Die Verlore Dogter

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Die Verlore Dogter ("The lost daughter") is a full-length Afrikaans play by Miemie-Louw Theron (1898-1992).

The original text

The play tells of a young rural girl who leaves home for the big city, to see something of the world. The story emphasises the rehabilitation role played by the church and its various charity organizations.

Published to coincide with the Van Riebeeck-festival in 1952, with the idea that it could be performed at various places along the routes of the old postal coaches and so raise money for the church's charity organization.

The play won the first prize in a competition run by the Algemene Armesorgkommissie (general commission for the poor) of the Cape section of the N.G. Kerk (referred to in English as the Dutch Reformed Church).

The text was published by N.G. Kerk Uitgewers in 1951.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa




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