ESAT Foreign plays H-Han

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The list

H.M.S. Pinafore

Haar Eerste Bal

Haar Egskeiding

Haar Thuis (Südermann) See Heimat

Haar Tweede Man

Haat en Liefde (Von Bonin) See Haß und Liebe

Habeas Corpus

Hadrian the Seventh


Hairy Ape, The

Half an Hour

Halfway up the Tree

Hallowed Ground

Hamlet (Shakespeare)

iHamlet (Shakespeare/Malan)

Hamlet, kgosi ea Denmark (Shakespeare/Mahloane)

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Shakespeare/Abrahamse and Meyer)

Hamletmachine (Shakespeare/Müller)

Hand vol vere, Die (Brink)

Hands Across the Sea

Handy Andy (Various authors)

Hans de Kruyer in t' Verhoor (Beckmann/Schoonhoven and Van Nooten) See Der Eckensteher Nante im Verhör

Hans Huckebein, der Unglücksrabe (Blumenthal and Kadelburg)

Hansel and Gretel


Happiest Days of Your Life, The (J. Dighton)

Happiness Cage, The

Happy as a Sandbag

Happy as Larry

Happy Birthday

Happy Days

Happy End

Happy Endings are Extra

Happy Jack

Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden, The

Happy Man, The (Lover)

Happy Marriage, The

Happy Pair, A (Smith)

Happy Prince, The

Harbour Lights, The (Sims and Pettitt)

Hard Struggle, A (Marston)

Hariadan Barbarossa, of Het Beleg van Reggio (Lamarque de Saint-Victor and Corsse/Fallée) See Hariadan Barberousse

Hariadan Barberousse (Lamarque de Saint-Victor and Corsse)


Harlequin ABC

Harlequin and Mother Goose, or The Golden Egg (Dibdin)

Harlequin and the Magic Donkey

Harlequin Pantomime

Harlequin Prince Perseus, or The Maid and the Monster (Anon.)

Harlequinesque Pantomime

Harmful Effects of Tobacco, The (Chekhov)

Harold and Maude




Haß und Liebe (Von Bonin)


Hasty Heart, The

Hatful of Rain, A

Haunted Host, The. A Quartet for Two Actors, a Telephone and a Ghost

The Haunted Inn (Peake) See The Haunted Inn, or How to lay a Ghost

Haunted Inn, The, or How to lay a Ghost (Peake)

Hausdoktor, Der (Ziegler)

Hay Fever

Heartbreak House

Hearts are Trumps (Lemon)

Heaven of Existence

Hecuba (Euripides)

Hedda Gabler

Heidi Chronicles, The

Heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe, Die

Heilige Vlam, Die


Heir at Law, The (George Colman the Younger)

Heiress, The

Hekse van Salem, Die

Hélène (Géraldy) See Aimer (Géraldy)

Helleveeg, De (Loosjes)

Hellhound (Whyle)

Hello, Dolly!

Hello I'm 8!

Hello Out There


Hendrik IV (Shakespeare)

Henry IV

Henry IV (Pirandello) See Enrico IV

Henry IV, Part 1 (Shakespeare)

Henry IV, Part 2 (Shakespeare)

Henry V

Henry VIII

Henry Dunbar

Her Little Ladyship

Her Love Against the World

Héros de Cuisine, Les , ou L'enfant de l'Amour (Jacquelin)

Héritière, L' (Scribe and Delavigne)

Héritiers Rabourdin, Les (Zola)

Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti

Herschapen Boer, De (Holberg) See Jeppe på Bjerget

Heure de Prison, ou La Lettre de Recommandation, Une (Sewrin, Dumersan and Merle)

Heureuse Erreur, L' (Patrat)

Heute weder Hamlet

High Backed Chair

High Cost of Loving, The

High Life Below Stairs (Townley)

High School Musical on Stage!

High Society (musical and film)

Highway Crossing, The, or, The Tale of a Golden Fish

Hij moet Duelleren (A.A. van der Stempel, Jr)

Hij Moet Er Uit en Hij Zal Er Uit! (Meijs)

Hill's Literary Entertainments



History Boys, The

Hitting Town

Hobson's Choice

Hoe die Nieuws versprei 't

Hoed van den Horlogemaker, De (Girardin/Leonard) See Le Chapeau d'un Horloger.

Hoefsmid, De (Quétant, tr Menkema)

Hole, The

Hole in the Wall, The (Poole)

Hollow, The

Hollow Crown, The

Holly and the Ivy, The


Home at Seven

Home Fires

Home Free

Home of the Brave

Homecoming, The

Homme à Trois Visages, Le, ou Le Proscrit (Zschokke/Pixérécourt) See Abällino der Grosse Bandit

L'Homme Blasé (Duvert and Lauzanne de Vauroussel)

L'Homme Gris (D'Aubigny and Poujol)

Homosexual or the Difficulty of Expression, The

Hompie Kedompie See Humpty Dumpty

Hond se Gedagte

Honest Thieves, The (Howard/Knight)

Honesty is the best Policy (Lemon)

Honneur et Indigence, ou Le Divorce par Amour (Von Kotzebue/Weiss and Patrat)

The Honey Moon, or How to Rule a Wife (Tobin)

The Honeymoon (Tobin) See The Honey Moon, or How to Rule a Wife



Hoogste Lot, Het (Hagemeister)

Het Hoogste Recht (Boudier-Bakker)

Hoogste Reg, Die (Boudier-Bakker) See Het Hoogste Recht

Horoskooptrekker, De, of De Speculant in Effecten (Hanegraaff)

Hostage, The

Hostile Witness

Hot Summer Night

Hot Tiara

Hotel Paradiso

Hotel Wittebrood (Van Buren)

House by the Lake, The

House Guest

House in Fern Road, The

House of Bernarda Alba, The

House of Blue Leaves, The

House of O, The: A Reconstruction of Hamlet (Shakespeare/Barnard)

House to be Sold, A (Cobb)

House with Twisty Windows, The

Housekeeper, The, or "The White Rose" (Jerrold)

How He Lied To Her Husband

How I Learned to Drive

How's the World Treating You?

How the Other Half Loves

How to Die for Love! (Von Kotzebue) See Blind Geladen

How to Pay the Rent (Power)

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

H.P. and Friends


Hugo de Groot (Von Kotzebue) See Hugo Grotius

Hugo Grotius (Von Kotzebue)

Hugenoten, De (Meyerbeer, Scribe and Deschamps) See Les Huguenots

Huguenots, Les (Meyerbeer, Scribe and Deschamps)

Huigelaar, Die (Molière) See Tartuffe

Huis Clos

Huis te Koop

Huis Toe (Pinter)

Huis Toe (Süderman)

Huisdokter, De (Ziegler) See Der Hausdoktor

Huishouden van Jan Steen, Het (Westerman)

Huishoudster van Twee Oude Heeren, De (F.W.B.)

Huistoe (Süderman)

Huit Femmes (Thomas)

Humpty Dumpty (character/title)

Hunchback, The (Knowles)

Hundred Pound Note, The (Peake)

Hundred Years Old, A

Hunting a Turtle (Selby)

Een Huwelijksadvertentie, of De Geplaagde Schoolmeester (Broekhoff)

Huwelijk van Jocrisse, Het (Guillemain/Fallée) See Le Mariage de Jocrisse

Huwelyk van den Capucyn, Het (Pelletier-Volméranges) See Le Mariage du Capucin

Huzaar en Pandoer (Schücking/Schuitemaker)

Hy Moet Er Uit en Hy Zal Er Uit (Meys)

Hypocrite, The (Molière) See Tartuffe