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== The list ==
== The list ==
[[M. Butterfly]] (Hwang)
[[Ma Femme et Mon Parapluie]] (Laurencin)
[[Ma Rainey's Black Bottom]] (Wilson)
[[Ma Tante Aurora, ou Le Roman Impromptu]] (Longchamps and Boieldieu)
[[MacBeki - A Farce to the Reckoned With]] (Shakespeare/Uys)
[[Macbeth]] (Shakespeare)
[[A Macbeth|Macbeth, A]] (Shakespeare/Marowitz)
[[Macbeth, slapeloos]] (Shakespeare/Basson and cast)
[[Macready!]] (Barrie)
[[MacRune's Guevara]] (Spurling)
[[Mad as a Hatter]] (Marshall)
[[Madame Butterfly]] (Belasco)
[[Madame de Sade]] (Mishima)
[[Mädchen in Uniform]] (Winsloe) '''See ''[[Gestern und Heute]]'''''
[[Madly in Love]]
[[The Madness of George III|Madness of George III, The]] (Bennett)
[[The Madwoman of Chaillot|Madwoman of Chaillot, The]]
[[Mag ek Saamspeel?]]
[[Magda]] (Südermann) '''See ''[[Heimat]]'''''
[[The Magpie, or The Maid?|Magpie, The, or The Maid?]] (Pocock)
[[Magic Afternoon]]
[[The Magic Zone|Magic Zone, The]] An interlude.
[[The Magistrate|Magistrate, The]]
[[Mahatma vs Ghandi]]
[[The Maid and the Magpie, or Who's the Thief!!!|Maid and the Magpie, or Who's the Thief!!!, The]] (Pocock) '''See ''[[The Magpie , or The Maid?]]'''''
[[The Maid of Croissey, or Theresa's Vow|Maid of Croissey, The, or Theresa's Vow]] (Gore)
[[The Maids|Maids, The]]
[[The Maid of the Mountains|Maid of the Mountains, The]]
[[The Maid Turned Mistress|Maid Turned Mistress, The]]
[[The Maid with the Milking Pail|Maid with the Milking Pail, The]] (Buckstone)
[[Les Mains Sales|Mains Sales, Les]]
[[The Maintenance Man|Maintenance Man, The]]
[[Maison à Vendre]] (Pineux-Duval)
[[La Maison en Loterie|Maison en Loterie, La]] (Radet and Picard)
[[A Majority of One|Majority of One, A]]
[[Mak, the Sheep-Stealer]]
[[Make Your Wills!]] (Mayhew and Smith)
[[Makhaulambilu a Julius Caesar]]
[[Makin, of De Ontdekking van Madera]]  (Barbaz)
[[Mal Hans]]
[[Le Malade imaginaire|Malade imaginaire, Le]]
[[The Male Animal|Male Animal, The]]
[[The Male Intellect|Male Intellect, The]]
[[The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?|Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?, The]]
[[Mamma Medea]]
[[Mammon and Gammon]] (Talfourd)
[[Manke Koos]] (Arnold).
[[A Man About the House|Man About the House, A]]
[[A Man and His Wife|Man and His Wife, A]]
[[Man and Superman]]
[[Man and the Masses]]
[[A Man for all Seasons|Man for all Seasons, A]]
[[A Man Hanging|Man Hanging, A]]
[[De Man in Drie Gedaanten, of De Balling|Man in Drie Gedaanten, of De Balling]] (Zschokke/Pixérécourt) '''See ''[[Abällino der Grosse Bandit]]'''''
[[The Man in Half Moon Street|Man in Half Moon Street, The]]
[[The Man in the Bowler Hat|Man in the Bowler Hat, The]]
[[The Man Most Likely To|Man Most Likely To, The]]
[[De Man Naar de Klok|Man Naar de Klok, De]] (Von Hippel/Maas)
[[The Man of Destiny|Man of Destiny, The]]
[[Man of La Mancha]]
[[Man to Man]]
[['n Man van Beginsel|Man van Beginsel, 'n]]
[[De Man van Veertig Jaren|Man van Veertig Jaren, De]] (Fagan/Kotzebue) '''See ''[[Der Mann von Vierzig Jahren]]'''''
[[Der Mann von Vierzig Jahren|Mann von Vierzig Jahren, Der]] (Fagan/Kotzebue)
[[The Man (by Mel Dinelli)|Man (by Mel Dinelli), The]]
[[The Man Who|Man Who, The]]
[[The Man Who Came to Dinner|Man Who Came to Dinner, The]]
[[The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife|Man Who Married a Dumb Wife, The]]
[[Man With a Load of Mischief]]
[[A Man With Red Hair|Man With Red Hair, A]]
[[The Man Who Ate the Popomack|Man Who Ate the Popomack, The]]
[[A Man's House|Man's House, A]]
[[La Mandragola|Mandragola, La]]
[[Manke Koos]] (Arnold)
[[Der Mann nach der Uhr, oder der ordentliche Mann|Mann nach der Uhr, Der;  oder der ordentliche Mann]] (Von Hippel)
[[Marat/Sade]] (Weiss)
[[Marcel]] (Sandeau and Decourcelle)
[[March of the Falsettos]]
[[Marching Song]]
[[Marcus Brutus]]
[[Margin for Error]]
[[Le Mari Ermite|Mari Ermite, Le]] (Von Kotzebue/Boursault-Malherbe)
[[Un Mari qui se Dérange|Mari qui se Dérange, Un]] (Cormon and Grangé)
[[Maria de Buenos Aires]]
[[Maria Magdalena]] (Hebbel)
[[Maria Stuart]] (Schiller)
[[Le Mariage de Biribi|Mariage de Biribi, Le]] (Barago/Boniface)
[[Le Mariage de Figaro|Mariage de Figaro, Le]] (Beaumarchais) (Beaumarchais/Mozart) '''See ''[[La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro]]'''''
[[Le Mariage de Jocrisse|Mariage de Jocrisse, Le]] (Guillemain)
[[Le Mariage du Capucin|Mariage du Capucin, Le]] (Pelletier-Volméranges)
[[Le Mariage Forcé|Mariage Forcé, Le]] (Molière)
[[Mariana Pineda]]
[[Marie Simon]] (Alboize, Saint Yves and Choler)
[[Marie zápasí s anděly]]
[[Marietjie van Nijmegen]] See [[Mariken van Nieumeghen]]
[[Mariken van Nieumeghen]]
[[Mark Twain]]
[[The Marksman|Marksman, The]] (Von Weber) '''See [[Der Freischütz]]'''
[[The Marowitz Hamlet|Marowitz Hamlet, The]] (Shakespeare/Marowitz)
[[The Marquis and the Cobbler|Marquis and the Cobbler, The]] (d'Ennery/Dance)
[[Marriage à la Mode]] (Dryden)
[[Un Marriage de Convenance|Marriage de Convenance, Un]]
[[The Marriage-Go-Round|Marriage-Go-Round, The]]
[[A Marriage Has Been Arranged|Marriage Has Been Arranged, A]]
[[The Marriage of Figaro|Marriage of Figaro, The]] (Beaumarchais/Mozart) '''See ''[[La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro]]'''''
[[The Marriage of Mr Mississippi|Marriage of Mr Mississippi, The]]
[[The Married Bachelor, or Master and Man|Married Bachelor, The, or Master and Man]] (O'Callaghan)
[[Married Life]] (Buckstone)
[[The Married Rake|Married Rake, The]]  (Selby)
[[The Marrying Sort|Marrying Sort, The]]
[[Martha]] (Flotow/ Riese)
[[The Martian Chronicles|Martian Chronicles, The]]
[[Marx in Soho]]
[[Mary, Mary]]
[[Mary Mary]]
[[Mary Stuart]]
[[The Mask and the Face|Mask and the Face, The]]
[[Masaniello, or The Dumb Girl of Portici]] (Cooke et al/Milner)
[[Masaniello, or The Fish-o'-Man of Naples]] (Brough)
[[Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples]] (Milner/Soane)
[[La Mascotte|Mascotte, La]] (Audran)
[[Mass Appeal]] (Davis)
[[The Master Builder|Master Builder, The]]
[[Master Class]]
[[Master Class (McNally)]]
[[Master Class (Pownall)]]
[[Master Dudley]]
[[Master Wayfarer]]
[[The Match Girls|Match Girls, The]]
[[The Matchmaker|Matchmaker, The]]
[[Matteo Falcone]] (Merimee, tr. Wilson)
[[Matteo Falcone; or The Brigand and Son]] (Merimee, tr. Oxberry)
[[Mauvaise Tête et Bon Coeur]] (Favières)
[[Maybe Baby, It's You]]
[[El Mayor Encanto, Amor|Mayor Encanto, Amor, El]] (Calderon)
[[The Mayor of Garratt|Mayor of Garratt, The]] (Foote)
[[The Me Nobody Knows|Me Nobody Knows, The]]
[[Me and My Girl]]
[[Measure for Measure]]
[[Le Médecin Malgré Lui|Médecin Malgré Lui, Le]] (Molière)
[[Meester Vink, of De Vermiste Diamant]] (Desaugiers and Gentil, tr Van Ray) '''See ''[[Pierrot, ou Le Diamant Perdu]]'''''
[[Meet Mrs Beeton]]
[[The Meeting|Meeting, The]]
[[Meg's Diversion]] (Craven)
[[Het Meisje boven de Tien|Meisje boven de Tien, Het]] (Garrick) '''See ''[[Miss in her Teens, or, The Medley of Lovers]]'''''
[[Men Doet Wat Men Kan, Niet Wat Men Wil]] (Dorvigny) '''See ''[[On Fait ce qu’on Peut et non pas ce qu’on Veut]]'''''
[[Men in White]]
[[Menaechmi]] (Plautus)
[[The Mendicant|Mendicant, The]] (À Beckett)
[[Meneer Puntila en sy Kneg Matti]]
[[Meneer Sleeman Kom]] (Hjalmar Bergman)
[[Menopause - The Musical]]
[[Menschenhaat en Berouw]] (Von Kotzenbue) '''See [[Menschenhass und Reue]]'''
[[Menschenhass und Reue]] (Von Kotzebue)
[[Le Menteur|Menteur, Le]] (Corneille)
[[The Merchant of Venice|Merchant of Venice, The]] (Shakespeare)
[[The Merchant of Yonkers|Merchant of Yonkers, The]]
[[Merely Players]]
[[Merrie England]]
[[Merry Andrew]] (Beach)
[[The Merry Widow|Merry Widow, The]]
[[The Merry Wives of Windsor|Merry Wives of Windsor, The]] (Shakespeare)
[[La Meunière De Gentilly|Meunière De Gentilly, La]] (Lemonnier)
[[Michael Erle, the Maniac Lover, or The Fayre Lass of Lichfield]] (Wilks)
[[Michael Erle, the Maniac Lover, or The Fayre Lass of Lichfield]] (Wilks)
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[[De Minnaar op den Proef, of Het Zonderlinge Tweegevecht|Minnaar op den Proef, De, of Het Zonderlinge Tweegevecht]] (Anon./De Boer)
[[De Minnaar op den Proef, of Het Zonderlinge Tweegevecht|Minnaar op den Proef, De, of Het Zonderlinge Tweegevecht]] (Anon./De Boer)
[[Miracle at Verdun]] (Schlumberg)
[[Miracle Conway]] (Aron)
[[The Miracle Worker| Miracle Worker, The]] (Gibson)
[[Le Misanthrope|Misanthrope, Le]] (Molière)
[[Miscarriage of Murder]]
[[The Mischievous Nigger|Mischievous Nigger, The]] (White)
[[Misdaad en Wroeging]] (Meys)
[[Misdade van die Vaders]]
[[The Miser|Miser, The]]  '''See [[L'Avare]] (Molière)'''
[[The Miser, or Happiness found in Gold|Miser, or Happiness found in Gold, The]] (a "Comic Pantomime in 1 act")
[[The Miseries of Human Life|Miseries of Human Life, The]] (Beresford/Webster)
[[Miskend]] (Meys)
[[Miß Fanny, oder Der Schiffbruch]] (Brandes)
[[Miss in her Teens, or, The Medley of Lovers]] (Garrick)
[[Miss Julie]] (Strindberg)
[[Miss Margarida's Way]]
[[The Mistake|Mistake, The]] (Vanbrugh)
[[Mistakes of a Night]] (Goldsmith) '''See ''[[She Stoops to Conquer]]'''''
[[Mistero Buffo]] (Dario Fo)
[[The Mistress of the Inn|Mistress of the Inn, The]]
[[Een Misverstand|Misverstand, Een]] (Taylor)
[[Het Misverstand, of Elk is Een Dief in Zijne Nering|Misverstand, Het, of Elk is Een Dief in Zijne Nering]] (Harding)
[[The Mock Doctor|Mock Doctor, The]] (Molière/Fielding)
[[The Mock Statue, or The Old Man Deceived]] (Anon)
[[Modern Antiques, or The Merry Mourners]] (O'Keeffe)
[['n Moeder|Moeder, 'n]]
[[Moeder Courage]]
[[De Moeder des Huisgezins, of Is er Geen Orde voor Edele Huisvrouwen?|Moeder des Huisgezins, De, of Is er Geen Orde voor Edele Huisvrouwen?]] (Kotzebue) '''See ''[[Die Deutsche Hausfrau]]'''''
[[Moeder Ierland]]
[[De Moetwillige Jongen]] (Ogier)
[[The Mogul Tale, or The Descent of the Balloon|Mogul Tale, or The Descent of the Balloon, The]] (Inchbald)
[[Mogwebi wa Venisi]]
[[Mohwebi wa Venisi]]
[[Moj of the Antarctic]]
[[De Molen bij Auerstad|Molen bij Auerstad, De]] (Ernst)
[[Mollusc Mania]]
[[Molly Sweeney]]
[[Molora]] (Aeschylus/Farber) '''See [[The Oresteia]]'''
[[Momma Golda]]
[[La Monaco|Monaco, La]]
[[Monday After the Miracle]]
[[Monet, Directeur de l'Opéra-Comique]] (Barré, Radet and Desfontaines)
[[The Monkey Walk|Monkey Walk, The]]
[[Monna Vanna]]
[[Monsieur Beaucaire]]
[[Monsieur Jacques]] (Barnett)
[[Monsieur Tonson]] (Moncrieffe)
[[Monsieur Tonson, of De Geplaagde Barbier]]  See '''[[Monsieur Tonson]]''' (Moncrieffe)
[[The Monster of the Eddystone,  or The Lighthouse Keepers|Monster of the Eddystone, The, or The Lighthouse Keepers]] (Pitt) See ''[[The Eddystone Elf]]'' 
[[De Montfordts|Montfordts, De]] (Bergh)
[[A Month in the Country|Month in the Country, A]]
[[Montoni, of Het Kasteel van Udolpho]] (Duval/Bruggemans) '''See ''[[Montoni, ou Le Chateau d'Udolphe]]'''''
[[Montoni, ou Le Chateau d'Udolphe]] (Duval)
[[Montserrat]] (Roblès)
[[Moon Birds]]
[[A Moon for the Misbegotten|Moon for the Misbegotten]]
[[The Moon is Blue|Moon is Blue, The]]
[[The Moon is Down|Moon is Down, The]]
[[Moord Romance]]
[[De Moord van Dingaan aan Pieter Retief|Moord van Dingaan aan Pieter Retief, De]] ([[H.W. Teengs|Teengs]])
[[Die Moordenaar|Moordenaar, Die]]
[[Morekisi wa Venisi]]
[[Morning's at Seven]]
[[The Morning Star|Morning Star, The]]
[[Mornings at Seven]]
[[The Mortgage|Mortgage, The]]
[[The Most Happy Fella|Most Happy Fella, The]]
[[Mother Courage]] (Brecht)
[[Mother Shipton]]  ([[W.F.H. Parker]])
[[Mothers and Fathers]]
[[The Mountaineers|Mountaineers, The]] (Colman Jr)
[[Mourning Becomes Electra]]
[[The Mousetrap|Mousetrap, The]]
[[Move Over Mrs. Markham]]
[[Mr. & Mrs. Peter White]] (Raymond)
[[Mr. and Mrs. White]] (Raymond) '''See ''[[Mr. & Mrs. Peter White]]'''''
[[Mr Bolfry]]
[[Mr F.]]
[[Mr Pim Passes By]]
[[Mr Preedy and the Countess]] (Carton)
[[Mr Roper]] (Aron)
[[Mr Thompson, or Which is He?]] (Moncrieff)
[[Mrs Green's Snug Little Business]] (Cheltnam)
[[Mrs Klein]]
[[Mrs Warren's Profession]] (Shaw)
[[Much Ado about Nothing]]
[[Die Mühle bei Auerstädt, oder Die Unverhoffte Erbschaft|Mühle bei Auerstädt, oder Die Unverhoffte Erbschaft, Die]] (Ernst)
[[Murder Among Friends]]
[[Murder at the Vicarage]]
[[Murder by Proxy]]
[[A Murder has been Arranged|Murder has been Arranged, A]]
[[Murder in Green Meadows]]
[[Murder in the Cathedral]]
[[A Murder is Announced|Murder is Announced, A]]
[[Murder Mistaken]]
[[Murder on the Nile]]
[[Music at Night]]
[[The Music Lesson|Music Lesson, The]] (Anon.)
[[La Musica|Musica, La]] (Duras)
[[Der Muthwillige, oder Der Wirrwarr]] (Von Kotzebue)
[[My Arme Marat]]
[[My Astonishing Self]]
[[My Brilliant Divorce]] (Aron)
[[My Cup Ranneth Over]]
[[My Daughter, Sir!, or A Daughter to Marry]] (Planché) 
[[My Dress Boots]] (Williams)
[[My Fair Lady]]
[[My Family came over with the Normans]]
[[My Fat Friend]] (Laurence)
[[My First Fit of the Gout]] (Morton)
[[My Husband’s wild desires almost drove me mad]]
[[My Name is Rachel Corrie]]
[[My New Wife and my Old Umbrella]] (Laurencin/Peake)
[[My Poor Marat]]
[[My Seuns]]
[[My Sister Eileen]]
[[My Sister in this House]]
[[My Son's a Daughter]] (Parselle)
[[My Sweetheart]] (Maeder and Gill)
[[My Three Angels]]
[[My Uncle's Will]] (Theyre-Smith)
[[My Vrou se Man se Lyk se Tas]]
[[My Wife's Second Floor]] (Morton)
[[My Young Wife and My Old Umbrella]] (Laurencin/Webster) 
[[My Zinc Bed]]
[[The Mysteries of Udolpho|Mysteries of Udolpho, The]] (Radcliffe)
[[The Mysteries of Udolpho, or The Phantom of the Castle|Mysteries of Udolpho, The, or The Phantom of the Castle]] (Radcliffe/Bayliss)
[[The Mystery|Mystery, The]] (Vulpius/Wilson) '''See ''[[Das Geheimnis]]''''' 
[[The Mystery of Irma Vep|Mystery of Irma Vep, The]]
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