Dog Squad

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Screening Details

Running Time: 87 min. (Colour) / Copyright Date: 1973 / Release Date: 7 March 1973 / Language: English / Genre: Crime / Alternative Title: none.


Captain Nick Jansen is a member of the South African Police's Dog Squad and the villains are a group of drug dealers, led by Rolly and Marko. Jansen becomes involved when he picks up Steve, the younger brother of his new girlfriend, Pat Jackson, in a raid on a night club after the boy has taken some drugs given to him by Marko. Following a hospital murder and the gang stealing a shipment of drugs from a chemical company, the criminals are eventually tracked down in scenes involving various kidnappings, car chases and shoot-outs, with the canine members of the police playing a role in apprehending them.


Following the success of Flying Squad (1971) and Gold Squad (1971), Kavalier Films came up with the final feature in an informal trilogy featuring Captain Nick Jansen of the South African Police. Chris du Toit plays the hero in all three productions and Dog Squad marked the first film appearance of Eckard Rabe. The film includes two sequences intended to illustrate the dangers of drug addiction. There is no scriptwriter credited.


Chris du Toit (Capt. Nick Jansen), Ian Yule (Marko), Gaenor Becker (Pat Jackson), Eckard Rabe (Steve Jackson), Kerry Jordan (Rolly Black), Peter van Dissel (Frankie Miller), John Boulter (Col. Munro), Norman Coombes (Frank Jackson, Pat & Steve's Father), Paddy Norval (Marko's Girl), Robin Dolton (Pete), Bob Riley (Const. Johnny Peters), Rex Rogers, Russell Newman, Ken Norman, Rita Kay, Ray Taylor, Mike Tonkin, John Kingley, Jannie Wienand - uncredited (Long-haired Knife Fighter), Michael Mayer - uncredited (Nick Jansen's Voice).


Production Company: Kavalier Films / Director: Tim Spring / Associate Producer: Bill Venter / Photography: Ivo Pellegrini / Editor: Simon Grimley / Art Director: Bob Riley / Sound: Ted Peach & Cas Odendaal / Still Photography: Hennie Pienaar / Camera Assistant: Hugh Fowler / Production Manager: Philip Markgraaff / Unit Manager: Theo Theron/ Continuity: Cathy Viedge / Stuntmen: Jannie Wienand, Alan Saffy, Maurice Simpson & Boet Minnie.


Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm

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