Don Juan, ou Le Festin de Pierre

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Don Juan, ou Le Festin de Pierre ("Dom Juan or The Feast of Stone") can refer to a play by Molière or to a ballet by Gluck and Calzabigi (1761), based on the legend of Don Juan and the play.

For details of Molière's play, go to Dom Juan, ou Le Festin de Pierre

The original text

Performances in South Africa

1866: Performed in the Theatre Royal, Cape Town by the Le Roy-Duret company in 1866. Described as a "Magnificent Ballet" , it was probably a version of Gluck and Calzabigi's Don Juan, ou Le Festin de Pierre. Performances took place on 20 September (with Jocrisse the Juggler by D'Ennery and Bresil); 22 September (with The Queen of the Abruzzi by and Little Sentinel by); 25 September (with Jocrisse the Juggler) and 27 September ((with Retribution by ).