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[[I Was King]]
[[I Was King]]
[[Ibcheck]] (Haworth)
[[Icarus's Mother]]
[[Ici on Parle Français]] (Williams)
[[An Ideal Husband|Ideal Husband, An]]
[[Die Idioot|Idioot, Die]]
[[The Idiot|Idiot, The]]
[[The Idler|Idler, The]] (Pirandello) '''See ''[[Liolà]]'''''
[[Ieder Veege Zyn Eigen Vloer]] (Schröder)
[[If Men Played Cards as Women Do]]
[[If the Cap Fits]] (Harrington and Yates)
[[Igazi Lam]]
[[iHamlet]] (Shakespeare/[[Robin Malan|Malan]])
[[Het Ijzeren Masker|Ijzeren Masker, Het]] (Zschokke) '''See ''[[Die Eiserne Larve]]'''''
[[Ik ben naar het Vondelfeest gewees]] (Van der Stempel Jr)
[[Ik Inviteer Mijn Kolonel]]
[[I'll Leave it to you]]
[[I'll Leave it to you]]
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[[I've Eaten my Friend!]] (Saintine, Varin and Boyer/Bridgman) '''See ''[[J'ai Mangé Mon Ami]]'''''
[[I've Eaten my Friend!]] (Saintine, Varin and Boyer/Bridgman) '''See ''[[J'ai Mangé Mon Ami]]'''''
[[Ibcheck]] (Haworth)
[[The Illustrious Stranger, or Married and Buried|Illustrious Stranger, or Married and Buried, The]] (Kenney and Milligen)
[[Icarus's Mother]]
[[Ici on (ne) Parle (pas) Français]] (Toole/Robins)
[[L'Imbecille|Imbecille, L']] (Pirandello)
[[Ici on Parle Français]] (Williams)
[[The Immoralist|Immoralist, The]]
[[An Ideal Husband|Ideal Husband, An]]
[[The Importance of Being Earnest|Importance of Being Earnest, The]]
[[Die Idioot|Idioot, Die]] (Dostoevsky/Barsacq/Gevers-Vorster) '''See ''[[The Idiot]]'''''
[[The Importance of Being Irish|Importance of Being Irish, The]]
[[L'Idiot|Idiot,L']] (Dostoevsky/Barsacq)
[[The Importance of Being Oscar|Importance of Being Oscar, The]]
[[The Idiot of the Mountain|Idiot of the Mountain, The]] (Grangé  and Thiboust/Suter) '''See ''[[Le Cretin de la Montagne]]'''''
[[Important People]]
[[The Idiot Witness, or A Tale of Blood|Idiot Witness, The, or A Tale of Blood]] (Haines)
[[Improvisation, or, The Shepherd's Chameleon]]
[[The Idler|Idler, The]] (Chambers)
[[In den Kerker van Simancas, 1570]] (Van den Bergh)
[[The Idler|Idler, The]] (Pirandello) '''See ''[[Liolà]]'''''
[[In die Kloue van Satan]]
[[Ieder Veege Zyn Eigen Vloer]] (Schröder)
[[In One Bed... and Out the Other]]
[[In Praise of Love]]
[[In Praise of Rattigan]]
[[In the Case of J. Robert Oppenheimer]]
[[In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer]] (Kipphardt)
[[In the Ranks]] (Sims and Pettit)
[[In the Summer of 1918]]
[[In Theatre Street]] (Lenormand)
[[In Town]] (Ross, Leader and Carr)
[[In Two Minds]]
[[Die Inbreker|Inbreker, Die]]
[[The Inchcape Bell, or The Dumb Sailor Boy|Inchcape Bell, The, or The Dumb Sailor Boy]] (Fitzball)
[[The Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria|Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria, The]]
[[The Incredible Vanishing|Incredible Vanishing, The]]
[[The Indians of the Far West|Indians of the Far West, The]] (Anon)
[[Der Indienfahrer|Indienfahrer, Der]] (Arresto)
[[Die Indringer|Indringer, Die]]
[[The Indian Wants the Bronx|Indian Wants the Bronx, The]]
[[The Infant of Spain|Infant of Spain, The]]
[[Inherit the Wind]]
[[Inkle and Yarico]] (Colman Jr)
[[The Innkeeper of Abbeville, or The Ostler and the Robber|Innkeeper of Abbeville, The, or The Ostler and the Robber]] (Fitzball)
[[The Innocents|Innocents, The]]
[[The Insect Play|Insect Play, The]]
[[An Inspector Calls|Inspector Calls, An]]
[[Intent to Murder]]
[[L'Interieur|Interieur, L']]
[[Into the Woods]]
[[Les Intrigants, ou Assaut de Fourberies|Intrigants, ou Assaut de Fourberies, Les]] (Dumaniant)
[[De intrigue aan het venster]] (Von Kotzebue)
[[Iolanthe]] (Gilbert and Sullivan)
[[Ion]] (Talfourd)
[[Die Ipekonders|Ipekonders, Die]]
[[Iphigenia in Aulis]]
[[Iphigenia in Tauris]]
[[The Irish Attorney|Irish Attorney, The]] (Bernard) '''See ''[[The Irish Attorney, or Galway Practice in 1770]]'''''
[[The Irish Attorney, or Galway Practice in 1770|Irish Attorney, The, or Galway Practice in 1770]] (Bernard)
[[The Irish Post|Irish Post, The]] (Planché)
[[The Irish Tiger|Irish Tiger, The]] (Morton)
[[The Irish Tutor, or New Lights|Irish Tutor, or New Lights, The]] (Glengall)
[[The Irish Widow|Irish Widow, The]] (Garrick)
[[The Irishman in London|Irishman in London, The]]'' (Macready)
[[Irma La Douce]] (Monnot and Breffort)
[[The Iron Chest|Iron Chest, The]] (Colman the Younger)
[[The Iron Harp|Iron Harp, The]]
[[Is Jy 'n Bokryer?]] (Laufs and Kraatz)
[[Isadora]] (Searelle)
[[Isidora]] (Searelle) ''See ''[[Isadora]]'''''
[[The Island of Slaves|Island of Slaves, The]]
[[Isn't It Romantic]]
[[Iste Gallus Bene Cantat, of Is Het Hy Wel?]] (Anon)
[[It Runs in the Family]]
[[It Won't Be a Stylish Marriage]]
[[It's Autumn Now]]
[[It's a Boy!]]
[[It's Called the Sugar Plum]]
[[Ivanhoe, or The Jewess of York]] (Scott/Moncrieff)
[[Ivanhoe, or The Knight Templar]] (Scott and Farley)
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