Dorpstraat Teater

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Founded by GiGi Fourie (J.J. Fourie) and his wife Juanita Swanepoel as part of a guest house they ran, it was originally known as GiGi’s Bistro and later as Dorpstraat Teaterkafee (“Dorp Street Theatre Café), or simply Dorpstraat Teater

An intimate venue (about 77 seats around tables), serving food and drinks, it had a small stage for musical and small-scale entertainment such as one and two-person plays, poetry readings, cabaret, stanbd-up comedy and other musical presentations.

In 199* it was bought by **** and Elbie Adendorff, **??, who renamed it the Dorp Straat Teaterkafee and continued the business. Since the mid 1990s it was run by a succession of owners (including GiGi Fourie again, for a while) as a popular venue for professional performers and the Stellenbosch public.

In 2010 it closed in town, and moved to a venue on the winefarm Summerhill, outside of Stellenbosch.


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