Die Oranjeklub

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Die Oranjeklub ("The Orange-club") was a national club for the (Afrikaans) youth.

The society

Founded in Cape Town on August 18, 1915, starting with 54 members, including representatives of the distinguished families, such as Roux, Fagan and Tomlinson. The society used a room on the lower floor of a dairy ("melksaak") in Adderleystreet as venue for its meetings.

The society's contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

Like the rederijkerskamers and debating societies of the time, the club for many years sponsored amateur musical and light theatrical performances held in the Koffiehuis ("Coffee-House") on Church-square, usually in aid of some charity. These were commonly referred to as the Koffiehuis Konserte and included theatrical works such as Vrydag (a localised version of a Hungarian play) in 1929 and Hantie kom Huistoe (1933).

In 1934 a formal amateur theatrical society, the Kaapstadse Afrikaanse Toneelvereniging (K.A.T.) evolved out of Die Oranjeklub, though the club itself continued its other social activities.

See further the entry on the Kaapstadse Afrikaanse Toneelvereniging


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