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=The list=
=The list=
[[All that Glitters is not Gold|Factory Girl, The]] (Morton and Morton) '''See ''[[All that Glitters is not Gold]]'''''
[[All that Glitters is not Gold|Factory Girl, The, or All that Glitters is not Gold]] (Morton and Morton) '''See ''[[All that Glitters is not Gold]]'''''
[[Der Fähndrich, oder Der Falsche Verdacht|Fähndrich, Der, oder Der Falsche Verdacht]] (Schröder)
[[The Fair One with the Golden Locks|Fair One with the Golden Locks, The]]
[[The Fairy Lady|Fairy Lady, The]] (Calderon)
[[Fairy Tales of New York]]
[[Faith Healer]]
[[The Fall and Redemption of Man|Fall and Redemption of Man, The]]
[[Fallen Angels]]
[[False and True]] (Moultrie)
[[De Familie Lehmann|Familie Lehmann, De]] (Reichenbach)
[[Family Jars]] (Lunn)
[[The Family of Pierrotts|Family of Pierrotts, The]] (Anon)
[[Family Portrait]] (Coffee and Cowen)
[[The Fan|Fan, The]]
[[Het Fancy Bal!!!|Fancy Bal!!!, Het]] (Anon)
[[Fando et Lis]] (Arrabal)
[[La Fantasmagorie|Fantasmagorie, La]]
[[Fantasmagorie Automaton]] (Decanis)
[[The Fantasticks|Fantasticks, The]]
[[A Far Country|Far Country, A]]
[[La Farce de Maître Pierre Pathelin|Farce de Maître Pierre Pathelin, La]] (Anon)
[[Modern Antiques|Farce of the Modern Antiques, The , or The Merry Mourners]] (O'Keeffe)
[[The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth|Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth, The]]
[[The Fashionable Lover|Fashionable Lover, The]] (Cumberland)
[[A Fast Train! High Pressure!! Express!!! A Short Trip|Fast Train, A! High Pressure!! Express!!! A Short Trip]] (Maddox)
[[The Fast Train|Fast Train, The]]  (Anon.)  '''See ''[[A Fast Train! High Pressure!! Express!!! A Short Trip]]'''''
[[The Father|Father, The]]
[[Father and Son, or The Rock of Charbonniére]] (Fitzball)
[[Faust]] (Goethe)
[[Faust and Marguerite]] (Carré and Goethe/Robertson) '''See ''[[Faust et Marguerite]]'''''
[[Faust et Marguerite]] (Carré and Goethe)
[[Die Fees van die Gekroonde Skoen|Fees van die Gekroonde Skoen, Die]]
[[Felix, Jij en Ik]] (Van Ees)
[[Female Orgasm Escapes From the Zoo]]
[[Female Transport]]
[[Les Femmes Savantes|Femmes Savantes, Les]]
[[The Fence|Fence, The]]
[[Fiddler on the Roof]]
[[The Field of the Cloth of Gold|Field of the Cloth of Gold, The]] (Anon.)
[[Fifth of July]]
[[The Fifth Season|Fifth Season, The]]
[[Figure of Fun]] (Roussin)
[[A Figure of Fun or, The Bloomer Costume|Figure of Fun, A, or, The Bloomer Costume]] (Stirling)
[[La Fille de Dominique|Fille de Dominique, La]] (De Villeneuve and De Livry)
[[La Fille du Régiment|Fille du Régiment, La]] (Donizetti)
[[La Fille du Tambour-major|Fille du Tambour-major, La]] (Offenbach et al.)
[[The Film Society|Film Society, The]] (Baitz)
[[The Final Heir|Final Heir, The]]
[[The First Floor]] (Cobb)
[[The First Gentleman|First Gentleman, The]]
[[First Monday in October]]
[[The First Mrs. Fraser|First Mrs. Fraser, The]]
[[The First of April|First of April, The]] (Boaden)
[[The Firstborn|Firstborn, The]]
[[Five Finger Exercise]]
[[Five Miles Off, or The Finger Post]] (Dibdin)
[[The Flag Lieutenant|Flag Lieutenant, The]]
[[The Flag Lieutenant|Flag Lieutenant, The]]
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[[The Flying Scud, or A Four-legged Fortune|Flying Scud, The, or A Four-legged Fortune]] (Boucicault)
[[The Flying Scud, or A Four-legged Fortune|Flying Scud, The, or A Four-legged Fortune]] (Boucicault)
[[Une Folie|Folie, Une]] (Bouilly and Méhul)
[[Les Folies Amoureuses|Folies Amoureuses, Les]] (Regnard)
[[Folies Bergère]]
[[La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro|Folle Journée, La, ou Le Mariage de Figaro]] (Beaumarchais)
[[Folly As It Flies]] (Reynolds)
[[Footloose]] (musical)
[[For Better, For Worse]]
[[For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf]]
[[The Foreigner|Foreigner, The]]
[[La Forêt périlleuse, ou les Brigands de la Calabre|Forêt périlleuse, La, ou les Brigands de la Calabre]] (Tréogate) See [[De Struikroovers van Kalabrien, of De Onveilige Wildernis]]
[[Forgiveness]] (Euripides/Moeketsane and Mashaba)
[[The Form|Form, The]] (N.F. Simpson)
[[Fortuins Vrolykheid]] (Allingham) '''See ''[[Fortune's Frolic]]'''''
[[Fortune and Men's Eyes]]
[[Fortune's Frolic]] (Allingham)
[[Fortune's Frolic, or The Ploughman Turned Lord]] (Allingham) '''See ''[[Fortune's Frolic]]'''''
[[The Forty Thieves|Forty Thieves, The]] (Colman Jr and Sheridan)
[[Le Fou Raisonnable, ou L'Anglais|Fou Raisonnable, Le, ou L'Anglais]] (Patrat)
[[Foul Play]] (Boucicault and Reade)
[[Foul Play, or The Scuttled Ship]] (Boucicault and Reade) '''See ''[[Foul Play]]'''''
[[Found in a Four Wheeler]] (Williams) '''See ''[[Cabman No 93, or Found in a Four Wheeler]]'''''
[[Four Play]] (Martin)
[[The Four Seasons|Four Seasons, The]]
[[The Four Sisters|Four Sisters, The]] (Bernard)
[[Four Twins]] (Copi)
[[Les Fourberies de Scapin|Fourberies de Scapin, Les]] ( Molière)
[[Fra Diovolo, or The Banditti of the Abrouzes]] (Dejean and Guerroluch)
[[Fra Diavolo, ou l’Hôtellerie de Terracine]] (Auber and Scribe)
[[Francillon]] (Dumas)
[[Frank, de Gierigaard]] (Arnold)
[[Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune]]
[[Frédéric à Spandau, ou Le libelle]] (Duperche and Dorvo)
[[Frederick of Prussia, or The Monarch and the Mimic]] (Selby)
[[Frederik de Groote te Spandau, of Het Lasterschrift]] (Duperche and Dorvo) '''See ''[[Frédéric à Spandau, ou Le libelle]]'''''
[[Frederik en Charlotte, of De Edelmoedige Belooning der Deugd]] ('t Hoen)
[[Free as Air]]
[[The Freeshooter|Freeshooter, The]]  (Von Weber)  '''See [[Der Freischütz]]'''
[[Der Freischütz|Freischütz, Der]] (Von Weber)
[[Der Freischütz, or The Seventh Bullet|Freischütz, Der, or The Seventh Bullet]] (Von Weber) '''See ''[[Der Freischütz]]'''''
[[French Gray]]
[[French Leave]]
[[French Without Tears]]
[[Les Frères à l'Épreuve|Frères à l'Épreuve, Les]] (Pelletier-Volméranges)
[[Les Frères Corses|Frères Corses, Les]] (Dumas/ Grangé & Montépin)
[[Das Friedens-feyer|Friedens-feyer, Das]] (Anon., 1803)
[[Die Friedensfeyer, oder Die unvermuthete Wiederkunft|Friedensfeyer, oder Die unvermuthete Wiederkunft, Die]] (Weisse, 1779)
[[Friends and Neighbours]]
[[Fringe Benefits]]
[[Fritz, Our Cousin German]] (Gayler)
[[From Door to Door]]
[[The Frogs|Frogs, The]]
[[Frohe Laune]] (Arresto)
[[From My Point of View]]
[[The Front Page|Front Page, The]]
[[La Frontière de Savoie|Frontière de Savoie, La]] (Scribe and Bayard)
[[The Frozen Deep|Frozen Deep, The]] (Collins)
[[Frühlings Erwachen]]
[[Full Gallop]]
[[Full Hookup]]
[[Full House]]
[[Fumed Oak and Red Peppers]]
[[Funeral Games]]
[[Funny About Love]]
[[Funny Money]]
[[Funny Peculiar]]
[[A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum|Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A]]
[[Der Furchtsame|Furchtsame, Der]] (Philipp Hafner)
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