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(“The Sleeping Beauty” by [[Janice Honeyman]]. Afrikaans translation by [[Nerina Ferreira]]. Pantomime. Cast: mixed.
See: ''[[The Sleeping Beauty]]'' by [[Janice Honeyman]].
Directed by [[Tobie Cronjé]] (assisted by [[André-Jacques van der Merwe]]) for [[TRUK]] opening 20 October 1992 at the [[Drama]], [[State Theatre]] starring [[]Ilse Fourie-Mazzone]], [[Karen Meiring]], [[André-Jacques van der Merwe]], [[Patrick Mynhardt]], [[Louis van Niekerk]], [[Marion Holm]], [[James Borthwick]], [[Sarah Theron]], [[Antoinette Kellermann]], [[Samson Khumalo]], [[Wilmien Rossouw]] and [[Gustav Geldenhuys]]. Designer [[Andrew Botha]], musical direction by [[Lolly Sönmez]], choreography by [[Jill Osborn]], lighting by [[Jane Gosnell]]. [[Deon Breytenbach]] was the stage manager.
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