Botha, Marthinus]]
[[Martin Botha|Botha, Martin]]
[[Maxi Botha|Botha, Maxi]]
[[Maxie Botha|Botha, Maxie]]
[[Pierre D. Botha | Botha, Pierre D.]]
[[Pieter Bosch Botha| Botha, Pieter Bosch]]
[[Pik Botha|Botha, Pik]]
[[Renée Botha|Botha, Renée]]
[[Rina Botha|Botha, Rina]]
[[Roelof Frederik Botha|Botha, Roelof Frederik]]
[[Saartjie Botha|Botha, Saartjie]]
[[Gabriel Bothma|Bothma, Gabriel]]
[[F. Botten|Botten, F.]]
[[Philip Boucher|Boucher, Philip]]
[[John Boulter|Boulter, John]]
[[A.C. Bouman|Bouman, A.C.]]
[[Arthur Bourchier|Bourchier, Arthur]]
[[Myles Bourke|Bourke, Myles]]
[[Helen Bourne|Bourne, Helen]]
[[Eric Bouvron|Bouvron, Eric]]
[[Jaco Bouwer|Bouwer, Jaco]]
[[Stephan Bouwer|Bouwer, Stephan]]
[[William Bowden|Bowden, William]]
[[Veronica Bowker|Bowker, Veronica]]
[[W.H. Bowker-Erasmus|Bowker-Erasmus, W.H.]]
[[Melanie Bowles|Bowles, Melanie]]
[[Peter Bowles|Bowles, Peter]]
[[Wayne Bowman|Bowman, Wayne]]
[[Graham Boxall|Boxall, Graham]]
[[Billy Boyle|Boyle, Billy]]
[[Susan Braadvedt|Braadvedt, Susan]]
[[Peter Braaf|Braaf, Peter]]
[[Sandra Braaf|Braaf, Sandra]]
[[Vivian Braaf|Braaf, Vivian]]
[[Harvey Braban|Braban, Harvey]]
[[Kim Braden|Braden, Kim]]
[[Dai Bradley|Bradley, Dai]]
[[Joyce Bradley|Bradley, Joyce]]
[[Don Bradshaw|Bradshaw, Don]]
[[Michele Bradshaw|Bradshaw, Michele]]
[[Nicholas Brady|Brady, Nicholas]]
[[Leonora Braham|Braham, Leonora]]
[[Helen Braithwaite|Braithwaite, Helen]]
[[Amelda Brand|Brand, Amelda]]
[[Chris Brand|Brand, Chris]]
[[Hendrik Brand|Brand, Hendrik]]
[[J.H. Brand|Brand, J.H.]]
[[Johannes Henricus Brand|Brand, Johannes Henricus]]
[[Pieter Brand|Brand, Pieter]]
[[W. Brandt|Brandt, W.]]
[[William Branford|Brandford, William]]
[[Mr Brannigan|Brannigan, Mr]]
[[Steve Braude|Braude, Steve]]
[[Peter Brauer|Brauer, Peter]]
[[Suanne Braun|Braun, Suanne]]
[[Taubie Braun|Braun, Taubie]]
[[Joseph Bray|Bray, Joseph]]
[[Pat Bray|Bray, Pat]]
[[John Brebner|Brebner, John]]
[[Rev Brebner|Brebner, Rev]]
[[Bertolt Brecht|Brecht, Bertolt]]
[[Pieter Bredenkamp|Bredenkamp, Pieter]]
[[Jessica Breedt|Breedt, Jessica]] 
[[Monica Breedt|Breedt, Monica]]
[[Willem Breedt|Breedt, Willem]]
[[D.H.P. Breek|Breek, D.H.P.]]
[[Eckhard Breitinger|Breitinger, Eckhard]]
[[F. Brenner|Brenner, F.]]
[[Suzanne Brenner|Brenner, Suzanne]]
[[Dennis Breto|Breto, Dennis]]
[[Ron Brettell|Brettell, Ron]]
[[Bill Brewer|Brewer, Bill]]
[[Thandi Brewer|Brewer, Thandi]]
[[Breyten Breytenbach|Breytenbach,  Breyten]]
[[Doris Breytenbach|Breytenbach, Doris]]
[[P.P.B. Breytenbach|Breytenbach, P.P.B.]] 
[[Philippa Breytenbach|Breytenbach, Philippa]]
[[Pierre Breytenbach|Breytenbach, Pierre]] 
[[Joan Brickhill|Brickhill, Joan]]
[[W. Bridekirk|Bridekirk, W.]]
[[Terence Bridgett|Bridgett, Terence]]
[[Stockton Briggle|Briggle, Stockton]]
[[Joan Bright|Bright, Joan]]
[[Hendrik Brill|Brill, Hendrik]]
[[Johan Brill|Brill, Johan]]
[[Aldo Brincat|Brincat, Aldo]]
[[A.J. Brink|Brink, A.J.]]
[[André P. Brink|Brink, André P. ]]
[[Bodil Brink|Brink, Bodil]]
[[C. Brink|Brink, C.]]
[[Enid Brink|Brink, Enid]]
[[Melt Brink|Brink, Melt]] See '''[[Melt Brink|Brink, Melt J.]]'''
[[Melt J. Brink|Brink, Melt J.]]
[[Callie Bristow|Bristow, Callie]] See '''[[Callie Cutts|Cutts, Callie]]''' 
[[Hans Brits|Brits, Hans]] see '''[[Don Siebritz|Siebritz, Don]]'''
[[Jac J. Brits|Brits, Jac J.]]
[[Huton Britton|Britton, Hutin]]
[[Leon D. Britton|Britton, Leon D.]]
[[Diana Britz|Britz, Diana]]
[[Diane Britz|Britz, Diane]]
[[Owen Britz|Britz, Owen]]
[[Reg Britz|Britz, Reg]]
[[Wolfie Britz|Britz, Wolfie]]
[[Lottie Brochin|Brochin, Lottie]]
[[Jocelyn Broderick|Broderick, Jocelyn]]
[[Gloria Brodie|Brodie, Gloria]]
[[Jean Brodie|Brodie, Jean]]
[[A.H. Broeksma|Broeksma, A.H.]]
[[Les Broer|Broer, Les]]
[[Karen-Leigh Broll|Broll, Karen-Leigh]]
[[Leslie Brompton|Brompton, Leslie]]
[[Jas. J. Broodryk|Broodryk, Jas. J.]]
[[Peter Brook|Brook, Peter]]
[[Brian Brooke|Brooke, Brian]]
[[Gay Brooke|Brooke, Gay]]
[[G.V. Brooke|Brooke, G.V.]] See '''[[Gustavus V. Brooke]]'''
[[Gustavus V. Brooke|Brooke, Gustavus V.]]
[[Michael Brooke|Brooke, Michael]]
[[Petrina Brooke|Brooke, Petrina]] See '''[[Petrina Fry|Fry, Petrina]]'''
[[Richard Brooker|Brooker, Richard]]
[[Ike Brookes|Brookes, Ike]]
[[Ralph Brooks|Brooks, Ralph]]
[[Brigid Brophy|Brophy, Brigid]] See [[Jill Fletcher|Fletcher, Jill]]
[[Mrs Brough|Brough, Mrs]]
[[Bernard Brown|Brown, Bernard]]
[[Clinton Brown|Brown, Clinton]]
[[David Brown|Brown, David]]
[[Graham Brown|Brown, Graham]]
[[James Ambrose Brown|Brown, James Ambrose]]
[[Mario Brown|Brown, Mario]]
[[Oskar Brown|Brown, Oskar]] 
[[Ray Brown | Brown, Ray]]
[[Ros Brown|Brown, Ros]]
[[Sally Brown|Brown, Sally]]
[[Sammy Brown|Brown, Sammy]]
[[Stuart Brown|Brown, Stuart]]
[[Theresa Brown|Brown, Theresa]]
[[Mrs James Brown-Potter|Brown-Potter, Mrs James]]     
[[Robin Brownell|Brownell, Robin]]
[[Ian Bruce|Bruce, Ian]]
[[Angela Brückner|Brückner, Angela]]
[[Jan Bruijns|Bruijns, Jan]]
[[Tone Brulin|Brulin, Tone]]
[[Michael Brunner|Brunner, Michael]]
[[Gillian Brunings|Brunings, Gillian (Gill)]]
[[Dennis Brutus|Brutus, Dennis]]
[[Jan Bruyns|Bruyns, Jan]]
[[Dora Bryan|Bryan, Dora]]
[[Margot Bryant|Bryant, Margot]]
[[Elspeth Bryce|Bryce, Elspeth]]
[[Mavourneen Bryceland|Bryceland, Mavourneen]]
[[Yvonne Bryceland|Bryceland, Yvonne]]
[[Stefan Bubenzer|Bubenzer, Stefan]]
[[Naomi Buch|Buch, Naomi]]
[[Pamela Buchner|Buchner, Pamela]] 
[[John Thos. Buck|Buck, John Thos.]]
[[Paul Buckby|Buckby, Paul]]
[[Andrew Buckland|Buckland, Andrew]]
[[Janet Buckland|Buckland, Janet]]
[[Devi Bughwan|Bughwan, Devi]]
[[Johann Buhr|Buhr, Johann]]
[[Attie Buitendach|Buitendach, Attie]]
[[Sepati Bulani-Hopa|Bulani-Hopa, Sepati]] 
[[Llewellyn Bull|Bull, Llewellyn]]
[[Joseph Buloff|Buloff, Joseph]]
[[Alexandra Bungley|Bungley, Alexandra]]
[[Arnold Bunton|Bunton, Arnold]]
[[John Burch|Burch, John]]
[[Joyce Burch|Burch, Joyce]]
[[La Verne Burden|Burden, La Verne]]
[[Mrs Burdett|Burdett, Mrs]]
[[A.M. Burger|Burger, A.M.]]
[[Attie Burger|Burger, Attie]] See '''[[A.M. Burger]]'''
[[Danie Burger|Burger, Danie]]
[[Kobus Burger|Burger, Kobus]]
[[Lorraine Burger|Burger, Lorraine]]
[[Marjorie Burger|Burger, Marjorie]]
[[Nico Burger|Burger, Nico]]
[[Frederik Burgers|Burgers, Frederik]]
[[M.P. Burgers|Burgers, M.P. ]]
[[M.P.O. Burgers|Burgers, M.P.O.]]
[[M.P. Olivier Burgers|Burgers, M.P. Olivier]]
[[Olivier Burgers|Burgers, Olivier]] 
[[Angus Burges|Burges, Angus]]
[[Neville Burgess|Burgess, Neville]]
[[O.M. Burgh|Burgh, O.M.]]
[[Johan Burgher|Burgher, Johan]] 
[[Louis Burke|Burke, Louis]]
[[Gillian Burl|Burl, Gillian]]
[[Lynton Burnes|Burnes, Lynton]]
[[W. Burnet|Burnet, W.]]
[[Charles H. Butcher|Butcher, Charles H.]]
[[Felicia Buthelezi|Buthelezi, Felicia]]
[[Gatsha Buthelezi|Buthelezi, Gatsha]]  See [[Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi]]
[[Mangosuthu Buthelezi|Buthelezi, Mangosuthu ]] See [[Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi]]
[[Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi|Buthelezi, Mangosuthu Gatsha]]
[[Sipho Buthelezi|Buthelezi, Sipho]]
[[Charlotte Butler|Butler, Charlotte]]
[[David Butler|Butler, David]]
[[Frederick Guy Butler|Butler, Frederick Guy]] See '''[[Guy Butler|Butler, Guy]]'''
[[Guy Butler|Butler, Guy]]
[[Peter Butler|Butler, Peter]]
[[Robert Butler|Butler, Robert]]
[[Lois Butlin|Butlin, Lois]]
[[Cecile Buurman|Buurman, Cecile]]
[[Lara Bye|Bye, Lara]]
[[Mr Bynge|Bynge, Mr]]
[[Tom Byrne|Byrne, Tom]]
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