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[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997.
[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997.
''[[Die Burger]]'' 13 December 2014.
''[[Die Burger]]'' 5 March 2011; 13 December 2014.
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Dieter Reible (b. Berlin, 24/06/1929 - d. Czernichow, Poland, 04/12/2014) German director. ***


He was married to Mitzi Booysen between 1982 and 1994. They have a daughter, Antonia.




Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Brought out in 1970 by CAPAB to direct a play, controversially chose to do Titus Andronicus in an Afrikaans translation by Breyten Breytenbach. Did more work for CAPAB and other companies in the 1970s, doing controversial and experimental work which influenced a range of theatre practitioners over the years. **

He directed Die Emigrante for PACT in 1986. He directed Euripides’s Medea (198*?); Euripides’s The Women of Troy for the opening production of the Adcock-Ingram Auditorium in 1987. He revived The Lion in Winter for PACT in 1988. He directed Die Storm (The Tempest) for PACT at the Alexander Theatre in 1989. He directed Jean Genet’s The Blacks for PACT in 1989. He directed Macbeth for PACT in 1990. He directed Bartho Smit’s Die Keiser which was staged in 1992; Moleste met die Magistraat (PACT 1993); Playing With Fire (Strindberg) Dieter Reible.

Awards, etc


Tucker, 1997.

Die Burger 5 March 2011; 13 December 2014.

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